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ISIS an obvious psyop

10 Signs That ISIS Is A Scripted Psyop

TOPICS:Bernie SuarezGlobalist AgendaISIS SEPTEMBER 9, 2014 Scripted Oddities Portray ISIS As “James Bond” of Terrorism

Bernie Suarez Activist Post

Has the ISIS psyop calmed down a bit? Before it dies out let’s examine some incredible ironies and oddities surrounding CIA’s ISIS. After all, the ISIS psyop deserves a thorough analysis from every angle, so I thought it appropriate to outline for the sake of humanity. Hopefully, humanity can use the ISIS psyop as a tool for the final or further awakening. It may be wishful thinking, but it is worth exposing every crack and corner of this psyop and let government know that we are not going for it this time.

I declare humanity too intuitive to buy into this psychological operation and hopefully I’m right. So while the core TV-watching, mainstream media-believing community drinks the government Kool Aid, let us get started by pointing out several glaring observations regarding the ISIS psyop.

Glancing ahead, the ISIS kids have knowledge of things that require you to have education, modern technical skills, a little bit of decency, structure, conformity to societal norms and somewhat transparent connection to the outside world. What are these things and what are some of the surreal oddities surrounding ISIS? Let’s examine:

  1. Professional Camera, Editing Software and Skills

Incredibly, despite being savages that only want to kill for apparently no specific burning reason other than that fact that you are not ISIS, ISIS has at least some kind of production department that can skillfully provide what could be considered Hollywood-style editing (of supposed beheading videos) with multiple camera angles, consistent daylight on their subjects and proper daylight mode video exposure. They clearly have the skills for setting up multiple cameras and using those precise angles for their production department. In order to put out these supposed beheading videos, they also had to make sure that the sounds were just right and that there was no shaking of the camera.

Someone then had to take the various video angles and properly edit the footage so as to make it look professional. The editor, apparently a man of class and decency, then is careful not to show any actual action and blood. Savage killers who are ALSO respectful and classy about being too disturbing with their videos. Instead they courteously (but sloppily) cut from the early hand action of their British-sounding supposed lead man, to the post beheading amazingly clean shot of a head sitting on a corpse with the classic Photoshop drop shadows. In Hollywood style, reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock films, the editor essentially leaves the action to the viewer’s imagination. Even though this beheading movie created by ISIS is not being submitted for any film festivals, they carefully comply with techniques that would make this film fully acceptable into almost any gore film festival.

To those who want to point out to viewers the amazing lack of blood during those first critical throat slices of James Foley’s neck, sorry, exposing this lack of blood is in itself apparently too grotesque by YouTube standards and should you post such a video it will be conveniently removed.

  1. Professional Image Editing Software and Skills.

Like the editing software, the ISIS production team shows off their skills in Photoshop image editing software, which often requires an extended learning period, resources, and practice. Despite a few imperfections, the ISIS production department seems to know how to cut and splice out sections of images to produce the desired effect of disconnecting a head from the body. Even if obtaining and using the software is believable, let’s remember we’re talking about savage “terrorists” that are supposedly inhumane. In other words, these are clinically, factually documented psychopaths and not your average person according to government legend. Let’s keep this in mind (psychopaths) when speaking about ISIS.

  1. Internet Connection, Video Uploading Capabilities, and Social Media Accounts.

According to U.S. “intelligence sources” mouthpieces, ISIS has all the above including social media capabilities. Amazingly, these covered-face killers have unraveled the secret of how to outsmart every world power including the U.S. Empire with regard to every form of communication. They have stomped out the U.S. military, NSA, CIA, NATO, U.N. and the intelligence of Israel, U.K. and every other nation that surrounds them. You may think it’s not every day that a small group of young face-covered kids can outsmart the world, but this could be attributed to pure luck if you believe in the ISIS psyop. Just to be able to say that you’ve outsmarted the U.S. Empire 13 years after they accelerated their plans to rule the world outlined in The Project for the New American Century document titled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses.” According to the ISIS psyop, that accomplishment alone is worthy of historic recognition.

Here’s a group of young kids with covered faces who maintain Internet accounts without any past due balances, they have wide open social media accounts (Facebook? YouTube? Twitter?) that are also apparently well maintained. They must understand and be properly following the rules of these social media accounts. But wait, if they have social media accounts doesn’t that mean that the social media providers are terrorists too? Unless these geniuses called ISIS are also fooling them as well. I suppose this would be realistic according to the government narrative since ISIS has apparently outsmarted everyone else.

Okay, forget social media, how is ISIS able to log on to the Internet? Do they have their own ISIS hackers?? Who do they pay their Internet bill with? Without Internet aren’t they lost? No social media and no way of knowing what is going on right? I doubt they have analog TV in their convoys? Doesn’t this present a communication problem? ISIS again quietly has overcome this problem in a flawless and mysterious manner.

  1. ISIS Intelligence Operation Apparently Far Superior to CIA/Mossad

Amazingly this group of geniuses who have outsmarted the entire global intelligence community seem to have all the capabilities to put the U.S. Empire’s CIA and their globalist partner Israel’s Mossad to shame. ISIS has put on a clinic and has officially handed the U.S. and Israel their butts in the intelligence department. They not only formed right below their noses, they did it quickly, they figured out unanimously what their mission would be and all agreed on it. Football teams and all sports team for that matter throughout the world could learn from ISIS. ISIS apparently is teaching the world how a team works together. Imagine, the CIA’s mainstream media would have us believe that ISIS is powerful and high in numbers. Really? How would you get that many people to agree on anything? Every NCAA coach would learn a lot from ISIS. Here’s a group of young face-covered men who actually agree on everything. They even all agree not to attack Israel for no reason at all.

How quickly ISIS rose to power and fame and how they operate in such unity should strike everyone as very odd, yet the ISIS psyop narrative continues without missing a beat in regards to these technicalities and finer points. Any way we slice it, the ISIS psyop narratives has a group of kids with hidden faces who have revolutionized the concept of the “intelligence” operation. They solved the CIA Mossad and NSA problems and now are laughing at the global intelligence community. They did this at a time, by the way, even as uncharged innocent prisoners sit in George W Bush’s Guantanamo illegal prison for life. Can you imagine what is going on in the minds of the men in Guantanamo hearing about ISIS?

  1. Super Secret Database Holding the Secret Names and Identities of Their Members

Have you noticed that no one knows who ISIS is? What are their names? Why not snag up one or two of them and let the identities come out? No, not ONE member of ISIS is capturable or identified to the world. It’s like they never existed. Not one wife, sister, brother, father, cousin, nephew, aunt, or uncle is speaking out. Apparently they never lived anywhere and never told their friends that they were going to join ISIS. Not one of the has a girlfriend or a spouse that would have spoken by now. No one has come out testifying that ISIS tried recruiting them. Oddly, we haven’t even heard of an angry former girlfriend speaking out about the initial call, the recruiting effort or anything whatsoever. But without a powerful recruiting effort how did they recruit? Somehow they got around this one too. No one knows how. They simply came into being. Let that sink in.

  1. Anti Surveillance Technology- Able to Avoid All Existing Surveillance

In the age of super advanced government biometric surveillance, tracking and spying, ISIS has one less problem than anyone in America. Unlike Americans who are constantly under the threat of being surveilled and spied on by the U.S. empire, ISIS lives free of the threat of technological surveillance of any kind. For some reason, their images, faces, voices and actions are not surveilled, tracked or recorded by those who can do it.

“Intelligence sources” are powerless in the face of ISIS. All of the U.S.’s NASA, NSA and USAF technology and equipment makes no difference when it’s ISIS. Despite all this, amazingly we hear nothing about the U.S. military or NSA trying to steal or decode the ISIS counter surveillance technology. Oddly, the topic of ISIS’s amazing counter-surveillance technological abilities is not talked about by anyone in the media or in Washington.

  1. Endless Secret Water, Food, Farming and Meals Supply

Anyone who has served in the military knows that being a soldier makes you hungry. ISIS fighters definitely require lots of food and drinks that keep their energy up. You can’t go around killing people just for not being part of ISIS without having plenty of energy and lots of water and drinks. Even in the military, working in the mess hall for some was a career. Why? Because someone has to do it.

When I was in the military I remember the supply specialists; their full time job was tagging along on our field trips, making sure the unit had enough food and water. When necessary, the supply guys had to go to work to make sure everything went smooth. So where is ISIS getting their supplies? Who’s feeding them with food and water? Do they also own the farms? Do they grow their own food? Amazingly, according to the ISIS psyop they do. Or perhaps their food and water suppliers are all part of a secret operation being hidden by the world’s new leader of counter intelligence, ISIS. And speaking of supplies, who’s supplying their actual bullets? Ammunition? Guns without ammo are useless, so the question is where are they getting their bullets from?

