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I decided that until I figured out what to do I would just do what I loved.
Planning is nothing but science fiction, time travelling into the future and working backwards from there.
You barely have the ability to pick a goal let alone go after it.
Just do one thing.
Move towards what interests you.
You are confident you are going in the right direction even though you are not getting results you need.
You are comfortable and do not need to suceed so you don't meaning you have so little command of life.
Your tastes point to your talents.
End up doing things you really enjoy.
Your gifts create inspiration and that gets things done.
I care about what you love, not what you're "good at".
Use these lessons to move in your direction.
Don't you want to OWN what you dream about? Desire takes on a very different character when you bring your wishes into your conscious life instead of having them muddle around in your unconscious self.
Sri Kumar is just back from Fremont with a new book called ACTION.
Your ego deserves you having a press release about you.
SRINI KUMAR is the guy that every teenage girl wants to fuck! Tonight he will be diddling two girls here in Seattle. How did he get so lucky? Well, he got rich and then moved to Seattle or something. And Jon and Aparna move out here to Fremont to hang out with Mom and Dad.
What would have to happen for that outcome, for that press release to be real? Have a lot of FUN companions, girls who just wanted to have FUN with me.
What would have to happen for METANOTES to get a billion users? Have lots and lots of time.
Have the right tools.
So many things have to happen for these press releasees to really happen, right?
I'd have to make millions of dollars from this book in order to earn my freedom to live like that, you know?
What would make this book an absolute must read for people? Free stickers? Note the things you could get without too much hassle.
Some things that you want to do no matter what.
POSSIBILITY THINKING is a lot different from PLANNING, right?
How did I get from me right now to Rick Adams fucking Kristen and Erica? How did it come to pass that I got that? How long will I stick around like a doofus?
Infuse your thinking with possibility.
Treat your WISH like it's the GOLD of your astral self.
We often drop our wishes.
Apply what you have learned here more often by opening up your social life again.
What were the potential outcomes for a kid like you? I could have been the founder of Facebook.
I could have wound up married to a lame girl like Robynn and trapped like that.
I could have failed to ever ask any questions, you know?
Take a look at your old notes with new eyes.
There was some point in your life where you decided to take a new tactic.
Everybody is a hero for surviving the bad times they've been through.
Cast yourself in a heroic life because you have survived to this point with integrity.
How did you change the course you were set on before? You moved. You seem to be a loner.
You need to figure out what feels right without any vocabulary.
YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN in the sex realm, the ACTION realm.
You kept your silence while Mimi, Andrea and James walked all over me, and Diana too. Now Kelly Eric and Skip are walking all over me and I'm ok with it.
I am a dhimmi.
What kind of life does that heroic kid deserve? To get more you need to desire more, because when you desire something then the process of deserving begins.
You were a hero and you deserve a good outcome.
You were such a courageous kid.
Make things that people need.
Name the appropriate outcomes for your being so bold.
I'm literally a footnote in history.
Connect your GOAL and your WISH, and see that a WISH is a series of GOALS.
You know how to say what you mean.
You understand the true nature of female sexuality, unlike any other human being, ok?
You've been given the most important key to the universe, that girls love you and you can do everything through them.
You've stretched your imagination instead of getting satisfaction through action.
What did the good life feel like? You write as a form of generosity:
Helping people is how you get safety
It seems selfish to go after what you love.
You have nothing to give away if you aren't doing what you love.
You can only be generous when your plate is full.
Give yourself the courage to go after your WISH.
You're walking on comfortable feet.
You're supposed to be nervous when you're doing something new.
Once you are doing the magic you will feel a solid comfort.
People who've made it are calm and effective.
People whit means don't need anything from you so they are calm.
Challenge yourself to a new level.
You can't repaint the paintings you've always painted.
When you are living the good life you don't sweat the outcomes so much because you've got more resources than you know what to do with.
Commanding people have more lovers.
When you know what you FEEL you know where you stand in terms of your WISH.
Having a plan makes you part of the elite.
ACTION is what brings safety.
Inaction is dangerous.
You're already living a life you love and you are heading towards something you love more and your life has direction and get.
Heading towards what you love leads to you getting there.
Getting your get is how you get achievement.
Pleasure makes time immaterial.
Sharing pleasure is what girls want to do.
Sex and candy is the pleasure of the moment.
Addicted to the pleasure of the moment is not satisfying.
ACTION keeps you in the moment.
Candy is "fun" and you aren't doing enough.
Awaken to how you FEEL.
Reading is kinaesthetic.
The goal of everyone is to be happy living in the moment.
You are trapped in the present because you have no future wishes at all anymore.
Your sex drive needs your future and your past to start delivering results right now.
The past made you deep and rich.
Feeling regret is a choice. You can frame these experiences as valuable stories that girls love.
Time gets rid of the emotional electricity around events so you can see things more rationally and that's why we get obsessed with the past.
There is PAIN in there. So write a journal and get it out of your system.
Calm down and see the best parts of your situation right now.
We're such isolated people in our minds in this world of 2015.
You're a walking memory bank and having your memory accessed freezes you instantly, doesn't it?
Living in the future infuses all of your goal directed work with potential.
Creativity happens in the future.
Solving a problem is about imagining a pbetter future state: utopistics.
You are thinking about these words in the PRESENT.
AM, WAS, WILL. I am playing with her titties. I was playing with her titties. I will play with her tities. Three different meanings and three different triggers.
What is that emotion for? Fill your life with love by making something beautiful.
What are you supposed to do next? Your work is cut out for you.
Hit the right notes at the right time and make a beautiful sound.
You know exactly what you're doing on this planet and that gives you sweetness.
Life sets priorities and prioirites give you tasks.
Loving alone creates value.
Love to share and show your genius.
Ideas come with a SURGE OF GRANDIOSITY.
Getting grandiose is a form of being SCARED!
Frenzied enthusiasm is grandiosity and that leads you to fear your ACTION!
It's not a big deal is the attitude you should have with girls and your success.
Other people brought you down because you were GRANDIOSE.
It's so easy for people to bring you down if your scheme is grandiose.
Mimi wlone tripped me up because I was grandiose about what I had made which was just a mess of memes. But look at Ben Huh!
It takes a very small pin to prick a hot air balloon.
SUBGOALS and SUBACTIONS are how you get to your WISH, not sharing grandiose schemes.
Do your details with perfection.
You've got to find the quiet voice inside you that really does what the best for you to add the brilliance of your soul to the world.
You've got to find the thing that is specifically yours in this world.
I made dreams come true for Andrea and James and even Mimi.
You're going to wind up getting the rewards and recognition that come with success.
You were burned by Mimi and Andrea for your success and recognition. Also James. These people must be forgiven.
She admires you.
Appear glamorous even though you are stressed.
When people applaud you they are getting great pleasure from what you say.
You can give happiness as a gift to other people.
Let the rest of the world enjoy your work.
You have work to do.
All kinds of things can happen.
You can only hope to control the ACTIONS that you take yourself.
You've been dealt a great hand.
Life is the clay that your spirit sculpts with.
Hard times can be the engine for your future glory if you can only pick up the pieces and please people by the millions again.
Please people with your writing and they will help you.
The key thing is what you do.
Feel anything you want to feel because you are relaxed and not influenced by anything you didn't choose.
When you're ready to move you will move.
Bad news causes pain and you have been healing for fifteen years.
Mimi is a murderer.
Andrea is a rapist.
I accept that I am a victim of these people.
Your job is to be up there swinging when it's your turn at bat.
Fear is going to be gone forever once you are being creative in ACTION.
Animals love habit and safety and you must work to create wealth-creating habits like typing up notes.
Creativity is chaos. Order is safety and it's a lack of creativity.
Get up out of your chair and do something exciting, ok?
You know what to do with fear. Give in to it and name it. You'll proceed wiser next time.
Everything I do is fun.
You have everything you ever wanted, if you are unable to make a wish right now.
Put yourself in her presence and she will begin to want you again.
Are you happy? Get to where you can WISH and it comes true because you have those resources and skills.
Just about every WISH is just a matter of SKILLS and RESOURCES and AGREEMENT.
I wish I could engineer agreement with any girl.
This is a viewpoint that makes sense.
Describe it to her.
You can expect the truth about your WISH to be on you.
I want to put in my reader's hands some tools.
I want to take away misinformation that you have absorbed.
You are what you should be and you have what you need as long as you can LEARN.
Why can't you ACT, srini? Give me the opportunity to speak to your heart.
Let me give you what you want me to give you.
Thank you very much for being with me for all this time.
I've really enjoyed it and I hope you have too.
How don't you yet live the life you love, Srini?

sri 9 years ago

WISH - OBSTACLE: i wish i could Ω even though (o).

Find all the information you need.            

If it's fun you'll be a lot better at doing it.
Say a WISH then accompany it with an OBSTACLE.
I have a WISH, but (help me solve this problem!!!).
We are PROBLEM SOLVING ANIMALS so we want to fix any problem.
I really would love to meet with Applied but I don't want to go until I know my pitch will be perfect.
We hate to leave things hanging.
I don't know I would really love to ACTION but PROBLEM.
Always talk to anybody who has done what you need to do.
I really want to have sex with you Cindy but you think I'm a creep for it…
Shouldn't a girl feel like "yes, you are correct to want me"?
Well if you really want to know my wish? I wanna ACTION.
Do nothing but say WISH OBSTACLE.
Your world gets so creative when you present them WISH and OBSTACLE because that gives them something to be creative about for you.
Folks love to help when you present a wish then an obstacle.
State what you want then say why you're stuck.
What do I bring? I'm telling you this because I want you to do it too.
I've been trying to ACTION but now I've run into a snag.
Does anybody have any ideas? If I recommend it, it can't e too hard.
People online want to solve your problems.

  • This is a dead end for me and I just don't know what to do, Cindy…
    Achieve what you know about already again.
    There is someone at a lumber yard who is obsessed with special wood.
    People take great pride in what they do.
    After you've ACTION then I'd like you to ACTION. Make a note of it.
    People write books so that they will sell. You're not the only one who wants to make money off writing.
    Call every school in your area and ask about courses on communication.
    Go to meetings because you'll meet girls who are like you.
    I need clients and I want my work to get out there.
    I am an enormous resource and baby really must track me down.
    You want to sell your writing.
    The marketplace for writers books have all the agents in there!!!
    You can always find WORKSHOPS in magazines.
    You should always be looking through magazines that are in your area.
    If you think you want to be a writer go to a small workshop, which will make you feel like a writer and you'll be taken seriously and some of them will be hot girls who want to write.
    Workshops are fantastic.
    There is an area you're interested in and you are missing the time.
    You want to get started doing what you should be doing NOW.
    You don't have to change your life to do what you should be doing.
    There is always something you should be doing right now that you're afraid of doing.
    Tell her something that's interesting to her and she will call you.
    Write the most entertaining and charming letter.
       All that karma from those letters that kids wrote me that I never read, and they're actually all interesting.    
    Include a SASE when you write someone and ask for responses and advice.
    If ever there were girls that are willing to talk to you it's girls in a booth at a trade show.
    At a trade show you can reach people you can't reach any other way.
    Walk right up to the girl and say "Someone told me X, is that really true?"
    Personal ads are a great opportunity for all kinds of other things.
    I'm looking to meet friends who are looking to go out and get coffee and talk about places all around the world.
    You never know who is going to show up.
    You want to start a girl team for your bigger wishes.
    If you're interested call me.
    The Encyclopedia of Associations. There's always an association for your interest, ok?
    See the most sexual possibilities.
    Come up with dozens of ways to come up with ideas, ok?
    Fear always accompanies adventure.
    Serene is protecting you from the unknown.
    If you felt no fear you don't really intend to do it, right?
    I want the WUMMAH.
    You're ready to begin the journey.
    You've had enough preparation.
    All you need is your destination.
    You're ready to go, right?
    We don't fight fear unless we write it down first and then obey the printed word.
    You use writing to really listen to your feelings.
    Reading your notes is respecting yourself.
    Figure out if you want love, approval and to belong.
    Stop chasing.

