Nantes, city of innovations and inventions. City is said to be turned up-side down by art and this also attracts thousands of people from all over the world to visit it. City not only attracts innovation and history lovers but also shopaholics. The narrow to broad streets of this beautiful French city, Nantes holds abundance of delights including small pretty boutiques, fine fashion at malls, and flea markets and small shops for bargain hunters. Exploring Nantes rich historic heritage along with bags full of shopping is best done while having own set of wheels and you can book yours online at https://www.car4hires.com/. French fashion is known worldwide and you will find plethora of luxury brand and classic French fashion stores in Nantes. From luxury brands to local designers a huge variety of products is filled in the shopping areas of Nantes. Below is the round-up of some of the best places to shop in Nantes.

PASSAGE POMMERAYE It is one of the favourite shopping spots of locals in Nantes. Passage Pommeraye dates back to 1843 and still remains the unchanged over such long period of time maintaining its originality and heritage. It is a heaven for shopping lovers. It is a gem of Nantes and is among one of the few architecturally valuable shopping arcades in Europe. You can admire beautiful house shops and boutiques, pretty covered art galleries and stunning architecture here along with good shopping opportunities.

SHOPPING CENTRE NANTES It is the largest shopping centre located in Nantes’s city centre. Nantes Shopping Centre is home to nearly 120 shops selling everything from clothes to accessories and other products. It is designed with a perfect blend of modern and bold by Patrick Bouchain giving it a unique and attractive look. It is one of the must go places for “fashion culture” in Nantes. Many local as well as international designer stores are found here.

These two are the very main spots for shopping Nantes. There are many more on the list such as Bouffay Area, Timber framed houses which are used bars, shops, and restaurants. It is a popular crossroad place where locals and tourists meet, have a quick snack or just wander through the lively atmosphere. Crebillion street and Atlantis are other important shopping places followed by endless number of independent shops and boutiques.

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