  1. All American Timing! – Common Enemies, Lucky Gift

ISIS is a unique group from which almost all their goals fit in perfectly with the Bush Neocon plans to militarily control the world. I covered this topic in a recent article. Amazingly, ISIS now happens to hate Russia, too, just like the United States. What are the odds? Bush Neocons controlling Obama and the globalists benefit greatly from more, not less, terrorism. An end to the War on Terror would leave the U.S. without the planned conquering of Syria and Iran and re-conquering Iraq. Without a bogeymonster like ISIS to provide the pretext for invading these countries (in some cases, again) the plan has no legs. That ISIS fits in perfectly with the Bush Neocon plans is merely a coincidence according to the ISIS psyop narrative. Like Lucky Larry Silverstein taking the day off only on 9/11/01 to go to an appointment after never missing work for years if ever at all. Luck, the narrators of the ISIS psyop would have you believe, is something that just happens and should be accepted without question.

But wait, ISIS is so close to Israel, they may attack Israel any given day. Given how fast they move, how well they operate together, their skillful blend of technology and brute force surely they could cause a historic massacre in Israel overnight and leave their trail of blood through large sections of Israel. Isn’t that the stated goal of ISIS? IDF and Mossad have already failed to detect or stop ISIS in any way shape or form so I wouldn’t expect them to provide much of a challenge for the ISIS powerhouse terror group. Given how brave they are, I would imagine they wouldn’t have any problems getting the young men to volunteer for the big Israel attack.

The big Israel attack would gain them all the PR and Marketing they need. Isn’t that the goal when someone opens up a social media account? Hasn’t ISIS demonstrated in the supposed beheading videos that they are serious, they want everyone to know who they are and they want certain things? An attack on Israel would get them everything they want; yet, for another lucky reason (luck of the U.S. and Israel) ISIS doesn’t seem motivated about pulling off the big damage/low-cost attack on Israel.

The irony gets even crazier here. According to U.S. politicians pushing the ISIS psyop narrative, ISIS is not only unwilling to attack Israel, which they could do in a day or two, they instead prefer to make plans to travel all the way to the other side of the world to attack the world’s most powerful Empire of all time. Yes, they would rather risk getting caught, imprisoned or killed traveling halfway around the world than to go for an easy quick strike at Israel. And, for good measure, as if to flaunt their super counter-intelligence capabilities, they are willing to announce ahead of time their travel plans to fly halfway across the world to attack American cities.

So this previously incredible intelligence organization that outsmarted all of the world’s intelligence agencies at once, is now giving away their plans before they even happen. Doesn’t that sound like a monumental change in intelligence strategy from such a stellar counter-intelligence skilled violent organization? Apparently in the “new” ISIS philosophy they now give away their plans ahead of time knowing that NOT giving away their plans worked pretty well during their secret and rapid rise to power under everyone’s noses. Keep in mind ISIS uses U.S. military gear which they accidentally “found” in Iraq. The military gear – including tanks, artillery weapons and high-powered guns – all just happened to work perfectly, and for good measure they apparently have all the ammunition to go with these weapons.

But wait, you might say, how can ISIS transport huge military equipment to the U.S. for an attack? Not one U.S. “intelligence source” seems to know the answer to this. Apparently ISIS is not just lucky like lucky Larry, they also have a lot of money (that no one seems to know the origin of) and they are very versatile. The ISIS engineers are apparently working on brand new smaller, easier to hide weapons that are not detectable by airport scanners or surveillance cameras. Is ISIS starting to sound like James Bond yet?

  1. Complete Ongoing Immunity and Hidden Identities

Amazingly, ISIS is unknown to anyone (as mentioned in number 6). Even if their database is never discovered, ISIS is skilled at knowing when to wear their masks. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be caught without your mask right? And if you are caught without your mask and someone videotapes you, does that mean they kill you? No big deal? How does that work? One thing we know is that ISIS thus far (and they have been around allegedly a few years) has been perfect at hiding their faces. Not ONE video or photo exists where one member of ISIS showed his face. Amazing? Yes, for a group that has regular social media and Internet access. Where are the images of these men that belong to ISIS and why hide your face anyway? This amazing stroke of luck of not having even one member show his face or having his identity known to the world is an amazing accomplishment given all the technology and media available as mentioned before.

With this ongoing face-hiding playing out to perfection, once again ISIS is schooling the world on how to be a criminal in the face of the global police state and get away with it. Do you realize someone you know or someone they know could be part of ISIS without anyone knowing? Is ISIS really Blackwater? Academi? You know, the U.S.’s private mercenary organization that likes to change its name all the time. Is this the reason why “ISIS” covers their face? Even James Bond could not successfully hide his identity for very long and he’s just one person. Remember, we’re talking about supposedly thousands if not tens of thousands of young men working as one without one of these men making a mistake. Try to imagine how ridiculous this really sounds. Ultimately, as long as secrecy of the faces of ISIS is maintained, we really don’t know for sure just who ISIS really is. We know what the federal government would have us think, but humanity as a whole is now moving past this type of solution for procurement of legitimate information.

  1. Untraceable Money and Endless Spending

Yes, according to government mouthpiece “experts” like Colonel Anthony Shaffer and others, we (the U.S. “intelligence sources”) know a lot about ISIS. They have money, they are organized, etc. But think about it, how come they “know” so much about ISIS’s financial abilities but don’t “know” who funded them or what bank accounts they currently have?? U.S. and its allies’ intelligence only “know” enough to scare you with ISIS but not enough to act to actually stop their banking activity. That would actually stop ISIS dead in its tracks wouldn’t it? But nope, we don’t want ISIS to go away too quickly. The script needs to play out doesn’t it?

This script is indeed playing out, and America and the world is the audience watching the show. Those that are awakened stand in dismay at the level of propaganda we are seeing and are wondering what ridiculous narrative will the globalists spin next to get into Syria and continue into Iran? Others who wanted to believe mainstream media news but perhaps are intuitive enough to not be fooled yet again are scratching their head. We call that The WTF Moment.

While sadly others have seen this script before and for some reason they kind of liked it before. Perhaps they love the post-9/11 feeling of believing government and looking to it for protection from terrorism. Perhaps they love the police state and maybe they are comfortable being surveilled 24/7. Perhaps they know that the only way to maintain their sanity and their lifelong and hard-fought-for paradigm is to simply believe whatever mainstream media news says. This third group will welcome the CIA script.

It is this group (those that welcome the mainstream media script) that makes this next (information war) chess game between humanity’s awakened segment and humanity’s governing segment very interesting. This third (asleep) segment of humanity is playing out the last bit of fantasy left in their personal paradigms. Some of them would probably rather die than face reality. Some of them think they are “saving” themselves from reality. Reality, with some of these people, thus takes on the role of sin in that they want to save themselves from this consciousness. For others the same reality takes on a role of “insanity”. The goal thus becomes to “preserve” their consciousness from this “insanity” or tin foil, crazy, lunatic, “conspiracy theories”- you get the picture.

That is how the ISIS psyop divides itself upon humanity. Recognizing the three primary forms of consciousness will help us arrive at a consensus on how to move forward to fix this problem. Let’s hope that we (humanity) can figure it out quickly this time and with the fewest amount of lost lives. Let us pray for humanity and for the survival of the human race. Let’s remember that all those logos, flags, ideologies, and concepts of governments are all just artificial agreements. Let’s all try to see the biggest picture, which is that we are all part of a species (humanity) which is actually trying to kill itself off. Let’s not let tiny individual samples of our own species ruin it for all of us. They’ve tried everything they have, so they have to start repeating their tactics. They are making the script easier for us all. Let’s take advantage of this weakness they are showing. The weakness of lack of creativity. This lack of creativity is glaringly obvious to all of us now. The globalists are not very creative and they like to repeat their tactics. This is why history is a great tool to expose the globalists and their new world order.