Self-respect comes from doing the right thing and knowing your needs and tastes and feelings are awesome.
Paying attention to what you are dealing with is how you would treat a beautiful car.
Figure out what it's capable of and then only do that and treat your horse well.
Respect your soul enough to listen like this.
The most sensitive parts of you have come to trust you.
Your hidden longings and sensitivities will not be betrayed because you will be paying attention.
Get searching for your unique sgoal.
Open your resistance like an envelope and read the message to you that your defenses are sending you.
Aren't you rich with abilities and experience that can help you on your WISH?
Track dwon what you loved when you were younger.
The exhilariotion of doing what you've been praying to do, it'll be amazing.
Did you go for a ride on your bike?
Any action in the direction of something that you really love goes against your need for safety.
We want you inspired by wonderful memories.
Feelings always come up when you launch a big plan or a wish, and your defense system willg et alarmed, so have strategies.
Adventure is not very dangerous but usually excviting.
Bring up resistance and give her a simple strategy for dealing with her own resistance.
Techniques can stop you from ever being stuck again.
I refuse today to ACTION. No unstated angst.
If something's stopping you there's a good reason.
Train going around a curve needs to slow down or it'll derail and people will die.
You can't understand it all at once, can we?
Make friends and listen and see what she wants, ok?
Take that message in, and be an ethical person that should do things and so does them and prospers at last.
You get to create a structure so that you can get support for what yo want to do next ok?
When you do things that are a little scary you really need structure.
You got through school because someone expected something of you at a certain time, a structure and a schedule.
A system to keep you going through your own resistance is the secret to success.
Your feelings relate to your actions and usually come after the action.
Learn to respect your slow progress into her bed.
You don't have to wait around for a positive attitude because that comes form taking any action.
Name your feelings to understand what you are feeling and that is knowing yourself.
You're blind. You're in a fog. You don't know your feelings and your wishes. Your feelings are now your friends.
You should know what you like and what you don't like, right?
The genes that are providing our gifts show us our interests.
Our interests indicate our gifts.
We can't help but hearing about our gifts.
You do want to find your own girls. You also want to find girls that are nothing like you because you need to be stimulated and stretched.
You need to get information because you are sick of trying to guess and do it yourself.
Pick up the torch. Your ancestors handed you those unique genes.
You got your complexes and your abilities from somewhere.The first thing I want you to do is ACTION.
The thing I like about X is Y.
Come up with funny things on the fly when you are around girls because girls love to laugh and feel themselves get warmer and jiggly.
Take a look at what you love and find a few themes.
Imagine if you could just snap your fingers and have anything you WISH.
OK, I want Cindy to become really really easy to GET.
What do you love most about Cindy? Well we are matched and I could talk to her and love her forever I think. She is so hard working and sweet. What makes your eyes light up is what you are a genius at, so you are a genius at loving Cindy.
Why can't you grab the microphone at tell her what you love the most. I feel free and happy and fearless.
Being creative with p girls in bed is what would make you happy.
Build a goal around the most important of your touchstones.
What would it take for you to get that WISH? Create a GOAL and put it on a TIMEFRAME.
Safety and habit is making you dull and dangerous and disappointing.
Real danger and emotional danger are totally different.
Taking emotional risks is the best path to safety because you cannot lose as long as the timing comes around.
Patience is what you need to make the timing come around.
Obstacles are alive, living parts of yourself, your resistance.
O was a [pet fpr ,pmeu
You fear publishing on Kindle because it doesn't make enough money?
You probably already know how to get closer to your WISH right now.
You only WISH things that are totally possible.
WISH to succeed because I love being in control of my own destiny.
If there's something in there you love then there's a gift and you can figure out how to unwrap it.
Make her feel like a special creature that only a child prodigy can be.
Hav a high tolerance for frustration because learning anything means being a beginner and that's going to be frustrating.
When you climb a mountain you see a new world and create a new horizon.
I'm afraid I'm going to feel awkward.
Go slower and savor every moment.
If you feel nervous then there is a twinge of pain: fear that you're going to be foolish.
Get used to being nervous by making HER nervous instead.
Be patient because TIMING always comes around.
A WISH is a SEED that you plant and you need to let it spout, and THEN you can nurture it.
WISH, then let go. "Sorry" and then wait two months and try again, right? That makes sense right?
Fear of critics has demolished you. You are living for your enemies if you are criticized into the ground.
GET AWAY FROM YOUR FUCKING CRITICS. Their reasons are irrelevant. You're strong and your idea is in place and your goal is in hand, then you can face your fucking bitch critics.
Pick that goal, make that plan, get moving. The moment of TRUTH.
Goals need to contain a little fear and a lot of love.
When you are going after what you want you are living a life with direction and purpose that is designed to you.
When you get your goal obviously life will be better and you're going to enjoy it and go after another goal that you may not be able to see yet.
The triump of love over fear is the process of achiveng a goal, ok?
Action steps were taking before any GET, including that foolish tattoo guy with the submissive blonde girl. HOW?
You have trouble imagining the future.
Outcome thinking is how you can keep balanced towards your WISH over time.
Become someone who knows how to master things.
Give more to get more, but be specific. Give more sex to get more sex. Fuck giving her CDs, give her a butt pplug!
Go after that goal and I'll see you next time.
Now it's time to learn some technique.
I've got no idea what I want.
My critics have been right and that hurts my self esteem a lot, Jesus.
Consider me inspired.
Tell me what I’m supposed to do.
When you love something, it shows.
When you get around the right people, they notice if you love something.
Walk in where people are doing it.
When you go after what you love everybody else is inspired when you succeed at it.
Kindle is just public speaking.
By comparison to giving lectures and selling stickers, writing a book is totally safe.