Its been said and I declare again that those who ignore the lessons of history are bound to repeat it; never has this been more true than today. Here’s a word of caution to those who still believe government’s ongoing War on Terror. Look at the past, look at attacks of 9/11/01, don’t you agree it didn’t work out very well for us? And on top of that they took all our liberties away. This is a failed government. Are you going to trust them at a game where you are always the loser? Ask yourself, how did their phony war on terror improve your life last time? Why would this next round of ISIS be expected to be any different? Don’t you want to thrive while you are alive? Then let go of government-engineered lies and narratives and see the greater agenda now for yourself. Then share this message with someone.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

sri 8 years ago

comments about ISIS PSYOP

  1. Also, for some reason, they never want to attack any Oil Fields owned by BP and SHELL. Conveniently, they are leaving out all the Oil Fields in Iraq LOL 40


They seem to be getting bolder in their propaganda. I guess they figure if most of the Sheeple bought into the official 9/11 story, and in Benghazi is just a "what difference does it make" moment, then that means we're suckers for anything. And that's apparently true with ISIS as a recent poll showed the majority of Americans is in favor of military action in Syria (against ISIS, whoever "they" might be.


farang Westcoastliberal

At maxkeiser,com, was a very interesting article called "your parents really F you up" and it was about a Brit that had lead a hard life. Now, he supplies movie props to the industry, specifically prop weaponry. The article goes on and on about his life....but the last two paragraphs caught my eye: he was holding a prop knife, with tiny holes in blade to pump fake blood through....look closely at the "beheading": the assassin has LONG SLEEVES ON FOR PERFORMING THE ILLUSION.



kibitzer3 farang

ISIS is Mossad. The U.S. is Israel's puppet.


Eileen Kuch kibitzer3

You got that right, buddy. ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Syndicate; the USSA is Israel's bitch.



Yeah...I mean...before the USA planned this...the Muzzies NEVER exhibited ANY form of hostility toward non-Muslims...right? To think Muslims are extreme is ludicrous!



ISIS mostly kills other muslims. Only a few Westerners have died. Clue?


Matt Richardson

Really man? Come on, i think this article has done a very good job showing that isis is a fraud. However, there is no doubt Hamas is a very real terrorist group whose mission is to eradicate Israel and it's supporters

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Michael Butler

Yeah the obvious point of all the supposed ISIS people always covering their faces is the 'tell' right there. They're all mercenaries. Do you see the pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine covering their faces? Generally no, because they're actually fighting for a real cause they believe in, but in these ISIS videos, everyone hides their identity. So what is the all powerful ISIS afraid of? Let me guess, they want to keep their day jobs? I also find it pretty ridiculous that 'ISIS' has magically acquired all of this military hardware like humvees, artillery, tanks, etc... Remember the Iraq 'Highway of Death' but apparently the ISIS vehicles are completely invisible, and impervious to identification and attack. I guess the AC130 gunships are off looking for Puff the Magic Dragon somewhere.


Steven jatibhed Michael Butler

Most of these fighters are foreign citizens... And they have to cover their faces to avoid identification so that they can return to their countries.

But there are a lot of photographs of ISIS fighters who are from Syria or Iraq and who do not cover their faces since they have nowhere to return to.

Big Dan Michael Butler

You got it: covered faces...but you left out they make sure to yell, "ALLAHU AKBAR" or "GOD IS GREAT" so that, even though they don't want you to know who they are because they wear masks, they WANT you to THINK you know who they are.


We all know terrorist put their prisoners in orange (like U.S. does) and wear all black clothing in the middle of a very hot desert!


meatwad_SSuppet mrchrisg.com

And they have real police style hand cuffs, not camel hair rope.


mrchrisg.com meatwad_SSuppet

Someone else said they used a Hollywood movie knife with holes in it for fake blood to drip down.


sleat mrchrisg.com

They are all The Fonejacker!

Carpi Diem

The government creates these monsters (ISIS) unleashes them on Americans and sadly, the American people will clamor to D.C. to protect them from the horrible ISIS that they secretly created themselves.

And, Americans will fall for this worn out trick over and over.

Magnificent article. Thanks.


SortingHat Carpi Diem • a year ago Not this American! I wish I wasn't an American. I am ashamed.


One tidbit which convinced me the US gov was backing this bunch was all

the equipment abandoned by the US which should have been destroyed, like

tanks, helicopters, artillery. U.S. military doctrine clearly calls for the destruction of military equipment and supplies when friendly forces cannot prevent them from falling into enemy hands, but that didn't happen here.


DurkDuraha LesBaer1911

The military equipment was not abandoned by the US, it was abandoned by the Iraqi military.

LesBaer1911 DurkDuraha

Ben Swann on Washington's Blog says the same. The weapons dumped by C-130's are meant for ISIS. Global Research, the same. http://www.globalresearch.ca/t... MSM is a joke.


Dig this , the U.S. has had a Surveillance System embedded in IRAQ since they invaded and anybody w/ half a brain can figure out if U.S. phones are tapped SO ARE Iraqis , in addition to drones flying all over for years , Satellites above means they tracked ISSI every step , who where in mostly Toyota Hilux Trucks courtesy of USAID and Nobody saw them earlier on ? IMPOSSIBLE ,TOTALLY IMPOSSIABLE . tHEN throw in admission of " managing " ISSI shows this is all a staged Death Cult gone Wild .



I was so sad to learn of the young Journalist who was beheaded. I wondered at the beautifully filmed video. I only saw the beginning but I noticed how it was eerily beautifully filmed. The young man kneeling in the beautiful light, his executioner standing behind him, both their clothing and hair blowing gently in the wind...it looked like a movie. Now I know why.


Jay Dee Nylene13

you didnt know before? lol


Dale A

It's almost as amazing as Bin Laden and twelve guys and a laptop operation from a cave pulling off 911.


SortingHat Dale A • a year ago Believe it or not most people Usually Republicans and the more Christian the more gullible actually DO believe it to the point they think YOU are the bad guy trying to wake people up.

I have notice that less Christian you are the less you are to be fooled. However most people are usually wishy washy not sure where they lie so therefore they bounce back n forth between sources not sure what's real to the point they hit burn out and not care.

I know I have hit there.


Great points, Bernie. The entire psy op requires endless double think, starting with the notion that it was reasonable for Americans to arm, train, fund, and supply "moderate" terrorists in Syria or that large caches of weapons would be inadvertently left lying around in Iraq and Libya.

As for Syria and Iran, Zero Hedge reported in February that the US and Israel were quietly providing Iran with military arms and support which in turn was arming Syria. This is a page out of Antony Sutton's research decades ago when western based international bankers and their minions were discovered to be providing military, financial, and other logistic support to Hitler and the Russian communists' rise to power. This same cabal also provided military parts to the Soviets who were in turn arming the Vietnamese engaged in warfare with American soldiers. Directly or indirectly, TPTB always fund and arm both sides.


The creation of ISIS and the admitted ACTIVE collaboration in this process by at least 9 nations, both middle eastern and western, goes far beyond the power of the American neoconservative ideologue wing of the fake US political system.

We should consider the situation that Iran, Syria, and Russia have acquiesced to the plan for a NWO and the completion of the Greater Middle East project. The new cold war hype and other saber rattling would then be more geopolitical theater to hoodwink us all into going along with a global police state.


Phobia Frenzy

Very intelligent writing, I laughed, enjoyed, and admired the writer. I hope it reaches many people and bring them to their senses. When I first heard the news about ISIS, almost five of the above signs hit my mind and asked myself, what criminals are up to this time?! Now, their plan is being revealed as they play the script. Thank you Mr. Suarez, excellent job!



  1. Fashion designer and stylist..... 0


Good article, a pity Dale Ruff is way off target. We know the US was funding & supplying arms to the Syrian Rebels; the Rebels who couldn't oust Assad in 31/2 years, even backed by all of Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, the FSA & Bombing raids from Israel. Yet 800 of them drive into Iraq & pick up $350 Million worth of US hardware which had just been dropped off two days before by the US Military??? Undetected from 24 satelite passes a day, dozens of drones & spy planes??? 800 ISIS were able to pick up all that hardware & $257 Million from the Mosul reserve bank, "When 30,000 Iraqi Troops guarded Mosul???" 30,000 against 800 inept losers who can't even carry out a decent Gas Attack as a False Flag without being caught out by the UN Weapons inspectors??? This happened after Putin had brockered the Peace deal that stopped the US bombing Syria, so the US needed another excuse to Bomb Syria. And it was after Obama had requested $500 MILLION to support, guess who; "The Al Qaeda Syrian Rebels!!!" (reference below)

Instead the Rebels became ISIS, the US dropped off the weapons special delivery & now because the Iraqi Reserve banks are, BIS controlled banks, the US knew where the money was & Bobs your uncle, two problems solved for the price of one: ISIS is the NEW excuse to Bomb & Invade Syria and ISIS/the rebels have had their $500 Million top up. HOW did 800 ISIS rout 30,000 Troops? http://www.militarytimes.com/a... Obama-$500Mil Aid Syrian Rebels: http://online.wsj.com/articles... US Confirms Syrian Rebels are Al Qaeda: http://www.globalresearch.ca/u... ISIS: US-UK-NATO-Israeli-Saudi:

CFR states Rebels Need Al Qaeda: http://theantimedia.org/counci... US backs Extremist Musliims: http://www.globalresearch.ca/w... US-All Parties Back Conflict: http://www.globalresearch.ca/e... US Bombing LIES to Cover Attacks on Syria & Iran: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2... US Fights all sides: Iraq, ISIS & Syria: https://firstlook.org/theinter... see more


dale ruff Cam

Spare me your fake pity. I mostly agree with you, so pity yourself. My point is that you are confusing underlying causes and support creating a situation with a plan which is going "according to plan."

ISIL is result of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the support given to anti-govt forces in Syria. The government is lying, covering up many things.

But I don't think the way things are evolving is the way the script was written. The alternative explanation to "scripted" is a flawed foreign policy which consistently creates conditions opposite to its goals.

People whose assumptions and policies are based on power overestimate their ability to guide an "intervention" after it has taken place.......we should not give them credit for being able to manage events.

Rick's Fiasco: the origins of the War In Iraq documents how the poor planning and comprehension of the main architects of US policy in Iraq constantly led to mistakes, unintended consequences, and results the opposite of the stated goal. The failure of execution was based on the lack of a coherent foreign policy or strategy. Hubris, substituting hope for hard analysis and realism, and arrogance all led to the fiasco that is US/Iraqi relations.

I do not give this failed policy and failed execution can be reconciled with a system of management which puts the US. with its "script," in control.. The US has lost control in each of these wars it starts. I do not accept that it is in control of events in Aghanistan, Libya, Syria, or Ukraine at all. The US has lost control.......reality didn't follow the script they had (bomb them; they love us: happy ending).

It is the failure of the script, not its perfect execution, which we see happening in Iraq and other nations. ISIS is not in the script, even tho it was the US that created ISIS.

The Globa. War on Terror is a fraud, but not because the script is working but because it isn't.

On the other hand, if the goal all along is just escalate the violence, create division, fuck things up and create destabilized, failed nations, neo-con policy has worked brilliantly. The reality is that many competing factions try to control the narrative, even with the President' administration, it is war. The Script is when all the complaint corporate media distill the intergovernmental warfare into a shared narrative, or script. That Script, the one told to the public, is also failiig, and the US, as Chomsky pointed out, is a failed state, maintaining power only by created other failed states too weakened from internal strife to challenge US hegemony.

So is it a failed policy or was the goal chaos and death all along? I tend to the side that sees the defense policies of the US not as brilliant successes but as clusterfucks. And please spare me the pity. That so smacks of arrogance, the cult-like sense that there are the brainwashed masses and then us liberatis. I say that is just another form of hubris, arrogance, and elitism.


Mark Tea dale ruff

I call that the "troublemaker" theory. The CFR mafia might try and control things but it doesn't really care because as long as there is trouble they stay in power. See the networks behind all the "experts" who show up as commentators, many of them actually caused the problems. Someone referenced Antony Sutton, he's the gold standard of historians because he stands alone in his assessment of the Wall St. connections to both Hitler and Stalin. (and FDR). Lately we have John Loftus and his book "America's Nazi Secret" which has previously unpublished facts about the secret dealings of the war criminal Dulles brothers who were at the center of U.S. foreign policy from FDR to JFK.

SortingHat dale ruff • a year ago I think your post has hit the nail head on however I think that the powers to be dont' want to admit the script isn't going to plan so are playing last minute catch up.

Obama is a rushed answer and I think both Christian and Islam are both violent. The only Christians to have gotten right were the Quackers........I mean Quakers who also made Quaker Oats.

They had very good relationships with the Indians and didn't have constant wars and killings though a few times they were raided by the Natives but when seeing they were not going to be confronted with the violence the Natives hoped would spill into a war they backed off and the Quakers for the most part were left well enough alone.

They only got violent when the British army put soldiers in people's homes equal to the NSA unlimited spying today.

There is an entire movie based strongly on real truth about Quakers and the Revolutionary War that deals with the issue of if war is a sin and the ending is very unique though has some very sad parts in it that was tragic.

Smedly Butler Was Right

Well done Bernie. Very well done.

These murderous clowns at CIAMossad who cook up all of this phony terrorism are getting sloppy. When it came out that these new bandits were being 'found operating" in Syria, and the next call from John McInsane was to "bomb Syria" or even "work with Assad" to get ISIS--that was the 'give away' moment. Problem--beheadings of amerikans. Reaction--horror, they're coming to amerika next. Solution--bomb Syria.



The Great American dreamers dream on regardless.


John Allan

Great article. It really does point out the glaring fact that this organisation is extremely well funded, equipped and is amazingly media savvy. It has the feel of a well played advertising campaign.

How to stop them? Not by bombing them. Cut their funding and put a stop to their media access. Let Assads forces kick them out of Syria, they are very good at it.

Hmmm... didnt President Obama recently authorise 500 million USD for the FSA (Fake Syrian Army)? (The "moderates"). Who do they work with? Ahh, yes, Al Nusra - ISIL - ISIS...

How unfortunate that american money goes to the same organisation that is now thretening apparently, the entire universe.

Or maybe its all coincidence. Coincidence Theorist?


John Allan

Obama had no business in LIbya and certainly no business in Syria,it is totally wrong to send any more money to "moderate" opposition groups after what has happened, yet it is still going on? One conspiracy theory I wonder about is that Saddam and Gaddiffi were taken out because both wanted to trade oil purchases in non-US dollars . Assad should be left alone from us he is a better alternative than anything going there.



Yep, like other US/Israel/EU psyops they have overachieved to a fault. They are too powerful, too inscrutable, and too well coordinated to be believed. Time for SITE (who also can't seem to avoid bragging that they uploaded the latest ISIS video even before the producers of it did) to release a shoddy, dirty, dusty, disorganized, and camera-shaky more believable video, along with a Maxwell Smart...would you believe...quote.

That, and ISIS needs to unequivocally and substantially attack Israel's interests, in order for it to be credible.



Russia and China were getting all the good oil contracts. Syria invasion was a no-go. So then came ISIS, how convenient, so the Rothschild cartel demon lords could carry out their war-crimes without so much democratic obstacles.




Great piece. Hits the nail squarely on the head.



FANTASTIC article, Bernie. The final paragraph is sublime. What he said.


strong tree

Spot on. All too convenient and the timing is perfect, just like the way Putin has become the new bogeyman after the 'second death' of Osama Bin Laden. The horsepoo coming from the White House is getting smellier by the day, which is a reaction to the growing public awareness of their crimes against humanity. But then these people (bankers, politicians, hawks, etc) do not display human qualities such as empathy and kindness, which begs the question who exactly are they working for and what exactly is the end goal? The endless wars are a symptom of the fake history and reality in which we live in. A reality that is on borrowed time and 'they' know it.

ISIS - or whatever they are called today - is a desperate attempt at energy securitry of parts of the middle east, as well as a strategy to maintain Israel's dominance in the region. We heard the same narrative about Saddam having the capability to launch strikes against the west when in REALITY he had no such capacity. They (ISIS) are nearly as fake as Blair's and Obama's smiles.


Very intelligent writing, I laughed, enjoyed, and admired the writer. I hope it reaches many people and bring them to their senses. When I first heard the news about ISIS, almost five of the above signs hit my mind and asked myself, what criminals are up to this time?! Now, their plan is gradually being revealed. Thank you Mr. Suarez, excellent job!



This story ends with "Then share this message with someone". Very good idea. Copy and paste this and send it to your local television station's "news" department. Of course it will go unreported but I believe it's valuable to let these "news" operatives know their despicable lies are coming to and end very fast. They need to know their credibility is shot and it's in their best interests to report the truth or face the POSSIBILITY OF FORCEFUL AND LETHAL consequences from citizen armies, which will be far worse than losing their government issued broadcast "license.


dale ruff Elvin

Lethal consequences means you advocate killing media operatives with whom you disagree. That will lead to an endless cycle of lethal consequences.

Citizen armies are just armed thugs. We don't need that, and who would then control the news?

We need a non-violent movement on a massive scale which opposes violence and armed responses. Violence only begets more violence, and while that may be a satisfying fantasy, it is also a dangerous illusion.

Ben dale ruff

Wow! I'm impressed. You actually advocate non-violence. This is good to see.

Think we as the 'common people' ought to 'drop out and tune in' as it were. We drop out of the big 'game' the world leaders have for us.

"War, war, war and more war!"

The common people do not want war. We also know the idea of scarcity is a farce at best. The idea of money is fraud too. We know this instictively. Yet we continue to consent to 'their' game.

"If the leaders want to fight, let the leaders fight. We can go on living and letting live, we don't really need the leaders. All the leaders want is to fight anyway, fine let them fight."

We tune in to living and letting live. We create tribal council groups, of thirteen elders in a town or village. If you're in a metro area, you may consider setting up a city block as a 'village'. Choose thirteen elders with one as the 'chief'. If you have problems, voice them to the council.