sri 9 years ago

defeat your resistance somehow

Fear can spur you to greater effort.
Accept the momentary rejections that success demands.
MOVIE overwhelms (mediocrity).
Think of something you should do.
You aren't doing what you should do because of FEAR.
Fear is an indicator of what you actually really wish for.
I'm too proud of my future to allow myself to be mediocre any more.
Do what you fear most and you control that fear from then on.
Fear is just a cherry to pop.
Make yourself believe that you're actually going to do it soon, ok?
Looking back, it'll seem easy.
Everything you've ever done or gotten in the past actually seems so easy like effortless in retrospect.
What did you actually do to get Karen Daniels? You crushed out on her and then you backed off right? I can't remember how I earned Karen Daniels, the one girl I ever picked, other than basic PAIR BONDING.
Basic pair bonding is all you need to get Cindy. If she re-establishes the pair bond she will go all the way with you, probably.
Forward-looking statements use the words "may", "probably", "might", etc.
The more forward looking statements you make, the more you are going to get out of life.
Write "A Brief History of TinyVox".
Win victories through commanding ACTION and being patient until you get it.
Avoid retracting your WISH, just say "Sorry". THAT much worked.
She's prettier than ever to me. Last time I saw her I just glimpsed and she looked so stressed and that is so cute. I want to stress the girl out until she fucks me after all!
At a certain point the girl decides that going with the flow and letting me do her the way I want to do her is the better path forward.
Welcome the loss of the familiar for the superior.
Mom loves the familiar.
If you begin taking ACTION then girls will look to you to issue them COMMANDS which is all you need for SUCCESS.
If girls do all the work then success is a natural next thing.
What did I do RIGHT? Grow the tendency to attack for victory by advocating ACTION.
We ACT or we lose.
You are young to the extent that you take ACTION.
Only you can put yourself into the top group, so you should decide to become a Champion, committing to an all out effort to win the level of successs and command.
Wish for command over girls, ok?
What may I command Kendra to do? What may I command Noah to do? What may I command Cindy to do? What may I command Natalie to do? ACTION always wins SOMETHING.
Get anything and you will soon get it ALL.
Whatmay I plausibly expect to achieve the next time I meet her? Stay grounded by connecting with OM and counting to 108 rather than wussing out next time, ok?
Aren't there girls coming by Starbucks all the time? Don't you wish you could do this work at Starbucks? Get the Zo bag into play because the Comfort requires that size, right?
Our old WISH may have to die if you are going to have a new WISH.
Stand by what you WISH because it's about TIMING.
The only reason your WISH hasn't happened is because your timing hasn't been right.
Luck is mostly a matter of TIMING.
TIMING is about her phase coming around to your stated WISH.
After making a WISH, there is always a DELAY during which things happen.
Your WISH is like Arjuna's arrow and it usually hits the target.
Kendra, Cindy, Noah and Fiona, god those would be a nice team for me…
Mapmaking or planning will give you the power to win any influence situation.
Stretch your imagination to include sexier WINS.
There is always resistance when you go after what you love, right?
Mapmaking is a technique that can take you from a WISH to a happy reality.
You need to set a goal if you want to have a PLAN.
Your goal is the yonder star that leads you on the journey.
Planning your actual seduction ACTION must require a plan, a map with first steps.
When things are really happening your resistance will show up to try and beat you away from your goal.
You are your own best friend.
Planning keeps you going. Planning is structure, and structure is support.
Every plan breaks your wish down into step by step.
I do very much want to do the next step even if I have trouble believing in my WISH.
Resistance is based on fear, and fear is of the unknown.
Fear melts when you gain technology, which provides knowledge of your ability to do something.
If you start setting up a little schedule, a little calendar of things you have to do, you feel the presence of your other self egging you on.
A goal creates resisstance or else you don't really want it. Sorry Noah.
What you primarily need is stuff you have already learned being actually used to get happy.
Being accountable makes it possible to take ACTION so we do things best with a DEADLINE.
Planning gets your juices flowing.
Planning an action means you are going to take some action and things will then change all over and you didn't expect any of it.
We are so dependent on miracles and we hate to acknowledge that fact because we are so proud of how smart we are.
All plans get you out there in the world instead of in the world in your head.
Draw yourself a little plan and do one step and then two steps and everything will change.
You're not sure what you want to do are you?
Work on plans and you'll discover original goals in the middle steps.
Why don't you just carry on and I'll just help you. Maybe you'd like a more exciting love life. I guess I just want to hang out with you and see what happens.
Whatever you want, it's yours for the asking.
I want to fuck blondes as often as possible.Yo
You know, you're all right. I think I'll train you.
All I want to do is get naked with you tonight baby.
Make her tell me every single detail.
There is always a good reason that you pick any given goal.
There is nothing in the world that can give you confidence like completing a PLAN and GETTING a WISH.
Pick a goal that has a real outcome like an EVENT.
I've never thrown a party in my life."
I want to plan a party in her bed with weed and music.
A skill is a duty.
You've got to know when you've reached your GOAL or it is a SKILL or a FANTASY.
I've never taken porn pictures of blondes but it's something I've always wanted to learn how to do.
What would you have to do first?
But first I have to ACTION.
These are little sub goals.
But first I have to be brave enough to go up there.
Can you SUBACTION right now?
You're ready to take that first step at least, right?
The minute you ACTION you are getting nearer to WISH.
Achieve information immediately with a question.
Work back until you get to first steps that you can do IMMEDIATELY because one step is all you need for momentum and momentum is contagious.
Momentum is contagious, ok?
Put all of your first steps on your schedule.
Open your daily calendar and write down that you will go somewhere and get something.
Go somewhere and get something.
Write down the things that are really going to happen in your life.
I want to marry you on June fifteenth.
Feeling little jumps of fear because of specific dates on your schedule is a good sign that you'll do it and win.
You're going to wind up doing your goal on the date that you set.
What you feel leads to what you do and what you do leeds to what you learn.
It doesn't matter what you feel; you will still take steps if you have a structure.
What did you do today in the direction of your goal and wish? You don't have to feel good to go after what you want.
Little things are dependent on your moods but big things are dependent on your plan.
Your feelings are like weather and your action is like a building, or a bridge built.
When you have down on your calendar that you have to take a next step you just do it regardless of you're in a bad mood.
Make appointments for your libido.
You do the steps and you never ask yourself what you're feeling.
You just do it because you have to do it.
Our actions are going to determine how we feel and what we learn.
When we get discouraged we don't take the next step because nobody is going to be egging you on to di it.
This flowchart is your boss.
You're dropping the ball.
What are you going to do when you know you are dropping the ball? If you feel uncomfortable or weird just tell yourself that is your RESISTANCE and ask Jesus for support here.
Keep track of your actions and feelings in your journal.
Shove yourself out of your house and do the next step somehow.
I want you get comfortabloe with charting out your actions one after the other.
This flowchart is going to be your friend.
Apply project management flowcharting for your WISH instead of for work.
Turn your WISHES into appointments on your schedule.
Get involved in doing something and logging it in your action journal.
Your learning is from ACTION in reality. ACTUAL reality. Not VIRTUAL reality.
A hole in your flowchart means you don't know how to get started.
Get information by asking questions.
Find out how to figure out your next step.
Find out how to inspire yourself to take the next step.
How do you get the information you need to get her naked with you tonight? Pick a goal that will culminate in an event.
Plan backward from your goal to your first steps and keep track of how it felt to get rolling.
Your life is ACTION.
If you didn't take ACTION today you didn't LIVE today, ok?
Remember how jealous you felt today about that guy with the tattoos kissing that girl? GRRRRRR.
Someone else is hitting on her if you aren't, get me?
Stop doing the safe stuff and jump into ACTUAL REALITY.
Reading books and taking notes is VIRTUAL REALITY, the ASTRAL PLANE.
Move out of the ASTRAL PLANE and into the ACTION PLANE.
Once you get involved with a WISH, feelings inevitably come up, and that's the weather.
It's key that you actually go out and do these things you wish you were doing.
Don't you wish you were brave enough to go seduce Cindy tonight? I knew you would remember how good it felt to be with Robynn on a regular basis like that.
Take something that matters to you and pretend you're doing it again to experience that resistance so you can get to know your resistance and forgive it away from your life.
Resistance is like a rabid dog that needs to be soothed.
If you push yourself you're going to be more resistant.
You can only relax and ease your way into success.
Figure out something that matters to you and put it on your schedule for tomorrow.
Do what's on your schedule.
Get out there: that is your first achievement, to ACHIEVE out there.
Get out there and go after your WISH.
The plan and the goal can change radically after you begin taking action.
Self esteem can only come from being brave.
Every time you're brave your self esteem grows a notch.
Every time you fail to rise up at all your self esteem goes down a notch.
Sitting home does not raise yourself into good self esteem.
You obviously have very low self esteem.
You are hopelessly inadequate in confronting your resistance.
You are trying to talk yourself into high self esteem instead of action.
When you're active instead of passive and do what you ought to do and confront something it doesn't matter if you succeed or fail.
You can get humiliated and your self esteem goes up anyway.
It's worth it. You gotta do it.
Whenever you took a step instead of being shy you made your self esteem go up.
Being brave makes you braver next time.
Being shy makes you even more shy next time.
Start getting a glimpse of life as FUN and not safe and calm.
Fun is going after something you want. That's exciting. Discovering.
We love what is new.
You play it safe and slip back into avoidance patterns.
If you can trump your avoidance pattern you can go get into girls' pants for once.
FUN kills fear.
BEGINNING kills boredom.
Lose your fear of fear.
You are so afraid of feeling afraid.
Resistance is always FEAR: uneasiness, hesitation, bnoredom, avoidance, anger.
Under fear there is something going on and we need to talk about it.
You need to know exactly what to do aboutyour fear.
Get rid of fear and resistance.
Fear has hidden your life away from you.
Turn it around and you'll SEEK girls to scare you, ok?
Grounded and emotionally connected is how you need to be without fear.
You have a right to read the messages your feelings are giving you.
You want to meet girls right now and you are shy and broke and afraid and broke.
You were rejected badly by Cindy and you are emotionally hurt and shocked by that.
The astral plane is limited in your benefit.
You've been working with a lot less information than you need, ok?
Other people can help you. Really they can. Even if they seem stupid.
You are limited by what you call practicality.
Stretching your imagination is literally wanking.
When you started building the strength inside for self realization you began actually becoming who you really should have been all along.
When you are living fully you know what you want and you take care of yourself.
Do the best you can to change what you need to change with action.
Figure out what really has real meaning to you.
Get face to face with every single thing that has ever stopped you from the beginning.
If you love something and there is no inner conflict, you are right now doing it.
So what are you doing? And why? Becauee you love it. Resistance is why you dropped your wish and gave it up out of being frightened.
You don't always experience fear as fear; you sometimes just detach.
List all the girls you could be getting right now.
List all the places where you could meet girls to fuck right now.
You always will have sixty other things to do.
You're very bewildered and that's a type of FEAR.
When something happens that doesn't make sense go looking for FEAR.
You started to feel fear and you got rid of the feeling by wanking.
What am I afraid of? Can't you get to the bottom of it? I was dropped as a child sexually somehow. I feel like I am a victim and I feel awful because I am not understood.
People don't understand how much emotional resistance there is to doing what you love and making yourself truly happy.
Everybody falls off the wagon one way or another because you're fighting something.
All avoidance activities LOWER ANXIETY!!!!!
When you're killing time and vegging out you are demolishing your anxiety through non-WISH means.
You're bored but you have killed your anxiety with your wanking.
What's this anxiety all about anyway? What is going on underneath that makes you unable to go after what you want? Inner conflicts always create feelings.
One of the fears is that you're going to be a BEGINNER and look STUPID.
If you're doing something new you may be no good at it and you hate to think of yourself failing more.
Get good at going out to flirt.
It's roughest for smart people because you design a life where you only do what you're smart at.
Smart people have a bigger problem than average people because they are better at learning and then having.
The things you are good at you just HAVE and you didn't even notice learning.
You've convinced yourself you can never learn to seduce girls.
You fear being stupid.
Being a beginner is uncomftable.
Being a beginner is an opportunity to learn how to love what is NEW.
You are using parts of yourself you have fogotten about.
You are experiencing terrible frustration.
Say WOW. I wonder what this means.
You are afraid of being seen as stupid.
Find delight in the unknown.
There is somebody that made you feel bad about not knowing what you are doing.
Someobody like Candace who was inadequate at loving made you feel bad about your loving.
It hurts that you were such a bad seducer for the last forty two years.
There are creatures in your past that bruised your heart.
You didn't hurt yourself, did you? A
There are people with their own problems who took things out on you and they hurt you badly.
Nobody gets a course in seduction.
Resenting the past is being stuck in the past.
We are talking about HURT and emotional PAIN.
If I were a child right now what would this feeling be about? Quivering your jaw in sorrow that I am rejected again, that I don't belong, that I shouldn't ever even try to be loved because I am smarter and I will make everyone feel bad like King Midas.
I'm like King Midas of ideas, I make people bored with too many ideas.
Rejection hurts.
Trying to get her to do something she doesn't want to do makes you feel lousy.
You lack the empathy chip, and you don't really give a fuck about succeeding unless you have empathy.
If you totally lack empathy you may be a great salesman.
You can only sell things you know are good.
You've got to be able to talk to people who know you are awesome.
Fix the product don't try to sell it because it's fucked.
They hurt you in some way that affects your ability to go out and take ACTION.
When you start to do something that actively makes you happy there is some kind of fear that stops you.
You are feeling an avoidance feeling because you are forcing yourself to NOT do it.
If you really force yourself to stay you will force yourself to stay.
The longer you don't do the thing that lowers the anxiety the more fear you feel.
What you are fraid of is emotional pain. Your movie was rejected.
Your mind pulls away from mere emotions that are all in your head.
You cannot distinguish physical from emotional pain.
An event will create emotinal pain and you avoid it.
PAIN MELTS FEAR, ironically.
FEEL THE HURT!!! SEXHURT!!! Pain melts like an ice cube.
Your memory and a feeling of integration floods in when you experience PAIN over mere FEAR.
FEAR is pretend world and PAIN is real world.
I can write letters to get a girl.
Pretend you've been taking a drug that makes it like you can't quit doing what you started doing with Cindy.
I feel like I'm begging for something. I feel like I want it too much.
Just look at me baby.
I feel so hurt that I just don't know what to do about it, baby.
Take the past out of the present.
We become grandiose in order to fight back terror.
We think that it is because there is something wrong with us that things went wrong.
You feel like there is little you can do to fix the fact that girls never sleep with me.
Something tells you that girls are FRIGID somehow!!!! Compared to our generation.
Resistance is an unfinished page out of your past.
You are not your past.
Go back and remember your past and accept it.
Sorrow won't really hurt you, you know. It'll make you feel better actually.
You have locked away your robust humorous laughter sexuality.
If you're in anger mode you need to get that out first.
When you overreact it means you feel weak.
After you let out your anger you feel like laughing your head off.
You keep locking up your love with anger because of pain.
Under most anger is real pain that you have locked off.
You have turned off your sensuality and you are hiding your love for Cindy.
I wonder if I'm sad about something.
Nobody could possibly love me because I have turned off my feelings.
Turn on.
I want nothing because I am a confirmed loser.
Just to be safe, just to be careful, can you try to make a plan about her?
Find out if your talents are meaningful by acting towards them for once.
I've already wasted so much time already.
Pick something on your list that you'd like to do first.
Didn't you say that you wanted to be a singer?
You have time sickness: no sense of sequence, and this kills decades.
You hold still in your libido by claiming that you are too busy.
You can do them all.
You think that if you commit to something you can only cut everything off.
You are afraid of happiness so you have methods of doing nothing.
Just be a seducer for a bit, nothing else. You can't be anything else. Now write down what you would have to do.
Why am I not allowed to love Cindy?
Why can't Cindy just give me a chance? Cindy, I hope you are hoping I will show up again, because it makes me feel masochistic and sadistic that I am abbsent. This doesn't make any sense.
The inssight into the sorrow is a huge positive step.
Puzzle out the logic. If Cindy hates me, then I walk in there and she avoids me! No problem at all. If Cindy likes me, that is the only joy of sadism that I get by sitting home, even though she would then begin sleeping with me immediately. The only win by sitting here on the couch is avoiding being hated, and her hating strategy will just be pure avoidance. Let's watch her squirm should be the fun stuff! Obiously you should go and see the game but it is now far too late. Fuck Cindy. ANd so if she is still in love with me she will hurt. She will be forlorn and hopeful and lonely without me and that's when Satan comes up and says FUCK HER FOR WHAT SHE DID TO YOU.
You somehow feel like your best revenge on Candace is the fact that she never fucked you and therefore didn't enjoy me, even if it means I never got any happiness from her either.
If you have the courage to go to the bottom the rewards are enormous because you get your raging libido back.
When you expose your feelings about your past it will give you power to overcome fear of action.
It will be good for you to understand your resistance.
You are turning away from something you want to do.
You do have to get the bottom of this mystery right now.
Let the discomfort get high enough and you will finally feel something, anaesthesia boy.
If I were a kid what would this feeling be about? Well I never had any friends that were girls in my suburban home. Girls were absent until high school. Why were Stanford girls so ugly ????
When you feel resistance you are getting closer to your achievement.
Raymond Morris has no empathy and that gives girls what they want because they are all feelings and we are all actions.
I don't deserve food. Let me starve I guess.

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Figure out what you SHOULD do.

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Why don't you WANT to do it right now?

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What do you HAVE TO do first?