The council can then vote on solutions, implement means to solve problems. A chief ensures there will always be a tie breaker vote, or the chief can offer a different solution. Eschew money when doing this. Trade equal value for equal value, honor contracts.

For example if I say I'll paint your fence or house in exchange for a few bushels of your fabulous cabbage, I must do that, you must give the cabbage once it's done. People been doing this since forever ago. Why bother using money when it brings nothing but evil to fruit?

If contracts are broken, you go before the council / jury. You have a civil trial and settle the matter amicable and without agression. The council could also set up a civil court system to handle this, again with thirteen members, twelve jurors and a 'judge'. Also let people volunteer.

Volunteering is a very good system of getting work done. If someone feels they are unjustly treated at a volunteer work site, they simply move to another work site.

I could volunteer to help bake bread two hours a week, help build roads for four hours a week, build a school for four hours a week. Other people will volunteer as well, so the labor gets done. Everyone helps to benefit everyone.

That may seem to be collectivism. In some regards it may be, yet it retains individualism. You can agree or not agree. You consent or not. It is the system we have now, except without all the evil, all the bull dung. Honestly, just look at the 'at will' employment situation, same as volunteering except with money as the exchange of value.

If I help build houses, please ensure I have a house. If I help garden, ensure I have food. If i help as an E.M.T, ensure someone helps me out of disaster.

Each village could mandate each person of age agrees to 'work' a minimum of say 30 hours a week. That work can be whatever, in any combination. You get free food, clothes, medical, education. But you owe the village 30 hours a week, you work for your tribe, your tribe works for you.

Tribes can then trade and barter with other tribes. "We got extra beans this year, y'all got any squash?" Or a tribe could volunteer labor. "We'll help build you a road if you can help us figure out or energy problem." And the common people have done this forever.

Leaders want to fight, obviously for no logical reason. Fine, let them, the leaders, fight. We can continue on our merry way without them. We're all human beings, one race, one being. We don't need divisions when none truly exist. State can go enjoy its 'fight'. We'll keep living and letting live.

SortingHat Ben • a year ago Our family motto is To live to be or pretend to be. You figure that out. I like your post!

SEEK GODS HELP • a year ago I already knew ISIS was a joke from the start. And how? Because you can bet that any organization or group that gets mainstream media attention is part of a hoax. Its been that way for decades. The psyops programs are designed to dumb down people and make them "love" lies. TO make them more susceptible to false media. But it is the LOVE FOR THE TRUTH IN YOUR HEART that will protect you. This is why GOD promises that if you follow Him, you will be protected. Because the SPIRIT will thrive within you and protect your conscious. So when lies come your way, YOU WILL KNOW. And at this point in time, WE NEED TO KNOW. So better get right with GOD. Else you will be another one of the fools in the world that are gullible and fall for the same ole elaborate hoaxes that the global elite perpetrate against us. Right now, the biggest hoax in history is taking place with double false flags. RUSSIA, USA, and CHINA are all in it together. THATS A FACT. Pay attention for the signs. They are obvious. ANd know that Putin LOVES Kissinger. That is one sign.


How can anyone take you seriously with that james bond graphic?!? Have some self respect.. I cannot share this because it looks like batshit truther fluff.. we need to fight fire with fire.. CNN is full of fluff shit but people trust it.. you know why? Production value.. try it out sometime.

SortingHat UncommonStats™ • a year ago If you feel it is which I do too it likely is. It's called controlled opposition.

Anthony Hargis

No question: it is a cointel operation. But, so what? They will use it to further their plans, and they will get away with it. Why? Because they have a complicit media at their disposal. Furthermore, they know that the current breed of Americans will do absolutely nothing to oppose them; I mean nothing sensible, nothing effective.

Oh, sure, a few Americans will sit on their haunches and howl; and they might as well bray at the wind for all they accomplish.

You see, Americans have the power to correct any grievance that could be named… and they choose not to use that power. There are three main reasons for this failure… (full article)

Dan Wesley • 12 days ago Awesome read! Bernie lays it all out perfectly by illustrating in good detail not only how obvious the neocons modus operandi is becoming, but how ridicoulous it's getting by utilizing Sci-Fi concepts and Hollywood-style productions - and don't forget luck - ISIS would be the luckiest group of anything and of all time were it believable. And if you are familiar with the history of false flag events, especially contemporary events and the most recent ones, it completes a huge portion of this sordid puzzle quite nicely. This article is so well-written that I would recommend it to anyone seeking truth, but especially newbies - those who may just be discovering this dark side of the world's governments and big businesses. Having an uniformed individual seeking truth outside of the mainstream media read this article, and then research some of the most recent false flag attacks could quickly open their eyes widely and drop their jaw quickly!

Jack Morgan • a month ago "They even all agree not to attack Israel for no reason at all." haha, yeah. Aren't we told the allah club is the arch enemy of the yahweh clan? Heck, with billions of $$ of oil sales revenue, and all the talent these ppl seem to have, why bother going all the way to the uSa, or England, or Europe, or wherever they go, when they could just go next door and kill the party they would have to know is responsible for all their misery, israhell, that is the hand for the american sock-puppet?

Denny T • 4 months ago Media and officials somehow receive magical updates from a gang 24/7 round the clock, yet still can't catch them. They need to find some new screenwriters and a new production set, because that one isn't working.

Patricia P. Tursi • 9 months ago One of the best reasons to indicate that ISIS is a US creation is that Obama was focusing on another Regime change, i.e., Assad and Syria, instead of fighting ISIS. Armaments were being shipped to Syrian rebels fighting Assad (was this connected to the Benghazi attack?). Reportedly, many of these armaments were then diverted to ISIS and used in Iraq. Is the US so ignorant that they didn't know that ISIS comprised a large part of the Syrian rebels? There are two possibilities. The US is complicit or dumb. When Russia stepped in and began bombing ISIS and pushing them back, the US was losing face and their pretense of fighting ISIS was crumbling. So the US began "fighting" ISIS. Does no one recognize this scenario? While Sec of State, Hillary Clinton orchestrated the Regime change in Ukraine and set up the NeoNazi's there. Biden was sent over to push fracking (because Obama is suddenly a champion of Climate Change? We know how "earth-friendly fracking is) The patterns of the US are so transparent. They don't even bother to hide them Like Bill Clinton illegally campaigning at polling sites. Americans are too brainwashed and propagandized to recognize the patterns. Meanwhile, our earth is dying. The only good thing about that is that the paricidal human race, bent on suicide and planet destruction, will be gone. Although 170 economists back Bernie's proposals on Wall Street, Elizabeth Warren praises Hillary's Wall Street Plan and the pundits protest that the US doesn't have the money to do the (quote Hillary) Pie in the sky plans the Bernie proposes to help US citizens. In the meantime, millions are spent on Regime change in Ukraine and trillions are spent on wars. On this, my 80th birthday, the future does not bode well and I am angry.

Royce • 9 months ago Can Anyone Tell What Exact Software Does ISIS Use? Their Devil Goat Fucking Execution Videos Edited With a "Black Op/Classified Code Encrypted" Theme is Quite "Impressive" Why I Say Impressive is Cause ISIS Started With Raw Footage With Poor Quality, Now HD and Edited to The Fullest. I Guess ISIS is Trying to Make Themselves Look More Professional/Organized. Thumbnail

Jake_Labrador • a year ago How come there is not one documented case of ISIS killing a gay person? The obvious answer is that ISIS is not a terrorist organization, but is really an unorganized group of frustrated homosexuals..

SortingHat • a year ago All the Christians I talk to think that ISIS is real at face value due to being too politically divided. It's sad that while both Christians and Islam are violent neither can see past each other and the media plays charades taking sides to keep the Illusion of parties alive.

I have refused to be a Christian because of that and if it makes me go to hell for not playing the race bait game then more marshmallows for me! Yum!