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Meditation Pose

  • Join the winners and abandon the losers.
  • Accept that being effective at seduction means you're going to be in a relationship with one girl and probably have to abandon all other girls.
  • Recognition must be utterly spontaneous in order to be believable.
  • She craves your approval.
  • Accept that having Cindy is your wish.
  • You made the wish but didn't accept it yourself.
  • Wishing that Cindy be my girl means that she is my girl probably forever, ok?
  • Forever means forever which means you might as well marry her.
  • Only marry a girl after you're having successful and fun sex so keep that off the radar until you feel like popping her question.
  • Pop the question. "Why don't you and I get married?"
  • GET married: an achievement. GET some. GET action.
  • GET is what creates recognition because those who are GETTING will always be envied and copied and modelled.
  • You are hiding every day because of your vice.
  • It's virtue that switches off vice and every vice has a corresponding virtue.
  • The more you practice virtue, the more you will GET, and that is what causes recognition.
  • Meditation is virtue and the benefits of meditation extend far beyond simply the end of vice.
  • Meditation is the good habit that was missing in your life.
  • Imagine if you got into meditation after Dai To instead of masturbation?
  • A wish unfulfilled makes everyone involved unhappy.
  • How did I ever accomplish anything? It was because somebody was egging me on.
  • Isolation is a dream killer.
  • Just noticing is not judging. You're just telling the truth about what you feel.
  • If you're feeling weird you're feeling a form of FEAR which is what turns you off.
  • Uneasiness, apprehension and uncertainty are all types of FEAR.
  • PAIN is beyond fear, but can include wistfulness and nostalgia. Sorrow, hurt, missingness, loss.
  • ANGER is distinct: irritation, impatience, frustration.
  • Jealousy and Guilt are types of anger too.
  • Curiosity as opposed to judgementalness.
  • Your emotions are a cue that something has to be done, right?
  • We survive by tucking our feelings away rather than taking ACTION, right?
  • Your feelings are ready to speak if you will dare to give them a voice to the girl that you want to say the words to.
  • Replace what you're doing with something that works better.
  • You rarely have any control over what you think or feel even though you have been faking like you are in control all this time.
  • You have no control over what you feel because she has stolen your heart and you are heartless without her love.
  • I want to share it with you because it's too good to keep for myself.
  • I wish I could tell myself as a child that GETTING GIRLS was all that mattered and QUESTIONS ARE THE POWER.
  • GET GIRLS is my affirmation: GET GIRLS, OK? GET GIRLS, OK?
  • The thing you want to tell your six year old self is what you must use as your affirmation so GET GIRLS by ASKING ONLY QUESTIONS OK?
  • Resistance is fascinating, isn't it?
  • Being "too busy" is a cloak for resistance.
  • Whenever you resist or make a fake mistake you must learn there is a really good reason that you failed.
  • Your highest self esteem is making you fail because you are resistant for some reason.
  • There's always a good reason you don't want to do it.
  • Fear is one of the good reasons we resist things.
  • One part of you loves to learn and another part of you hates to take action.
  • The ego wants to reestablish the fact that you hae your OWN ideas and you aren't really into other people's opinions.
  • Your ego is out of control and you are an egotistical bastard who did it his own way even though that way clearly sucks.
  • The ego says "don't push me around" and that is why you haven't done anything in life.
  • Your ego is what is set in its ways.
  • If your brain is resisting something there is a good reason for that.
  • Become curious again.
  • I have the right to refuse to feel scared or awkward while getting girls with my questions, ok?
  • Nobody ever talks about their liabilities.
  • When you accept your limitations you really set yourself free and drop a huge burden off your back.
  • It is exhausting to lie with unlimited potential and expressing your honest disappointment is very liberating.
  • I just did not get to have a startup like Joe Kraus.
  • I just did not get a chancce.
  • Andrea was very selfish and she gave me a glimpse at a person at who is strong and gets what she wants, this fucking cunt.
  • I feel ethically barred from grabbing what I want like Andrea did, but obviously that's the way it is supposed to be the way it is done.
  • I’m disappointed that I'll never get to have revenge on mimi and andrea.
  • Oh well, I will never get revenge on Mimi and Andrea for what they did to me.
  • If you are going to focus on the central thing you need to let go of all the distractions and peripherals so you can concentrate and gain control.
  • Endless potential means you don't take moves that might harm that endless potential and you become a prima donna.
  • Who needs those things in your head that you no longer need because you are basically a celibate monk because you must let yourself be disappointed and know that you never had a chance with girls because you are a slave and a reject.
  • You are an organism not a mechanism.
  • The things that you love always create a little bit of fear.
  • Losing interest is just a cover for your fear.
  • Think about something that you would love to do.
  • You've bought the bondage equipment but you've never gotten to use it.
  • You have a message inside that says that your most beautifully loved thing is only to be done after you have gotten down to business.
  • If you act like a gorwn up you have this pretense that you are under control. You have domesticated yourself by giving up your dreams.
  • You might want to have girls to have sex with. Why do you need to act like a grownup to get that goal? No logic to that.
  • You know you have time to do the things you love.
  • Your reisstance to talking to girls is because you really love talking to girls.
  • Your goal is to talk to a girl that you like and that gives you the screaming heebie jeebies. Wow.
  • Oh there it is. I want to reason with my resistance.
  • There must be a way to pick the right goal. Think of a goal of getting a girl that's half my age and marrying her and getting her knocked up because I have millions of dollars.
  • I am going to be a best selling Kindle author that really helps people.
  • I wish to take care of all the things that might stop me.
  • You don't wanna do it, if it's homework. This isn't homework.
  • What you want to do is feasible. That's not real goals or wishes. Tehse are escape hatches.
  • Your goal has to make you a little bit uncomfortable.
  • Nerves exist because you actually intend to do it.
  • Writing this book is my goal here.
  • I am uncomfortable about writing this book because it really has to sell a million copies and go viral or else why bother releasing it?
  • The more discomfort you feel the more you really mean to achieve what you tink you want to do.
  • Just imagine for fun that you were committed to getting girls. Just for fun imagine you were committed to getting girls.
  • The decision making is over. Do you really want to get girls? Yes you do. The decision is made. That's that.
  • How are you going to get girls?
  • Document every bit of the resistance to getting girls in one journal so you can get to understand your resistance to getting girls.
  • What I did in the direction of this goal? Is your journal entry.
  • What I felt? While you were doing that thing. Like right now I feel amazing typing and listening to her.
  • What I learned? Well I learned that I need to review this spreadsheet quite often.
  • Today I learned that I just bneed to begin things because it's up to the girl to end things.
  • I can't help the fact that I want to sleep with Cindy.
  • I wonder if she thinks I have forgotten about her.
  • Asking a hottie a question is a skill that you must learn and that is what you need to fix.
  • What we're trying to figure out is the way you resist getting girls.
  • You need to have goals in order to begin a negotiation.
  • Your resistance is very powerful and it's determined to sabotage you whenever it feels you feeling any anxiety, ok?
  • If you can find out what stops you then you can be raymond morris, ok?
  • What you DO will cause what you FEEL.
  • When I start getting girls I am going to keep getting girls. I'm going to stay with it daily and avoid making any excuses.
  • Never judge or scold yourself for being such a loser wuss.
  • Be curious about why you are such a loser, ok? We want to know why you are such a loser.
  • I ask with interest, respect and deep curiosity.
  • WE WANT TROUBLE. We are looking for trouble and not success. TROUBLE PRECEDES SUCCESS!!!!!
  • Going out and not seeing a girl makes you feel like shit, like why being even alive.
  • Why are you so shy little boy?
  • Why did you stop moving towards your goal of GETTING GIRLS?
  • Boredom is unnatural and weird.
  • Resistance and shyness is unnatural and weird and makes you feel bad. The opposite will make you feel very good then.
  • If you pickc the right goal you will know that it isn't that easy to do.
  • John's resistance to coding is what I can address too. What makes him STOP coding?
  • Up the ante means you're getting better.
  • You're obviously getting better with writing and taking notes because Excvel is really working out like this.
  • If you can get a few days worth of typing into this computer you can then write a really really important book.
  • Your resistance is what is causing you to wank and this is your problem in your own head.
  • Stay out of your comfot zone!!! Your comfort zone is what is dangerous because your time is being wasted!!!
  • You wish you could get back to that getting of girls, right?
  • Meditation will help you remember your lines during the match.
  • We want you back on track because we want to raise up your discomfort level.
  • If you are in your danger zone that's how you perform optimally so let's be ok with danger, right?
  • Anxiety causes you to be resistant to doing.
  • Some resistance some anxiety is all it takes to make you not do what you need to do in order to really live.
  • Anxiety is why you aren't doing.
  • Anxiety means you aren't going to do it.
  • You'll have to acknowledge that anxiety means you're blocked and aren't going to do it.
  • You find yourself stopping because of some form of anxiety.
  • Wow. Look at that. That's me resisting again. Resisting going to the counter to flirt with cindy again.
  • You love to flirt with Cindy.
  • Meditation will help you flirt with Cindy by asking her questions and smiling and enjoying her company, ok?
  • Meditate for one night tonight and then tomorrow you go to the Counter for an Experiment.
  • All feelings are discomfort. Your mind reads any feeling as discomfort. Emotional pain is physical pain in your own mind.
  • When you are about to do something that might cause emotional pain you have an animal instinct that prevents you from going through with it Your anxiety occurs whenever you do something you love.
  • Something sneaks up and slows you down when you want to GET GIRLS, right?
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Fear can spur you to greater effort.
Accept the momentary rejections that success demands.
MOVIE overwhelms (mediocrity).
Think of something you should do.
You aren't doing what you should do because of FEAR.
Fear is an indicator of what you actually really wish for.
I'm too proud of my future to allow myself to be mediocre any more.
Do what you fear most and you control that fear from then on.
Fear is just a cherry to pop.
Make yourself believe that you're actually going to do it soon, ok?
Looking back, it'll seem easy.
Everything you've ever done or gotten in the past actually seems so easy like effortless in retrospect.
What did you actually do to get Karen Daniels? You crushed out on her and then you backed off right? I can't remember how I earned Karen Daniels, the one girl I ever picked, other than basic PAIR BONDING.
Basic pair bonding is all you need to get Cindy. If she re-establishes the pair bond she will go all the way with you, probably.
Forward-looking statements use the words "may", "probably", "might", etc.
The more forward looking statements you make, the more you are going to get out of life.
Write "A Brief History of TinyVox".
Win victories through commanding ACTION and being patient until you get it.
Avoid retracting your WISH, just say "Sorry". THAT much worked.
She's prettier than ever to me. Last time I saw her I just glimpsed and she looked so stressed and that is so cute. I want to stress the girl out until she fucks me after all!
At a certain point the girl decides that going with the flow and letting me do her the way I want to do her is the better path forward.
Welcome the loss of the familiar for the superior.
Mom loves the familiar.
If you begin taking ACTION then girls will look to you to issue them COMMANDS which is all you need for SUCCESS.
If girls do all the work then success is a natural next thing.
What did I do RIGHT? Grow the tendency to attack for victory by advocating ACTION.
We ACT or we lose.
You are young to the extent that you take ACTION.
Only you can put yourself into the top group, so you should decide to become a Champion, committing to an all out effort to win the level of successs and command.
Wish for command over girls, ok?
What may I command Kendra to do? What may I command Noah to do? What may I command Cindy to do? What may I command Natalie to do? ACTION always wins SOMETHING.
Get anything and you will soon get it ALL.
Whatmay I plausibly expect to achieve the next time I meet her? Stay grounded by connecting with OM and counting to 108 rather than wussing out next time, ok?
Aren't there girls coming by Starbucks all the time? Don't you wish you could do this work at Starbucks? Get the Zo bag into play because the Comfort requires that size, right?
Our old WISH may have to die if you are going to have a new WISH.
Stand by what you WISH because it's about TIMING.
The only reason your WISH hasn't happened is because your timing hasn't been right.
Luck is mostly a matter of TIMING.
TIMING is about her phase coming around to your stated WISH.
After making a WISH, there is always a DELAY during which things happen.
Your WISH is like Arjuna's arrow and it usually hits the target.
Kendra, Cindy, Noah and Fiona, god those would be a nice team for me…

sri 9 years ago

dare to dream?

  • You can only achieve what you desire.
  • Desiring is the best part of deserving.
  • When you master asking questions you're going to be delighted with your achievements.
  • Make this ability yours.
  • Have this pattern.
  • It belongs to you if it's an internal capability.
  • Wish to put your libido front and center for her to mirror.
  • Acquire this duty.
  • You've installed this training in your movie.
  • Total commitment to the girls you're loving means the applying of help to get them to action.
  • Make the connection between the benefit and her joy in owning you for it.
  • Benefits need to be translated into pleasures.
  • Tell her what to wish for: "don't you wish we were naked together right now?"
  • She can take you home with her.
  • May I ask her to bring me home with her tonight?
  • Never call it "selling" or "pitching" because that makes her defensive, ok?
  • Make her feel "us against them" with you, that tribal pull.
  • Fold zingers into your selling sequence.
  • Admire her wisdom when she says something positive about sex.
  • Do you want to hear my presentation?
  • Do you want to consider what I'm saying?
  • Do you want to show me some respect?
  • Asking her questions is the only way to show her any respect.
  • Have the privilege of developing a fine opportunity for her.
  • Get her to participate in your demonstration and get involved in something wonderful.
  • Use the good to drive out the bad.
  • Delay has robbed your opportunity of its freshness and excitement.
  • Be flexible once you begin the game to see what else you can achieve right now with her.
  • Figure out what you can achieve with her right now.
  • Get smoother by practicing on your family and friends.
  • SENSES are what sell her emotions.
  • Make her sense sex when she sees you, sex and only sex.
  • You're trying to EASE her into closing with you, ok? Not hype her up but EASE her into position.
  • The more senses you involve the greater the odds you'll get sex with her.
  • Involve more of her senses when you approach her somehow.
  • Questions make you seem different, bright and concerned.
  • Her senses getting titillated is how she can overcome her natural fear.
  • Create a galaxy of positive emotions that draws girls into your orbit, ok?
  • You are a powerful emotional tugboat and you can pilot her towards being horny all of a sudden before you ask for some time.
  • When are you free to hang out with me some, baby?
  • First lock onto her bedroom in your movie's eye.
  • Start doing what you know you should do.
  • Train youself to ask.
  • Watch out world, here I come.
  • There's no limit to what I can do.
  • Under your skin a CHAMPION is struggling to get out.
  • Why aren't you doing what you know what you need to do right now?
  • Your enemy is your own depression.
  • Study what makes you depressed and avoid letting your movie be stuck in that rut anymore.
  • Wanking and smoking cigarettes makes you depressed, ok?
  • What you SHOULD do is obviously not yet what you WANT to do, right?
  • How are you listing out what you SHOULD do?
  • If you can beat any fear ONCE you can always count on defeating that particular fear in the future.
  • Fears are like the monsters at the end of the level.
  • Once you've unlocked a level by defeating a fear you begin your next game at that level.
  • FUN pushyes you forward and FEAR pushes you backward along your WISH.
  • Non-performance of what you know you should do is what's wrong with your life right now, right?
  • Wish for ACTION, which is what's necessary to GET.
  • Get security by asking for a relationship.
  • Money is good because what you earn is a function of what you've learned.
  • Why can't you LEARN what you've been reading?
  • Why can't you make ACTION the centerpiece of your LEARNING?
  • Why can't you design EXPERIMENTS so you're taking ACTION instead of ACCIDENT?
  • Your cock getting hard for a girl is a signal that you ought to go out to where that girl is right now and show it to her if you can.
  • You keep going out to see a girl and choking because you don't really know what you should do when you see her.
  • It's not just "get the digits" of course, it's gotta be much more than that, right?
  • We are all motivated to achieve something and you should find out what she wants to achieve and get it for her.
  • CHOOSE to get her horny to mirror your horniness for her. DECIDE she should get wet for you like you get hard for her.
  • Magic gives you opportunities to explore what will make you happy.
  • What are you going to do just stare at her again, like a doofus? Just smile and stay silent? Or say HOW ARE YOU?
  • SEX is bought with MAGIC.
  • What you GET is in proportion to what you GIVE.
  • You are giving nothing if you aren't getting any, right?
  • Why can't you give her love somehow so you can get some love?
  • It just clicked with Fiona, and it ought to just click with Natalie because she should like me.
  • You'll remain in that immobile state until some outside force knocks you out of it.
  • Enthusiasm follows alertness, technology and purpose.
  • Give her faith in your cock.
  • DESIRE demolishes DOUBT.
  • You are a GETTER or a non-getter.
  • Many of us have our dreams locked up for safe keeping from the harsh circumstances.
  • Remember where you left your dreams and tell them it's safe to dream like that again.
  • Nobody knows what your dream is until you take ACTION on it.
  • If it's really your dream then nobody knows how to help you but yourself.
  • I'm never going to be happy until I figure out what I want and how to get it and then going and getting it.
  • I wanna do something I love and I'm good at that helps the world and makes it amazing again.
  • Let's start from scratch.
  • It's better to action your dreams than to analyze them.
  • What do you love? What's fun for you? That shows you what you are exactly gifted at, and what you need to do a lot more or else, ok?
  • Can't you remember what you love to do and do that?
  • Why don't you really want someone to push you? That's resistance. Resistance is bbiological.
  • Why don't you know what you feel? Because that's why you don't know what you want.
  • You're avoiding things you long to do, aren't you?
  • Understand what you're really feeling.
  • Riches demolish resistance.
  • Why aren't the things you want to do possible yet?
  • I'm determined to find the reason that you really want what you say you want.
  • What is the thing that makes your eyes light up?
  • If I did one thing the girl will be enchanted into having love for me ok?
  • I can bring it alive like no one else in the world.
  • Things that are new and tricky are the kinds of things you dismiss as impossible.
  • Get to the top with a smile on your face.
  • Are you ready?
  • You need this book like a beacon, something ideal that you can commit to becoming closer to over time.
  • You are shortchanging your sexdrive.
  • Why can't you make a real contribution to the world this month?
  • You're poised to do something extraordinary as of reading this boopk.
  • Why aren't you doing what you were born to do yet?
  • I've got tricks to make you persist.
  • Desire points to talent. Find the gift that is underneath your desire.
  • Why don't you know what you want to achieve yet?
  • When I was a kid, I really enjoyed talking and singing and reading and being smart.
  • When I was an adolescent, I loved to drive my car and buy records and get great grades.
  • As a young adult I loved manipulating the society with media and design and art and I thought I knew what I wanted. I was a know it all.
  • When I was a kid getting good grades I really liked learning things and spitting them back out in a smart way.
  • I loved discovering new areas and the freedom of being in love with a girl who loved me.
  • I loved the command response and the native success I felt with manipulating society with unamerican.
  • I used to imagine I was living a very rich and significant political life.
  • Diagramming and understanding what made something tick.
  • Drawing a schematic to figure out what that could make a lot easier for people.
  • I never got a girl that I really wanted in my whole life other than Karen and I guess I didn't want her that much either.
  • Why can't you figure out what you can do that would make you feel that same way this week?
  • I could actually get millions of users for tinyvox after Faraj finishes all five of those.
  • Schedule that ACTION for this week.
  • Reality is far more potent than fantasy.
  • You gotta get into the water and get your skin wet.
  • Something you loved as a child and that would give you the feeling of what you can do right now.
  • Pick one thing that you can do in your current reality.
  • You love the freedom of being able to build an argument from a blank sheet of paper.
  • I loved to keep a journal. This is how I am going to be keeping my journal.
  • Why don't you put your PLAN into ACTION?
  • ACTION makes you look at the world in a totally different way. You sense new stuff.
  • Why can't you find a life you love?
  • What if you had stayed with that one thing you loved to do and become the top punk rocker in your field?
  • As a young adult I loved writing songs and playing live with Jessica.
  • Imagine if you had gone to the top of that profession, right?
  • If I had accomplished that I would have done what Fugazi had done. And more.
  • Every single thing you ever liked to do could have been a profession if you had had that kind of culture growing up.
  • The eighties were such a cultural wasteland that you would have to discover records and it was hard.
  • realize one after another different careers, like a kandinsky flow.
  • The things you like are clues to your desires, gifts, capabilities, and what you REALLY WANT, which is the problem.
  • You're directionless, like hansel and gretel, following your breadcrumbs of desire back home.
  • They led to glory, adventure, love, the power to control things and makethme come out your way.
  • They were about influence and helping people like the missing vowels game.
  • If you had been a big rock star you wouldve inspired people to create even more stuff that would have delighted you.
  • I want a girl god. I love to make things and people like them and want them and own them and pay me.
  • I wish I could draw maps to draw me down this terrain towards my ideal you, the guy with a lot of girls and money.
  • I want to be a winner again, ok?
  • How am I spending my time now that I am at the top of my profession? I'm helping other people and I'm fucking a ton and I'm not sure, barbara.
  • Is there life after success and achievement of the highest goal you can imagine?
  • The most important goals don't show up until AFTER you've attained what you want right now.
  • What you think you wish right now may only be the first step along the road to your true destiny?
  • I want to make my money without having to run a fucking business this time…
  • I want to brainstorm with a million people and have records of everything so that the people I brainstorm with can follow up and pursue their dream that we come up with for them.
  • I love to help my amazing and genius dad!!! And lovely mom!!!
  • I love giving other people a little psionic push to get them to fuck more and act more and love more and think more.
  • I love to be inspired and to inspire others and I see it as a FLUX OF INSPIRATION.
  • I love it when my creativbe projects pay off !!!!!
  • The power to make things happen is a dyunamic capability that I want to be able to invoke at new stimulus.
  • There is an extraordinary joy in knowing that I was really maginficent at something once and I want to find more excellence within me!
  • My life has got more in it than I ever imagined.
  • This is a process of the essence of the things you like. You're distilling essence.
  • Thinkng about what happens to you after you are in the midst of ACTION is very powerful.
  • You are going to be five years into seducing lots of girls and they all love you.
  • You know you are neglecting the core of what you love.
  • You love projects and you love beginning them not maintaining them.
  • Don't you secretly love pressure?
  • You may have missed a lot of fun things you could be doing right now.
  • You should do it and you shouldn't put it off if you're actually a winner.
  • Life is too short to do only one thing for the whole trip.
  • I want to power you to find out what you desire.
  • The terrain of your desire is the only map of what you deserve.
  • You deserve things you desire, right?
sri 9 years ago