M-109 • a year ago How convenient for Skull & Bones and Bilderbergers. to push their New World Order agenda(s)

Prayer XLT • a year ago I enjoyed reading this article. It gives me hope that people are thinking outside the box. However, I believe you stepped outside the box and lost your peripheral vision in the process. You have lived in some western supremacist bubble and that shows. You greatly underestimate the capabilities of people that you think are "savage terrorists" or a merely portrayed that way. Do you actually believe the CIA takes disciplined terrorists units for fools? If they did, the world would be a hell of a lot worse than it is. You fail to recognize the 100's if not 1000's of other existing organized criminal and terrorist organizations operating in the world. Each having their own agenda, structure, network, and source of funding. Do you actually think a large organizations requires America's go ahead to get down to business? Has it ever occurred to you that the UK, Germany, France, USA, etc. have been educating Muslims for decades? How many people of the Muslim faith have acquired a degree in IT or Media Arts this year alone that may find ISIS appealing? Man, you know nothing about war. The CIA, and MOSSAD have been fighting not only foreign terrorists, but domestic enemies as well. You also forget Obama is a Muslim, and he is incompetent and passive on the war on Fundamental Islamic Groups. All you have said in this article is not backed by hard data. I think you like to sound clever, but it is people like you that I would never trust to watch my 6. You obviously have not read the Qu'ran in depth and understand the concept of Taqiyaah: The permission granted to ALL Muslims by Mohammed to deceive all Non-Muslims. You also have not read the Qu'ran enough to understand that it states, until the whole world is under Sharia Law, there shall be no peace. You wanna get along with everyone? Fine. They do not want to get along with you. They want to gang rape your wife because she is non-Muslim. So, before you go talking sideways about an organization that does it's best to preserve a democratic government in the midst of a global community of chinless wonders who lead powerful nations with impotent bureaucracy, get your facts straight. ISLAM is the belief system, MOHAMMED plagiarized partly from the bible, mixing in his desire to vindicate his desire to rape and conquer people who would not bow to his phallic ambition. Weak minded fool.

SortingHat Prayer XLT • a year ago A-ha! Your name is a dead give away that you are a Christian tool. Your following what the CIA and FBI want a religious civil war that is actually NOT civil.

You are falling hook line and sinker for the big divide they want and so are the Non educated Muslims that stick to their Cinagogs or whatever you call them where they live and practice their faith.

JustDisPutin • a year ago Excellent points, except for the digital editing capabilities of ISIS which is no biggie these days when a kid with a laptop can do professional level image/video editing.

As for the mysterious supply routes and identities - spot on, ISIS is a state sponsored operation run by Israel's mistaravim special forces unit specializing in impersonating enemies.


Well... I'm here to offer a way, if not to wake up Those who yet cling to the Disney lie, offer something better to go for - as well as sharing the awareness with the awakened. Let's withdraw consent from this crazy way of doing things and create better:

The Abundance Paradigm – What's In It for Me? http://tapyoureit.boards.net/t...

"Revolution in ideas, not blood."


"Did You give an oath and find it's bait and switch? Well, there is no oath then, is there?" "ALL money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap - THEY will do ANYTHING to get there." "The ONLY tool They use is money, and I say We can put that down and pick up far better tools." "The love of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows..." "If the universe is made of mostly "dark" energy...can We use it to run Our cars?" "If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war."

Big Dan

And new terror groups come out one at a time, evenly spaced, exactly when the previous one is on the downswing in the "news". And there's never two or more new terror groups, there's always exactly ONE, and it pops up when the last one starts dropping out of the "news".


What a load of rubbish. Each one of these 10 "signs" can be easily shot down.

. Any moron with a half-decent camera and cheap editing software can make professional looking video. Go on youtube, there are plenty of 6 year olds that prove this point.

  1. Ditto to point 1.

  2. Members of ISIS can have their own internet accounts, it's not like they have an account in the name of ISIS. Individual members have cell phones with internet connectivity, just like everyone else, not particularly difficult to get or maintain. Social media closes one account, hey it's not that hard to create another.

  3. The problem with intelligence organisations is that, by and large, they're not that intelligent. I understand that there is a lot of mythologising about CIA/MOSSAD/MI5 etc. but at the end of the day they are staffed by people, not gods. Furthermore, they are highly centralised, hierarchical organisations that are easily outdone by decentralised movements such as ISIS.

  4. Why have a database containing all the details of your movement in one easy location for the enemy to find? Really, really dumb. This is the strength of a decentralised organisation, very few people actually know who is and is not a member. In regard to the lack of coverage of the identities of ISIS members and family members staying quiet, I don't know how many articles I have read that have been written by uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, friends of individuals traveling to Syria/Iraq to join ISIS.

  5. Of course the government isn't going to divulge operational details in regard to whether or not they're tracking individual members of ISIS online. How stupid are you?

  6. Bullets are easily sourced in recent war zones, furthermore, you are aware there is a massive black market for weaponry, aren't you? Food and water, why do you think one of ISIS' first targets was Mosul Dam?

  7. I'm not even sure what you're ranting about here, but Israel could wipe out ISIS overnight. You know they have nukes, right?

  8. Interestingly there are a number of ISIS soldiers that have shown there faces, Mohammad Ali Baryalei, Abdullah Elmir, Izhar Udeen and Khaled Sharrouf to name but a few. This point makes absolutely no sense.

  9. This is an argument that has been raised multiple times but you know that there are many wealthy individuals in the Middle East and around the world that are supportive of ISIS' goals, right? They will be willing to donate vast sums of money to see these goals achieved.

As you can see these kinds of CIA/MOSSAD arguments are easily refuted but since this is an "alternative" site it's unlikely any reasoned arguments will be taken seriously. I'll probably be labeled a sheeple or under cover operative or some such nonsense.

Wake up people there is no grand conspiracy and the globalist agenda (whatever that means) is no closer to being implemented now than it was 20 or 30 or 100 years ago.

To think I used to waste my precious time with crap on sites such as these. Go outside, hug your family, get some fresh air, sites like these are the real distractions to you living your life.


It's not reportedly al Sham, for nothing!


One way to stimulate global economies is with adversarial military behaviour ...

September 18, 2014

Statement by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on Congressional Passage of the Continuing Resolution

I welcome and appreciate the swift action by Congress to provide the Defense Department with the authority to begin training and equipping the moderate Syrian opposition. This train and equip program is a key element of the president's comprehensive strategy to degrade and ultimately destroy the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). While it will take time to strengthen the moderate Syrian opposition forces, they and the Iraqi Security Forces and Kurdish forces are central to confronting ISIL. The U.S. military will work closely with regional partners, including Saudi Arabia, to recruit and vet the opposition forces, and we will continue to build and sustain a broad coalition to implement our strategy.



Turkish TV show "Valley of the Wolves" from a few years ago... Thumbnail


By the way, has anyone noticed something funny about the name ISIS? It's an acronym made from all english words, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Do they even have the same letters in arabic? If you took the phrase "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" and translated it into Arabic, what would the initials look like? It is clearly a name that was developed by westerners. By the way, there is a military contractor in the US named ISIS.

fixerdave biblenerd

Yes, it is the western (English) name for them. In Arabic it's pronounced something like "Daesh." Pretty standard stuff... most languages have their own names for most nations. Many bare little to no relationship with what people call themselves.


I would like to quote from an article that was written by Tom Horn, that reveals the Occult identity of ISIS. " In Egyptian mythology, the sun represented Osiris while the star Sirius symbolized Isis, and thirteen was the number of pieces of Osiris that Isis was able to find after Seth, his evil brother, murdered and threw fourteen pieces of him into the Nile. Isis searched the riverbank until she recovered every piece, except for his genitals, which had been swallowed by a fish. Isis replaced the missing organ with an Obelisk and magically impregnated herself with Horus."

I personally find it hard to believe that a group of Islamic terrorists would choose to name themselves after a mythical Occult female that magically impregnated herself with an Obelisk!

No Folks, there is some other symbolic reason for this group to be named ISIS, and media comments like, "ISIS is growing stronger," or " we may not be able to defeat ISIS," have a special meaning to those in the Occult world.

We will have to keep our eyes on this manufactured crisis, and see if the media tells us that ISIS has given birth to yet another group that is even more powerful...


Interesting article. Thank you,

I'm going to discount the high production standards. That's just people-skills theses days and it's not unreasonable to have skilled people available. The tools are basically free.

The mask thing... there are pictures around of some that go unmasked. It also seems to be the in-thing for Ukraine rebels, etc... so I'm not going to make a huge deal about it. Suspicious, but not conclusive.

The lack of amateur content being uploaded... that makes me wonder. Even the US military has issues with this. Sure, the threat of immediate summary execution might dampen down the lower ranks, but some of them have got to be stupid enough to do it anyway. After all, we live in a twitter world these days. Young people seem unable to keep themselves private.

The ability to move free from air attack... it's not inconceivable that the Iraqi air-force wasn't capable of interdicting movement, but the US is clearly doing that now. There are clear signs that IS is now having trouble moving.

Intel, I've not decided on. It seems very odd to me that in Ukraine, they seem to have the ability to distribute incriminating recorded voice communications of all the Rebel commanders, when it suits them. But, at the same time, they keep getting surprised by the Rebels. It seems very odd. In Iraq/Syria, I would assume the same level of surveillance is in place, if not more. It is possible that they are monitoring but not disrupting in order to keep monitoring. But, conversely, shutting down propaganda operations makes sense, but not when they benefit the monitoring side. After all, IS seems to be out-performing all the nauseatingly-standard "evil" propaganda that is normally proffered in these situations. Why shut them up?