more words you own

  • Acquire new technology quickly with a superior DUTY.
  • It's all about the MOVIE, and writing a better script than anyone else.
  • What you are seeking is the outcome of a MOVIE that GETS that for you in the final scene.
  • Join our club.
  • If you really want the end of the movie to end up the way you picture it, keep imagining that scene to reconnect with the DREAM.
  • Now let me tell you about training yourself to win.
  • Because your GET is flexible you can WIN something every time even though your ultimate wish is still in the future.
  • You can always GET one step closer to your WISH, right?
  • Make a solid impression wth every word you write.
  • You know the Champion when he walks in the door, right?
  • Other people make a decision whether or not to pay attention to you. That decision must be YES. If you get that YES, they are in the funnel and you can now siphon them through the funnel.
  • It isn't silence that means consent. It's ATTENTION. Any attention is rapport, and you can exploit that rapport to issue commands embedded in questions and flattery.
  • Always close warmly.
  • Can you make sure others get benefits from the way you are behaving? Can you list those benefits somehow?
  • Because there are many things you want from others you can guide them with questions to the outcome that works for them, right?
  • There are LOTS of ways to start having FUN.
  • Why can't I develop desire because only those who desire can possibly deserve?
  • We are going to satisfy our desires one way or the other, right?
  • it's inevitable that you will make movies in your head of you satisfying your desire.
  • These movies in your head are an inevitable reaction to you picturing getting what you desire.
  • These movies are the roots of a PLAN, which is how you improve your ODDS of getting what you desire.
  • You are going to have an edge over anyone else if you DESIRE something more than they do.
  • Raw desire is what you need in order to desere something, anything at all.
  • He wanted it more, that's why he got it. You see?
  • Don't you wish you could get John to WANT it more?
  • What can I do to make John want it more?
  • What can I do to make Faraj want it more?
  • "What can I do" = "what ACTION can I take to GET?"
  • Practice, Drill, Rehears
  • Stimulus, PAUSE, response.
  • It's what you do in the PAUSE that REALLY counts.
  • The inteelligent person takes the sense stimulus, packaging it as a decision, then makes that decision as the response.
  • Without the pause you are acting like a reflex arc and you are easily led and taken for a ride.
  • What are you going to ASK when you're in front of a girl you like next time?
  • May I call you sometime?
  • May I get your phone number?
  • So you must rehearse that line over and over again until it is totally natural, right?
  • Why aren't you aiming for an earnings level that excites you?
  • Superior preparation is the decisive factor in ACTION.
  • Preparation has to do with asking QUESTIONS not just reciting answers.
  • If you had gotten up there for the IBM case study contest and began with QUESTIONS you would have won.
  • "What is Service-Oriented Architecture?"
  • Asking the trigger question leads to you doing a perfect presentation of the answer.
  • Questions unleash our unconscious resources and playback our knowledge when necessary.
  • It is NECESSARY to actually ASK THE QUESTION when the conditions require knowledge to point the way forward.
  • The PAUSE is the time you use to compose the correct question after the stimulus.
  • You're trying to GET something that is feasible right there, not some faraway wish.
  • GET PERMISSION to ask her a question with "May I ask you a question?"
  • If you thinik you are a PRO then GET for the PRIZE.
  • What might a girl ask you?
  • What might a girl object to? How would you handle each question she might ask you?
  • Don't you wish you had a close that would guide her to have you over tonight for sex?
  • "Why don't you invite me over sometime, Cindy?"
  • Your quick questions are about starting a flow of minor YES responses to your questions which slowly enslaves them.
  • Nice day isn't it?
  • They're coming out naturally now, aren't they?
  • So it's not just about configuring the tie down blurt response but adding a tie down to your fantasy statement.
  • Applied is going to meet with us next week, aren't they?
  • We're ready to go, aren't we?
  • She's chosen some lovely colors, hasn't she?
  • Wait for the girl's stimulus first, then configure your tie-down, then use your tie downs, or she may abreact.
  • You like me don't you?
  • I want to tie her down because I want to watch her ecstasy.
  • Wait for her to smile at you before you start saying like "You like me don't you?"
  • Can't you find out what she needs on a phone call with her before you try and push for a date next time?
  • Don't you want to get naked with me, baby?
  • Increase your concentration on her when you ask her questions like "Won't you want to meet up with me later, Natalie?"
  • I know you like me, why don't we get naked right now baby?
  • These are HABITS of SPEECH.
  • you SHOULD do your HABIT H. Horny happy habits.
  • You are out to find out what she NEEDS, because there must be SOMETHING that she NEEDS, right?
  • Inject timeline shoutouts to keep her focused.
  • Now that we've eliminated that problem, aren't you glad X?
  • Next week when we are fucking regularly, isn't your body going to be used to mine Cindy?
  • Once we're fucking regularly, can't you just see how happy she's going to be?
  • When you X you'll see Y.
  • After we X you'll want to Y.
  • Echo with a tie-down tag.
  • Ain't that the truth?
  • Of course we shouild.
  • Doesn't it?
  • If she makes a positive statement then tie her down with that positive statement.
  • The double bind is called the ALTERNATE ADVANCE from now on because it gives her two options.
  • Giving her options makes her feel richer and more in control and more important.
  • Make her feel IMPORTANT and she will feel DUTY.
  • The average girl doesn't yet know she needs a much older lover to give her the orgasms and attention she needs.
  • When she says that, she owns it.
  • "Oh, I need X".
  • Get three minor agreements before you pounce on her next time, ok?
  • Reading is not good enough. REREADING means typing this document up until you're through with the book from now on, ok?
  • Cindy, will you meet me tonight or will you want to wait until I drive to LA and get with Kendra first?
  • She would be soo much fun to play with, wouldn't she?
  • Do you want to take your clothes off for me or do you want me to help you?
  • Either way she goes ahead.
  • People want to OWN not BUY. OWN THIS STICKER is the way you made all that money right?
  • Which would best suit your plans?
  • Questions must be designed in advance and rehearsed so that you can recall them during the PAUSE.
  • The PAUSE that REFRESHES is when you have a chance to configure your sexyquestions.
  • Is having fun important to you, Cindy?
  • Whenever she asks a question consider throwing it right back at her, because she loves that, apparently, ok?
  • You want her to be thinking ownership and involvement thoughts to herself, right?
  • What does the pro do? The pro writes his own material. Don't you wish you were a PRO at seduction? Why aren't you a pro at seduction yet?
  • I hope you'll allow her to stimulate your ACTION impulses.
  • Now you've got the technology that allows you to become a PRO at seduction.
  • The hotter the girl the hornier she is and the more sexual potential she has, obviously, right?
  • You encourage her to talk, got me?
  • Never ever argue. Avoid telling her things she doesn't want to hear. Don't ram your cock down her throat.
  • "I'm out to make her own something. What I am selling will power her."
  • May I ask you a question? When will you be ready to seduce girls? After this SELLING book is done and Aristotle is done, I will have NOTES that can turn into my guide.
  • As long as you are bonded with her she will follow you and so you must lead her to have you over to her house someday, right? How do you accomplish that? Choose the right first girl, KENDRA, probably, right?
  • When can you go visit Kendra for a week ro two is the question I want to ask of you right now?
  • yes?
  • You need to set your direction before you can ask her if she wants to go with you.
  • She's just going to think that she's working with someone who's relaxed and friendly no matter how prepared you are.
  • You only get to talk in ten seconds bursts and then you need to listen toher for twenty seconds to get her to talk right?
  • First there is stuff you need to discover, like is she free next week and does she live around here and is she horny etc?
  • Discovery questions are the key to rapport because once she feels you've discovered her she then feels owned and that is what she wants to feel: OWNED.
  • My cock is the only one that's fit for your pussy, Cindy baby.
  • If Cindy ever wants to have orgasms again she needs to go out of her way to get it. She will be willing to pay more for it.
  • The truth is she won't put anything in her pussy except my cock.
  • You know she wants you don't you? Yes I do as a matter of fact.
  • Your issue with trading stocks is that you have zero faith as a long. It's the SELLING that you are shit at not the buying. If you had held ARIA that would have been up, TASR, that would have been up… just about any of those stocks would have been up you fool. Now you have sold everything you own nothing and those things all went way up since january. Oh well.
  • The purpose is to encourage the girl to say the things and ask the questions that will advance the sex.
  • If they say it it's true. If you say it they can doubt me. So have her say things and agree with the sexy things she says.
  • ALWAYS ASK ONLY SAY YES QUESTIONS, never let the girl say the word No, ok?
  • If she can POSSIBLY say no don't ask the question, right?
  • This is why OK? Works, as does right?
  • Good morning. If you have any questions, let me know. In the meantime, please feel free to read the attached white paper.
  • Do you use X or Y version? Now THAT is a discovery question.
  • A pro asks questions and avoids telling, instead getting her to do the telling.
  • If you can control your enthusiasm then you can make millions of kids buy your book by just creating the right title, right?
  • You want her to believe you have a huge cock for her to suck on and a lot of love to share with her, so ask her, "Don't you think I could love you baby? Ain't I hard enough?"
  • Just for fun, imagine that you have a bond to establish with Cindy after which you will get her to love you.
  • Keep the excitement growing by keeping things moving fast.
  • Lead girls to decisions by making them for her and then asking if she agrees, ok?
  • My joy is to make sex decisions for girls, ok? She needs you to make sex decisions for her and I have decided she is going to want to suck my cock and fuck me as soon as I can crunch these books so that I have notes.
  • It's not just the notes, it's this very review, because I am obviously still learning the fuck out of this book, and that means that rereading is absolutely at the risk of failure totally essential. And that means my mind is a fucking sieve.
  • I love to solve her sex helplessness by making decisions for her and asking her if she agrees.
  • Whenever I discover a sex opportunity I go for it by asking her if she wants me to do it.
  • "Don't you want me to ask you out?"
  • You know Gunther loves you baby, don't you? Now strip ok?
  • You are here to get her to expand her libido style with you.
  • Can't you list out the host of benefits that she will enjoy by being your sextoy?
  • Each girl needs a different type of your sex technology. Don't you wish you knew it all?
  • Why can't you ask her to invite you over sometime next time you see her?
  • Only question asking will get any kind of YES out of her which is the only way you can proceed, ok?
  • She fantasizes about you gathering more information from her through questions and resents you for approaching her without asking any questions, remember?
  • She only wants to own you if you are full of sperm, remember?
  • What does a doctor do when a girl is scared of him? He starts by asking questions and then he uses his equipment to gather more information. Now he zeroes in on one diagnosis.
  • Isn't that what you should do? You begin undressing her by asking her questions.
  • Questions are the only way to have control confidence. These then give you key information for how to get naked with her as soon as possible, and if she wants to hang out with you high or not high, either way. This lets you pinpoint the excuse she needs to utter to herself that will let you come over Meanwhile the questions get these little yesses.
  • Why can't you diagnose their problem before you can tell them what the opportunities are for them?
  • What's the problem, Applied?
  • What's the problem, Cindy?
  • The answer to the WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? Question will be how you determine what benefits they are really seeking.
  • Srini what's the problem? Why aren't you getting laid and paid right now? YOU DESIRE IT so you deserve it, that's all you need in order to deserve it, is desire, ok?
  • You desire to be free of cigarettes so you can start sexing girls more often, right? You blew it with Kate and Cindy both?!?!
  • Don't you wish you had mastered your question asking ability long ago?
  • You know that a failure of desire is what probably is causing your lack of progress. You don't desire it enough. Why?
  • /Making girls feel important gives them ideas on what to do with you too.
  • She loves to display her power by committing herself to things in the future.
  • We Increase the contrast between the competitive options she has in front of her.
  • Make her wish something different from what she was wishing before.
  • "It really looks good on you doesn't it?"
  • All you want to do is the best you can do for her.
  • Wait for positive stimulus from the girl before you go for it and get her digits.
  • Get her emotionally involved in wishing to own your love.
  • She's going to own what she wishes to own, only.
  • You're arousing positive emotions.
  • If her self-image is "a hot girlfriend" then she should be easy to persuade to become YOUR horny ass girlfriend.
  • Tell a young lady to bend over. Ghost says "take your clothes off".
  • When you come on too strong she feels fear. When you patronize her she feels angry. When you are a slob at all she feels DISGUST.
  • Don't you feel like evoking horny emotions in her with your every sentence?
  • How are you today?
  • One negative wipes out many positives, of course.
  • Avoid paying her comploiments because she knows you want her naked. You never needed to compliment Karen or Robynn or Amy or Mary.
  • How can you create the positive images that will triumph?
  • Your joy is in eliminating her fears of having sex with you tonight.
  • Let's get to the AGREEMENT or the PAPERWORK.
  • It's never a price or a cost, it's an INVESTMENT or a RELATIONSHIP.
sri 9 years ago

you also own these words

  • go for it
  • banish your fear of ACTION
  • dreams come true when their price is fully paid
  • there exists something you want but cannot get unless some condition has been met
  • decide you want more ACTION
  • courage and persistence feed on each other
  • courage is what you need to try something and persistence is how you keep going after you feel like giving up
  • persistence is how you stay in control when the novelty is gone
  • we sense things like "courage" and "persistence" kinaesthetically
  • If you take ACTION then you fear it less because you are more in control.
  • take ACTION to get what you want that you don't yet have
  • you don't know what you really want yet
  • all problems can be solved by the use of some principle that holds true always
  • all of us are granted exclusive territory to work as we wish to work as long as we stake that territory out and defend it
  • preparation is usually a factor in victory
  • preparation in anticipation of ACTION is so rare
  • we fear the preparation more than we fear the ACTION itself
  • prepare in advance for the ACTION you plan to take to get what you want
  • it feels good to be prepared when you are taking ACTION
  • all of us want to achieve something
  • the logical core of any achievement is ACTION
  • you've been depending on the power of ACCIDENT instead of the power of ACTION until now
  • give serendipity a push by taking ACTION from now on
  • the universe gives us new opportunities and inspirations every day we are alive
  • keep moving towards your goal and you improve your odds of getting it sooner than you would by relying on ACCIDENT to make it happen
  • we tend to look at the rewards and risks without factoring in the odds
  • Think in terms of ODDS as well as risks and rewards of ACTION.
  • you can always improve your odds by taking some ACTION.
  • situations arise because of ACTION
  • if there is no situation going on that is an ACTION VACUUM.
  • an ACTION VACUUM invites you to take ACTION to create a situation
  • we all love situations because they give us a role to play in a kinaesthetic movie
  • You can't beat failure but you can beat the odds and improve your chances.
  • choose to read this book and others like it for an inspirational shot in the arm whenever you need it
  • we can bottle and sell the results of our inspirations and abilities and earn a living through creativity
  • Create opportunity out of the situation.
  • Intelligence is the ability to construct opportunity out of your situation.
  • Without intelligence we wind up in situations without any idea how to get out of them and into the next phase of life.
  • We absorb intelligence from other people when they are able to take effective ACTION.
  • Any ACTION that anyone else succeeded at accomplishing can be achieved by other human beings too.
  • How did they do it?
  • Apply all of the strategies and techniques you've learned to get ACTION.
  • Nobody knows how today will end.
  • You can only hope to control something if you are the one who begins it.
  • The harder something is to do, the more rewarding it'll be when you're the one who accomplishes it.
  • There are prizes to be won out there in the universe.
  • What are the prizes that you want to win?
  • Unleash your ability to take ACTION.
  • Are we living on a leash today?
  • Learning is the first step towards any ACTION.
  • Reach out to other people with what you have if you want more.
  • Overcome the unknown by making a PLAN to take ACTION to get your GOAL.
  • My PLAN is to write a book called ACTION to get the GOAL of helping you take ACTION and get YOUR goal.
  • Let's make sure our GOALS don't collide because I want peace, love and understanding.
  • Culture is letting you down, isn't it?
  • When you unleash ACTION you don't always know what comes next but you can guide it to where you want to go if you PLAN right.
  • You know you're on the right path when you can't stop working because you're obvioulsy inspired to see the finished product.
  • It's curiosity about what the finished product will actually look like that drives you to invent because it's always better than you had even dreamed.
  • You can improve things as you go.
  • Find the right tool for the job and the work will become fun, and that's what gets you inspired to keep working until it's done.
  • Have a sense of adventure.
  • We are all constructed of bits and pieces of culture that we synthesize into our own contributions.
  • Garbage in, garbage out. Read better books and apply them towards your goals.
  • Dare to make a WISH.
  • ACTION is going on all around you and you can get your share of the ACTION if you take ACTION.
  • The person who is TAKING the ACTION should look like they know what they're doing.
  • You have the PLAN while other people don't if you're the one who is sparking the ACTION.
  • If you haven't learned yet, you're still incompetent, even though you're getting lucky from time to time because of ACCIDENT.
  • ACTION is how you make the luck skew your way systematically.
  • The odds are in favor of the player that takes ACTION first because that player has a GOAL.
  • Most people have no goal other than to be left alone.
  • It's natural to behave but it takes intelligence to take ACTION.
  • Spark ACTION in others when you see them held back from what they WISH.
  • In a way WISHES are precious because without them we'd be bored.
  • There are always spare resources for the person who wants something badly enough to ask and keep asking.
  • What shouldn't you do in pursuit of what you WISH for right now?
  • Who makes the rules that you're playing your game by, anyway?
  • ACTION appeals to other people because we all want ACTION at the same time as we FEAR it happening to US.
  • Act or be acted upon.
  • ACTION without a WISH is like a compass without a true north.
  • But a WISH without ACTION is like a compass in the pocket of a man watching TV.
  • So the missing element is the lack of a WISH, the lack of ACTION, or the lack of a PLAN.
  • If you have a WISH, then what ACTION would get it for you? And if you have an ACTION in mind, what is your PLAN to make it happen?
  • My WISH is for a million readers. My ACTION is to write a book called ACTION that's brilliant, a must-read. My PLAN is to write it as soon as possible, publish it to the Kindle store, test it out on my own Kindle, post it on social media and then use tinyvox to take ACTION promoting it, get it?
  • If you feel you are living a life that is below your potential then maybe you should look at what you're aiming at and consider what you've got to do to get there.
  • Most people are aimless and rely on the Machine to receive their behavioral cues.
  • Approach new knowledge with a WISH to actually choose that knowledge rather than "winging it".
  • Can't you reach out for more of what you WISH for next week?
  • What do you WISH for anyway? Do you really WISH for that, or is it something deeper?
  • We have to learn how to WISH better than we did before if we hope to get better results with our WISH technique in the future.
  • Maybe you don't really WISH anything but to be left alone and that's part of the problem you face.
  • I am here to WISH for sales of my book ACTION because my book ACTION helps you and others like you get ACTION and thereby out of that defeated mindset of having no particular GOAL.
  • Why don't you know your GOAL yet? Because you haven't scanned your DUTY.
  • What should you be doing right now in order to get what you WISH?
  • Maybe it's okay to be ignorant of exactly WHY we wish for what we wish for, because letting go of what we desire is how we can stay flexible enough to keep moving towards that outcome.
  • Just state your WISH and let it go because if you really WISH that it'll come back to get solved later when you're relaxing and letting your unconscious mind take over.
  • Let your unconscious mind take over more often by creating a space in both your dwelling and your schedule for your unconscious to have fun playing with the creative tools that are at your disposal as a modern creative.
  • Aren't you able to operate at a much higher level than you are doing right now?
  • Eliminate efficiencies because efficiencies waste the resources you will need to get closer to your WISH.
  • Simply take ACTION instead of waiting for ACCIDENT to move you along.
  • You see the law of KARMA or cause and effect can be seen from an active or passive viewpoint.
  • Winners take ACTION.
  • Nobody remembers the name or exploits of anyone who's ever won a multi-million dollar lottery or Vegas payout.
  • Only ACTION is worthy of our memory and therefore we are remembered by our ACTION after we pass on.
  • ACTION has the unique capability of transcending our mortality with our own idiosyncratic personality somewhat intact.
  • ACTION is how you echo eternally because ACTION generates a karmic followthrough, waves of consequence that emanate out from that ACTION.
  • We hold ourselves back from ACTION because we are afraid of these CONSEQUENCES of ACTION and that holds us back from taking ACTION or even thinking about it carefully.
  • Almost everything good in your life came from ACTION, often your own ACTION, or was it someone or something else pushing you?
  • Can you honestly take credit for any ACTION that wasn't really YOUR IDEA?
  • ACTION and being ORIGINAL and CRETIVE go hand in hand.
  • What are the benefits of taking ACTION? Well, you improve your chances of getting your WISH to come true.
  • Our entire culture survives because people take ACTION oncce in a while, especially when things are culturally stale like they are right now.
  • Remember what it was like when you took ACTION all the time because eyou were in the middle of a scene filled with people who were taking ACTION?
  • When you remember the past you only see the ACTION that took place in your mind's eye.
  • Your mind's eye connects with your heart because it's deeper inside the skull than your physical eyes.
  • ACTION means doing things that will be vivid in your memory into the long distant future.
  • Making a WISH lets you recall a vivid picture of the benefits you're seeking.
  • You gotta begin somewhere.
  • One place to begin is by identifying exactly what you WISH.
  • You can't decide what you really WISH unless you know what prizes are out there to GET.
  • I wish this book on ACTION would become number one on the Kindle charts within two weeks.
  • I wish that every single person who ever ought one of my stickers would buy this book and help me bring it back strong this time.
  • I have a DUTY to my WISH to take the ACTION that will GET me CONTROL of my PATH towards it.
  • Make it your DUTY to move closer to your WISH as often as possible.
  • Plot out a PATH of milestones that you can GET one after another that will lead you to your WISH and beyond.
  • What comes after you get what you WISH?
  • I'll have money in my bank acccount and I can start Unamerican and Stickernation up and force Metanotes and Tinyvox down people's throats without having to get a venture capitalist or anything like that.
  • Money that is earned without being used towards making more money is waiting to be invested in your project if you can learn how to share a chunk with them.
  • What am I willing to give up with regards to equity to Qatalyst next week?
  • Can't I introduce Anand at Qatalyst to tinyvox.me and have him invest enough money in it to watch it grow virally with me so we can sell it for billions?
  • Figure out who you need to contact in order to cause ACTION and then GET ACTION by ASKING them for it, ok?
  • ACTION is the only way we ever really learn anything
  • Make ACTION the superior learning system that helps you get smarter every single day.
  • Offer other people a role in your ACTION movie.
  • Everyone loves to play a part in ACTION because that's how we learn and humans are learning animals who love to learn.
  • Ask for ACTION from people who love to take ACTION.
  • Represent the ACTION that you need to take place with eloquence and precision.
  • Help other people say yes by asking them questions that suggest that they agree with you already.
  • Say things that you feel because you can be sure others feel it too but aren't as empowered as you to say stuff.
  • Command goes to the one who initiates ACTION.
  • I want to live in a movie with money and influence and lots of sex because this book sells to a million people and I get to buy a house to have lots of sex in when I find a girl who I want to impregnate.
  • Every ACTION has an equal and opposite OBJECTION.
  • Define the potential OBJECTIONS to your ACTION first. Make a list. Then figure out how to ask questions to work around them, one by one, right?
  • I am often tired and don't feel like writing anymore because I don't know where this is going yet.
  • Having a problem is the best way to invent a solution.
  • This book is going right to the top of the Kindle charts because of Unamerican being famous and the book itself actually being viral and a bunch of tinyvox tapes will do the trick for me in terms of buzz and social media.
  • Most people have forgotten how to learn because they haven't the stomach to want ACTION so they have forgotten how to make a WISH.
  • Say YES to ACTION as long as you are the one who begins it.
  • Say YES to ACTION suggested by others if you know you can stay in CONTROL.
  • Everything about ACTION is learned through trial, error and success.
  • If you are a SUCCESS, you get to issue COMMANDS and they are followed. If you can't do that you aren't a success yet so keep working at it, you'll get there.
  • The second you issue a COMMAND and it is obeyed, you are a SUCCESS and can continue to issue commands and succeed in the same way forever.
  • Avoid MISTAKES by having an actual WISH before taking ACTION.
  • I took ACTION with Candace but I didn't make my WISH more clear.
  • Repetition is the mother of success and ACTION is what you can repeat for more and more success.
  • If you've done it once, you can do it again if you build back those same "muscles".
  • All I want to do is smoke dope and read a book deeply and sit around while my mom makes food and I help my dad ambiently.
  • Shape the ACTION you take to the habits you already have and the comfort zone you already inhabit so you'll be able to work on one thing for a long while for once.
  • You have attention deficit disorder because you have many projects and they are all going nowhere so you feel stress whenever you think about any of them.
  • When you have a DUTY you find that STRESS disappears while you take ACTION according to your DUTY.
  • I have a DUTY to keep mom and dad feeling good while I earn a shit ton of money so I can have fucktoys from now on.
  • Are you still too shy to ask a question of a girl you like?
  • It's SEXY to ask a girl a question because she always lights up and loves to perform, and that performance is going to become stripping for you in private soon enough.
  • ACTION can start tiny and become bigger and bigger if the MOVIE in your head is sophisticated enough to move from DUTY to DUTY.
  • Get interested in ACTION and you'll soon find yourself learning more about the ACTION you want to take and how to make sure you SUCCEED.
  • The basic law of opotential is USE IT OR LOSE IT.
  • Every single day our potential is eroding in terms of the TIME we have available, and VISION is how we can grow every day to make it up.
  • Get into the living rooms of the people who you need to take ACTION with you.
  • Produce results.
  • I have no results to speak of despite all of my education and supposed cultural accomplishments and all that work on stickernation and unamerican and really, pioneering efforts on the internet.
  • I am literally a footnote in Web history.
  • Take ACTION if you want to play a role in HISTORY.
  • ACTION impacts everyone in the universe because we are all bound to the same karmic wheel.
  • What most people label as ACCIDENT is actually originated in some ACTION that is hidde from their senses.
  • How did Bihe do it? It's rarely clear. You have to do research. Most folks don't even care. They just use the fruits of the results if they're a product, or they just deal with it.
  • If you do something that other people will find awful then just don't get caught.
  • Wishing things that other people will think is awful will never make you very successful in the long term.
  • ACTION always helps everyoneinvolved get results that they want.
  • Having a feel for what results ththose around you wish to accomplish helps you create ACTION PLANS that appeal to them.
  • Whenever others pitch in on your ACTION you have a TEAM and then TEAM SPIRIT becomes how you can lead that team to further ACTION.
  • Get in front of those people who are able to power your ACTION and help them consider your PLAN as if it's their own.
  • If I earn $10000000 from this book because everybody cool everywhere reads it, and there are going to be 10000 lines in this book, each line I write is worth $ $100. Every line a benjamin as long as a million kids buy the book? No that would be 3 million kids. Charge more, maybe? It's a kickstarter for my resurrection as a cultural icon, this time a secret Christian. It's only because of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Ghost that these words are being typed as fast as they are.
  • Every book always reaches the right person consistently. That's why we write books, to reach the right people with the messages that will help them succeed.
  • Only through command can we grow into our potential.
  • Can't you measure your potential in terms of how much you can help your reader?
  • Can't you measure how much you can help your reader and then charge for that?
  • It's impossible to measure your potential because there are no standardized units for our potential as human beings.
  • ACTION is how we grow our potential despite having lost TIME. Indeed TIME flies when you're taking ACTION.
  • While ACTION is happening things seem to be in a state of dynamic stasis. Things are happening all around you but time passes and you're left unaware.
  • After you've accomplished something, the work that it took to acocmplish that something is often forgotten.
  • At the end of ten thousand lines of writing these notes I can then say, whoa, I have written ten thousand sentences that I am going to sell for Ten Dollars.
  • Whether it's fertilizer or excrement is in the eye of the beholder.
  • In the KARMA TAPESTRY a new ACTION creates a new thread in the FLUX of ACTION.
  • FLUX is the interweaving of all of our ACTIONS, and you can FEEL the FLUX.
  • If this book is a machine then you must turn it on.
  • A new reality is born with every ACTION you take because ACTION shifts reality.
  • You can't control change but you can control ACTION and predict the change that ought to result form it. Though you might be surprised.
  • Give your ACTION the permission it needs to bring you surprising results.
  • Sometimes we GET more than what we expected to get.
  • I predict you will command more often with the principles in this book because ACTION is the only way to earn the right to COMMAND.
  • If you find this book refreshing you will open it again and again and that is what makes it like an app.
  • It's refreshing to give your mind a lot of room to roam, for instance on a blank piece of paper.
  • You need to be able to create the tools that you will use to take ACTION out of what you have available to you.
  • ACTION moves so fast you can rarely glance at your notes. The only way to win at ACTION is to be able to work without your notes. You ought to be able to improvise. You need sharp senses and you need to know what you want, and what you can get right now. This can be turned into an easy to fill out form, right?
  • What do you want? OK, so what can you GET right NOW that will lead to you getting what you want?
  • Getting what you want is a STATE OF BEING, not just a single event.
  • I want a girl or a set of girls that will fuck me constantly while still getting to live here at home with mom and dad.
  • I want a career that makes me a ton of money and uses what I love doing and am great at doing while still getting to live here with mom and dad who I love so much.
  • One way to teach you about ACTION is to point out the ACTION you are already taking in reading this book.
  • My WISH is that you will become far better at taking ACTION than you were before reading this book. That is my WISH.
  • There's a lot of frustration in the world and I know that it takes ACTION to break through that. I'm here to help you make it happen.
  • Do something constructive before you do anything destructive.
  • I'm starting to get the hang of this because I built my own system for writing it and it seems to work.
  • You know when you're taking ACTION when you feel the fingers flying across thekeyboard is if it's your HEART typing rather than your brain, right?
  • When are you going to swing into ACTION?
sri 9 years ago