But, what gets me are the logistics. Okay, I can accept, for a while, that a fighting force can resupply through conquest. You can maraud your way through areas and live off the land, as it were. But, they are past that, and there's more than just the fighting force to consider. How many millions of people live in Iraq's Anbar province? What are they eating? Where are their kid's diapers coming from? The fuel for their cars? Medicine? Are the regular civilian supply lines still open? If so, why? Who's trading with them? Who's buying the oil they are pumping out of the ground? I mean, I don't care how nasty an occupying force is, how much they use old-school terror to enforce their rule. If my kid was starving and I had a gun, somebody would die. Multiply that by a million times and it becomes clear that Anbar province is being supplied. How? Or, more appropriately, why?

Any military leader is well-schooled on the basics. The old quote "tactics wins battles, logistics wins wars" is basic education. Cut the supply lines and IS ceases to exist, yet they exist. They are land-locked and surrounded by enemies. It's been long enough that they should be having serious logistical problems by now.

So, yes, in that I agree. Origins aside, IS is being allowed to continue for some reason. It is possible they are an invention, but at this point, invention or not, they are being used as a tool.

Angelo S


Joachims Training

Mr. Suarez brings up some interesting points but mostly I call major bullshit on this thesis. I think with the 450 million ISIS stole from the bank in Mosul the group bought some great computer techs, videographers, increased security technology and upgraded their weapons. There is no shortage of martyrs, fundamentalists and young people with no future in that part of the world. Btw VICE has a HD still photos and video with ISIS members unmasked: https://news.vice.com/topic/is...

Faye Brown

It’s like living in a hologram/matrix, where a real and tangible event has been written, cast and put in play action, as to ‘metaphorically imitate’ and play out for mainstream viewing …

(so in earth/matrix as it is in the real-heavens)

Such a matrix-script can pop into viewing with no real history yet it’s outcome is sealed in destiny.


ISIS is not a REBEL force, but a COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY one. In other words, any nation not following the dictates of Israel or the USA will be attacked by ISIS, "justifying" some kind of "humanitarian" military action to "defend" said nation from ISIS. If Obama goes ahead and bombs inside Syria to supposedly attack ISIS, this would be an amazing about face from recent years and policies where the USA SUPPORTED these terrorist groups. It is not an about face but a Trojan Horse where once inside Syria, USA and NATO can bomb anything it pleases and "justify" and collateral damage by using the same tactic Israel uses to slaughter defenseless innocent civilians in Gaza- the "enemy" is set up among the civilian population and uses civilian infrastructure to carry out attacks. Americans who now support USA bombing in Stria are clueless about how ISIS is actually a terrorist tool that Israel and the USA can use to "justify" military actions. These Americans still don't get it after many years of the USA actually recruiting foreigners to do counterrevolutionary fighting for them.

!960's- CIA recruits, forms, trains and funds anti-Castro mercenaries 970-80's- CIA supports Contras after Somoza's overthrown in Nicaragua 980's- CIA hires Osama Bin Laden to recruit Islamic fighters to expel Soviet Union from Afghanistan.

If there ever was a false flag, then the one that ISIS waves is certainly one!

It's not that I can't believe that this ISIS thing as a conspiracy. I mean, I don't believe it is...but NOT because the concept is impossible.

The reason I can't get on board with the tinfoil helmet gang is because you guys claim that EVERY event that EVER happens on Earth is some kind of false-flag and or conspiracy.

Did it ever occur to you guys that SOMETHING that's happened SOMEWHERE actually happened without a conspiracy? The way YOU read it...there would NEVER be any problems or conflict on Earth at all...if it weren't for conspiracies.

SOMETIMES things actually just happen! They develop from cause and effect. They are actually the "truth."


False Flag Ebola Suicide Bomber from ISIS, The Movie

Lately we have been seeing lots and lots of emerging scenarios, which could justify war, and all running at the same time.

We have the situation in Ukraine, set up by the US at great expense, and with at least 6 years of lead time (according to Wikileaks files just released http://www.zerohedge.com/news/... ). MH-17 initial report is so vague as to be readable as consistent with an antiaircraft missile attack, and we already know better, but this is all we get until the full report comes out next summer http://www.zerohedge.com/news/...

China is feeling her oats as a rising superpower, and it is how China has self identified for the past 3000 years. The South China Sea thing could need a war for that deep oil and gas. Justifications are being laid. Poor Philippines; poor Vietnam (bitter irony); poor Taiwan and Indonesia.

Really, really in our faces are those beheadings and mass slaughters by ISIS/ISIL/IS. Joe Biden says we'll follow them to the gates of heck, or something.

Those guys are so totally bad that they would do anything, and anything we would do to kill all of them is a necessary service to the whole world.

The Saudi King said they would be attacking Europe in a month, and the US in 2 months.

Where did these guys come from, nightmare world? They are like al Qaeda with a Freddy Kruger mask!

Then there is Ebola, which makes you die painfully and slowly with fever and bloody diarrhea, and bleeding from your eyeballs, and it comes like a thief in the night...

Imagine you are Dick Cheney.

Ok, ok, that's a bit too much to ask.

I have an idea for a made-for-TV-movie that's an edge-of-your-seat, suspense thriller-diller.

Here's the story line:

ISIS really, really wants to hurt the US, the great Satan, for decades of destruction, but can't get nuclear weapons, or any way to get them into the US.

Ricin doesn't go very far, and would only kill a few people, like in that Japanese subway thing.

ISIS needs something undetectable that won't show up on airline scanners, but that can still kill millions of people if they get it into the US.

Hey, Ebola virus would work, and somebody could volunteer to be an Ebola suicide bomber, or even not volunteer...

You get some guys from western countries, secret volunteers for ISIS, like we hear about, and tell them they have a secret mission.

Some guys go to Washington DC with lots of money and have unprotected sex with 4 prostitutes a day until further orders. Unlimited ATM card, It's for Allah.

Other guys go shoot heroin 4 times a day, drawing up twice what they will use, flashing a little blood back into it when they hit the vein, injecting real slow, then saying it's too strong, and leaving the half full syringe on the table while they crawl to the corner.

Like Lee Oswald, these guys can just think they are establishing cover identities.

Before they fly to Great Satan Land, they need a protective injection, a vaccination IV.

The trick is, that it is pooled plasma from Liberian Ebola patients, frozen and flown over.

By the time they get sick in 2-3 weeks, still establishing their cover identities, they could easily have infected 100 denizens of Washington DC.

They would have infected the folks most likely to further infect others.

These guys could even be shot in an alley when they get sick, before all the bleeding.

That would get some infection going in the coroner's office. Ebola would never be suspected.

Who is the first to figure it out? Who breaks it to the American people?

What emergency measures have to be taken, to assure the continuity of government?

Who must be brought to justice for this unbelievably heinous perfidy?

Who gets nuked?

Who gets quarantined? Where? Where do we put all those potentially infected people who had sex with prostitutes and used IV drugs in Washington DC?

Where do we put everybody who they live with? Where can our elected representatives and top civil servants and military leaders go to safely carry on the work they must do to bring us through this crisis?

Nothing must stand in the way of that mission!

Where do treatments come from to protect us, and those masks, and rubber gloves, and goggles, and isolation suits?

Anyway, it's just an idea for a made-for-TV-movie, but who could turn it off once they got into it, huh?

It pulls everything together, doesn't it? You don't even need any big name actors. It's all in the plot. Do you know of anybody who could fund a project like this?

fixerdave Wickliffe

Yeah, that's the first thing that came to my mind... So easy... send a team out, find a victim, and drain the blood and mail it to a target team, or two. After that, separate and wait. If anyone on the collection team gets sick, go to an embassy and pick a fistfight with a guard. It's a suicide mission, right?

At the target end, it's still a suicide mission, but no need to target the junkies. Lots of easier and more effective ways to do it. If anyone on the distribution team gets sick... walk into a police station and pick a fight. It's a suicide mission, right?

Or, just go "White Plague" and smear the blood on money and mail that to random people in target countries. Yeah, this is a plot in an old story. Old news, as they say. You didn't come up with it.

Oddly enough, it hasn't happened, yet. I mean, it's so bloody obvious and so easy to do, we should be seeing the results by now. But, nothing...

I don't think I'm much of a conspiracy theorist, but these so-called terrorists sure seem stupid to me. I can think of dozens of ways to cause some real terror... but it never seems to happen. So, does all that NSA snooping shut them down, is it that you have to be stupid to be drawn to terrorism, or is it a staged show? I don't know... I guess that's why I'm surfing towards sites like this these days.

But, I do tend to avoid describing how I'd go about a terrorist attack, just in case. But, you started it, so, whatever...

Wickliffe fixerdave

I sent my Congressman a letter about my concerns for a biological warfare attack on the US, via Ebola virus. I'm concerned. It's a "bloody" obvious attack. It may have already happened for all we know. I've volunteered with the Medical Director of my local Health Department to serve, whenever that time may arise. He's an old friend. We were interns together in 1986-1987.

dale ruff

I don't buy this argument. If their skills were as advanced as the author proclaims, everyone and their dog would not be calling them fakes.

I do believe, based not on pathetic arguments but evidence, that ISIS is an outgrowth of the US/CIA support for the anti-govt terrorists in Syria, but not as a scripted event (there is plenty of real gore to watch if you have the stomach) so much as blowback, another bungled proxy war flawed by the instigators (DOD/CIA/ME monarchies) believing their own propaganda.

Just as in the other wars, the US has lost control. They HAD a script but it was based on lies they themselves believed, and the whole thing has just gotten out of hand. This is not a scripted event but evidence of a failed policy based on lies, just like every other military operation in the past 50 years.

ISIS is not an illusion; it is a real army created as a result of the illusions that the US (and allies) have spreads. US neo-con foreign policy (based on American exceptionalism; ie hubris and arrogance) creates Frankensteins, wherever it asserts itself. Today, the US is supporting a fascist government in Ukraine and fighting against a group in Iraq which is using US weapons.

In 1799, Goya produced an etching, which he titled The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters. Another version of the title is:

"Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters..."

I think this explains ISIS much more than the concept that its emergence was "scripted." It is more correct to say, as Seymour Hersh did in his now classic article Redirection from 2007 that:

"To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda."

The bolstering of Sunni extremists, he points out, is a by-product of the script, an unintended but clearly predictable result of US shifting support to those it had been fighting, the Sunni "enemy."

Lee dale ruff

The sarcasm was pretty heavy in this article. I don't think you were supposed to "buy" it. Author is just pointing out everything the sheep routinely fall for.



A good tree bears good fruit, a bad tree bears bad fruit, You will know them by their fruits. Jesus.


You act like this zionist group speaks for Islam there Lance. How can a group be Islamic when no Islamic authority recognizes it?

How can it be Islamic when Islamic authority literally condemns it? They don't ignore it, they condemn it.

"They have eyes to see but do not see" Ezekiel 12:2

PointBlankZA Lee

Denying their Islamicism doesn't make them any less Islamic. Hence the term "extremist".

Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

@ Bernie Suarez. Easy for you to say. Your severed head is not hanging from a pole.

AndyNY Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

You assume that those guys are actually dead. Where are the bodies?


PointBlankZA Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

Our hostage body was returned after a failed rescue mission. They out there. Just because you haven't seen a body doesn't make the horror any less real.

Man you are totally bonkers.


Meaning you have nothing specific you can point out incorrect, just lobbing ad hominims. So you can understand: you have nothing.



There is so much news about ISIS and this writer seems to think ISIS is a joke. Tonight I watched an Iraqi woman who was part of a village where 100 men were killed, and women taken as sex slaves for money or bogus "marriages". The sad thing is that ISIS is only doing what the Koran tells followers to do to non-compliant people to their version of Islam says. Utube: look at Top Ten Qu'ran Verses for Understanding ISIS. If you folks have the intellectual nerve to hear exactly what the Qu'ran says in it.



Can you tell me why every single Muslim authority condemns ISIS? Research that because its a fact. I wonder what news your watching, CNN?

Ya, lets hear exactly what the Quran says without cherry picking, partial quoting and flat out fabricating it.

Quran 5:32 whoever kills a soul it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.

The Quran sanctifies all life, Period! With your own description ISIS is clearly not a Muslim outfit.

Read a book, get a clue. There's enough Islamaphobia in this world because people believe whatever ignorance crosses their path.



The Koran is so full of contradictions, you are the one who is cherry picking. DId you look up the top ten Quran verses for understanding ISIS? The Koran says there is no son of ALLAH, yet the "satanic verses" that muslims issued a death sentence for Salman Rushdie for is this: that Allah has 3 daughters. The Koran is so full of BS that it does not qualify as a bona fide religion,it is a crime syndicate posing as a religion, as in a wolf in sheeps clothing, as in the False Prophet.



There is not a single contradiction in the Quran. Learn Arabic and show me just one.



What about Allah has no son, yet he has 3 daughters, you ignored that one? What about if you kill one man, you killed the human race, yet you should "smite the neck of the unbelievers" (behead the infidels) and decapitate the hands? There is no compulsion under Islam, yet the history of the Muslims is convert or die, in effect. Why is it most all of the horrific attacks in the world and the wars are from Muslims? Why is it the stated goal of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood is to take over all the governments of the world and control them under the brutal Shariah Law? Muslims are the most illogical people to deal with, they ignore anything that disproves them, and they seem to train in mental arguments and cherry picked "facts" to prove their points, yet in the end theirs is the most violent and domineering religion in the world, maybe this is because that is the stated goal of its founders. Religious autocracy , liberal sympathizers, forget democracy, Islam is total domination over you.


As i said, learn Arabic, then show me a single contradiction. Not English where 6 translations are accepted of English alone.

Were talking about the Quran here, not the bible where there are 5000+ versions. There is only one Quran. (Incase it matters, i never read your rubbish, You've proven your ignorance above.)

Learn Arabic, then point out a single contradiction.

يارب اهدي الجميع إلى السراط المستقيم


you know, this sounds like a secret way to contradict any criticism of Islam, and is suspect, you are saying, I hold the real truth, you don't , I don't buy this for a second.You have ignored the blatant contradictions already.

dale ruff

He makes a valid point; you are relying on translations and interpretations, not the original text.


lol, secret way? Buddy, the Quran is written in ARABIC. If you desire to disprove it then at least be able to actually READ IT.

Believe what you like, it changes nothing. Peace.

Brian Robinson

Don't argue with them. Save your breath you'll need it to run them through. They know full well what their "religion" is about they all practice Taqiyya and Kitman (Lie). Yet he admits to never reading the Bible but yet calls it rubbish. He ends nicely though I only hope he does what he wrote in Arabic.

dale ruff Lee

Isn't this the old No True Muslim theory?


Yeah tonight you "watched"...what? The criminally insane Zionist controlled propaganda television network? Like that's a credible source. But YOU believe ANYTHING coming from that CIA developed mind control box. Tens of millions of suckers like you are the problem in AmeriKa. You are what I call an "enabler" for US government terrorists. You believe what you see on TV without question and don't even try to get at the truth, which is NOT on TV.


CBS news. Maybe you have been enabled by all the anti Semite unbalanced stuff. If the media is Zionist, why are the reports usually showing the suffering of the Palestinians, especially on liberal outlets, yet ignoring the Israeli side that shows the efforts made to try to avoid killing civilians? Why is the facts that if Hamas would not dig terrorist tunnels for kidnapping and bombing purposes and deliberately place civilians in the way of their bomb launchers the Palestinians would not be harmed? Why is there little or no coverage of the suffering of the Israelis every time when their people are bombed? People forget the history of the people who (Fidel Castro said) suffered more than any other group, who lost millions, were given this land by the UN , deservedly so. What many Muslim sympathizers do not understand is that this is not a war for the Palestinian people. This is a war for the dominance and supremacy of the brutal Islamic religion, they want to proclaim that the own the land of the Jewish God. They want to say they are dominant over Christianity and Judaism, that is why they built their mosque in Jerusalem over the Jewish Temple. The modern fools may be the mostly "liberal" sympathizers who buy into the lie of the Palestinian "victims". These Islamists are victimizing their people for the cause of world domination.

dale ruff

Islam, like Christianity, has its fundamentalists. Remember Timothy McVeigh and his band of Christian militia men?

Fundamentalism is a brain disease caused by absolute certainty in your beliefs despite lack of any evidence they are true; this causes the fundamentalist, whatever the certainty is about, to create a world of us, who know the truth, and the rest of the world, which is brainwashed. If you KNOW you are right, you can do anything, you can start wars, bomb people, behead people, burn them at the stake.

Activistpost discussions often promote such fundamentalism, based on the us vs them sense of superiority and certainty that EVERYTHING that is happening is not the result of screw ups and bad policies but directed like a movie. I will stick with my uncertainties, my tentative conclusions, and my resistance to "believing" that everything is scripted.

It is, but then things happen to totally go off script.

The best laid plans......................................is my caveat.

Hey farang, did you look up the top ten verses, or are you afraid of the truth about islam? Look up in Utube, top ten Qur'an verses for understanding ISIS, this is an analysis that quotes directly from the Koran, nothing slanderous or incorrect.

sri 8 years ago