you own these words at least

  • If you know something is good you have an obligation to offer it to your customer.
  • If you want something that you can't get, you must go shopping.
  • If you want something that nobody is selling, you are out of luck.
  • There are things that I can sell to people which are things they are shopping for right now.
  • What exactly are millions of kids shopping for if not a free communication app that looks cool?
  • You have to decide that you want more business than you are getting today.
  • YoYou can hire other people to take your samples to shops in distant places to drive orders.
  • You will need the courage to try asking.
  • You will need persistence to ask until you get the sale.
  • Asking questions is like beating a drum.
  • You are guaranteeing yourself the exclusive territory of selling TINYVOX worldwide. Other salesmen do other things btu you get that whole territory. Colonize that territory, ok?
  • The prepared ask talk will give your puppet an inspirational shot every morning.
  • You may now market the first magnetic wire dictation machine.
  • BELIEF means to Begin to Feel the Libido.
  • Don't you wish you could invest your time and effort in your WISH instead of other things that aren't WISHED?
  • The choice to ask is all yours.
  • What you get in response to your question is entirely up to you.
  • Are you interested in hanging out with you sometime?
  • May I ask you a question?
  • There is no better investment than in ACTION that gets you to your WISH, right?
  • Consider the advantages of asking.
  • Asking gives you freedom of expression and gives her freedom of expression too. For once! Freedom.
  • You may question any statement, right?
  • You MAKE PERMISSION when you use "may".
  • Apply all the strategies or DUTY of the Champion.
  • Asking is a FOCUS which you confront with your ABILITY TO FORMULATE QUESTIONS ON THE FLY.
  • Don't you wish you had the ability to formulate questions that get her horny on the fly?
  • Eery day you're confronted with new stimuli, so every time, PAUSE and then QUESTION.
  • So you need the ability to use the pause after her statement to formulate your next question based on what you may be able to GET.
  • GETTING is the real objective of your QUESTION.
  • There is always something you can GET right now from her.
  • She doesn't know that she belongs to me completely yet.
  • YourWhen you WISH something, you create an alternative reality where you get that WISH, unless it is blocked, in which case you can WISH something else.
  • By the end of the day you can get one thing from one girl, right?
  • To achieve anything you need to know what you want to achieve, right?
  • The easiest things to achieve are INTERNAL victories, such as a QUESTINING ATTITUDE and a WISH TO GET.
  • I wish I could GET some time with you, Natalie, because you are the young clean girl I have wanted the longest.
  • What opportunities might the day open up?
  • FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU CAN GET, then ask for that, and if you don't get what you want, ask for something else because she loves it !!!
  • Ask, ask again for something else if you don't get a yes to the first thing you ask for. Get her used to giving it up and she will eventually give it all up.
  • Books keep us alive, you know? They are a way to guarantee you will be alive, they are a reading list into the future that you must conquer.
  • No way is God going to end a person who has reading yet to do, and using of the learning yet to do.
  • God loves us for our potential. For our libido. For our intuition. For oru COURAGE!!!
  • If there is a SITUATION then there is a STIMULUS in that situation.
  • If you PAUSE for too long the moment is lost!
  • It's FUN to ask questions. Compared to wiffing it over and over again, it really is a lot more fun. But get permission with MAY I ASK YOU A QUESTION? First, ok?
  • Your asking will fulfill your potential by opening your ACTION scope to wider looks.
  • Get her happily involved in what my company provides.
  • She loves your company.
  • All seducers had to learn to ask questions and get permission, ok?
  • My I suggest that we go out sometime?
  • Those who believe they are naturals are going to have to learn from you because you have actually bothered to read and digest this brilliant book.
  • Don't you wish you knew exactly what you were doing?
  • May I suggest you use questions to overcome the uncnown thereby ending any thought of fear, indeeed using fear as an opportunity to ask more questions?
  • Why don't you relish asking questions of hotties more?
  • The better you are at asking, the more helpful you are and the more you benefit girls.
  • If you want to earn more, learn more.
  • Questions let you safely venture into the unknown like a lantern.
  • Questions let you reach out for more, right?
  • Simply do the basics very well, and do them systematically. So ask for the basic information. Do you live around here? Is key!
  • PROSPECTING, then making CONTACTS, then QUALIFICATION questions, then handling OBJECTIONS with questions, then CLOSING qith questions.
  • Questions are your superior learning system.
  • You're reading this book to master the art of asking questions that get results and doing so means having a clever map of those results which relies on your storymaster visions, right?
  • Why don't you consider what BILL MORROW would do because BILL MORROW is the libido of JESUS CHRIST?
  • Maybe you should just recall the vivid image of what you could do with her, shouldn't you?
  • Where can you GET the RESULTS that you want to get right now, dude?
  • Where do you have to go to get teenage pussy in Fremont?
  • The
  • The basic law of posession is USE IT OR LOSE IT, ok?
  • TECHNOLOGY takes on action with greater use, and DUTY becomes strong through hard use.
  • The hard use of ASK DUTY and ASK TECHNOLOGY is the PATH to RICH.
  • Organization lets you reach the rich people and have that outreach be actually under your CONTROL,ok?
  • Kearnung must be used or else it's manu\re and not fertilizer, ok?
  • How can you get your question in front of her sexy little brain?
  • It is qith QUESTIONS that the eighte-eyed warlock spider crab jumps the virgin girl, right?
  • Why shouldn't you produce results? Get and achieve results by feeling out what you should know, then asking a question to dig at it. "You like me don't you?"
  • If you may ask a question you may get results, right?
  • Why don't you embrace your permission to get results by using the word MAY in your question building with greater facility?
  • How can you get infront of the hotties who are considering who they will have sex with next?
  • Why shouldn't you be in Fiona's living room with her while her doofus fiance is out at the tattoo parlor because your questions turn her on?
  • Why don't you ,noow your golden hours for seducing girls yet?
  • Maybe you should exclusively laugh about your previous difficulties, insn't that true?
  • THE TRUTH IS THAT = "isn't that true?"
  • Through a question, a new reality is born, isn't that true?
  • Why aren't you enhancing your question technology with writing in your little notebook and making a list of GETS that you can ask after with girls?
  • If you FEAR something, it's because it's UNKNOWN, and how do you know you'll get beat up and not doing that guy a FAVOR?
  • Asking a question is always doing a favor to a girl, ok? Get it yet?
  • Don't you wish you were going to be hanging out with me tonight, Fiona?
  • Can't you send that guy packing and just take care of me instead, Fiona?
  • May I really fuck any legal girl that I want from the point where I'm making real money?
  • Is it true that I should get with a honey half my age now before I can be accused of buying her with my money?
  • Now let me tell you about how you should feel that you're doing that guy a FAVOR if you pry Fiona away from him.
  • Basically you can get Fiona to agree with that logic and then do what needs to be done in the nicest way possible, right?
  • If she wants me she doesn't want him and therefore the marriage is off, isn't that true?
  • Accentuate the positive through technology.
  • You must have the DESERVE to get what you WISH.
  • Your flaw is that you are not deserving enough.
  • There is only way to deserve something which is to DESIRE IT because only then will you do the right kind of work for it.
  • Do you desire a meeting with Applied? Then you DESERVE a meeting with applied.
  • Do you desire Fiona over Natalie? Oh shit. It's true. I do!!!
  • Too bad I missed out on Kate.
  • Aren't there blondes that you need to fuck?
  • However can't you train Fiona into being your radar scout porn partner, your Lynnie?
  • Maybe you should decide to go PRO with your asking, right?
  • Your object is the same as seduction: TO DELIVER THE NEEDED TRAINING.
  • Don't you wish you had the success with girls that you need?
  • Why don't you have success yet?
  • I should go see Fiona and ask if we should be friends tomorrow, right?
  • I gotta tag that ass, ok?
  • I'd rather go out with a soner girl than a drunk, right?
  • She is half my age and therefore I should train her, ok?
  • Well written, sincere and personal notes make a solid impression, ok?
  • You know the QUESTIONERS from the moment they walk in the door, right?
  • By asking questions you are taking on the role of a HELPFUL FORCE for her, ok?
  • How can you have a clear idea of your ACTION options without being able to ASK?
  • Asking questions inevitably makes you feel like you're in control, right?
  • You're always sure you'll be listened to if you're asking a girl a question, you know what I mean?
  • TIE DOWNS get YES answers a LOT, ok? Isn't that true?
  • Now you can be confident because you know what you are doing, you are asking her questions, isn't that right?
  • Poetics makes strange couples happen, because you can't get away from a double bind and a tie down right?
  • Want to hang out tonight or tomorrow?
  • Call me on Thursday if you will, clal me on Wednesday better still, isn't that true?
  • It's your DUTY to steer towards any PATH you WISH to GET.
  • Questions are how you can learn what her fears are, don't you see?
  • The burning DESERVE to GET. That's what you need, ain't it ?
  • What if you had always closed the girls who should be closed?
  • SOME ending of your story with any given girl would be the ending that would benefit HER the most. With Cindy it is a total freezeout that would benefit her the most. With Fiona?
  • Why don't you organize your libido style to get more of what you need?
  • Because you have a burning desire, you DESERVE to get girls and money. Only DESIRE helps you DESERVE it.
  • If you DESERVE it you will DESIRE it.
  • We don't desire what we don't feel that we somehow DESERVE.
  • Once you truly DESIRE something only then do you really DESERVE it.
  • Does baby understand that fff yet?
  • The benefits must outweigh the price she must pay to get them.
  • DESIRE is the one tool you truly hae lacked, right?
  • Where is your burning desire to get rich?
  • You haven't shown a burning desire to get your next girlfriend until you begin to conserve your sperm and earn an income, right?
  • You are inspired by Fiona's work ethic, isn't that true?
  • Maybe because of her work ethic she is a better person than me and I want to learn from her.
  • Because Fiona desires me, she deserves me, you see?
  • Shouldn't you always close when you know she will benefit from your love?
  • Isn't Gunther doing Avery a favor, too?
  • Shouldn't she fuck instead of waste her prime years?
  • Don't you regret not having fucked instead of wanked and suffered during your last fifteen prime years? Guess they weren't so prime after all, huh?
  • MEN get BETTER and GIRLS get WORSE as time goes on.
  • Being superior never changes; you're superior in all situations if you are superior, isn't that true?
  • Don't you wish she knew you intimately?
  • What's done is done, OK?
  • Your newest crush is the one you want to go for.
  • This girl Fiona has been in my head for a month now, get me?
  • I want her more than Natalie, ok? I can't tell you why but I went and checked yesterday!!!
  • Don't you wish Fiona were living here with you right now?
  • Wow, I could wind up marrying her, and I wouldn't even mind because who exactly am I after really? Noah? Not like I want Fiona. I want to have LOTS OF SEX WITH FIONA !!!
  • First you LEARN what you fear. Then you ATTACK what you fear. Then you overcome your fear. 123.
  • Confidence and the feeling of control are ONLY possible after an "overcoming event".
  • Give her a helpful emotional question that creates a reason for her to have love with me.
  • If you put better performance into your brain, better results will come out.
  • You wish to develop that desire.
  • Why don't you wish to desire her more?
  • How can you encourage your desire for her? By seeing her as often as possible, right? By taking care of things in preparation for her moving in here?
  • You have chosen to be a billionaire because your inventions are that big and that chosen over what's extant today.
  • BEGIN DUTY or you'll never get results you want.
  • Why can't you get excited about the money you will earn once METANOTES and TINYVOX are huge hits?
  • You gotta USE THE PAUSE after the stimulus to formulate the perfect QUESTION to GET what you need to KNOW, or the INFORMATION.
  • The information you need: will she go out with me? May I ask you a question?
  • You must SPARK HER INTEREST. Without INTEREST you go nowhere. Why don't you brainstorm a list of ways that you may spark her interest?
  • Are you interested in hanging out with me?
  • The failure right now is a failure of INTEREST. Without INTEREST you don't get to DESIRE and therefore no deserving occurs.
  • You need to DESERVE the sales you make, which you can't do unless you work hard to get them, which can only happen from DESIRE.
  • What am I going to do when I'm in front with her again?
  • What is the tiny step of information about her interest that you can GET with your next situation with her?
  • Asking questions faster, asking questions that are smarter and unlock new knowledge and new positive possibilities - that's worth working for, right?
  • You always have time to choose your next question smoothly.
  • What's the situation, really? What's the problem she faces then? Because of that problem, that means she can't what? (implications). Then what does that mean she needs, then?
  • She needs to spend some time with me to find out if she still wants to marry that guy or switch to me.
  • The only explanation and excuse that holds water is that you hadn't read these amazing books yet.
  • What if you were to write up all the notes from all of your recent great books like this? Then you'd have a lot of thoughts that were all brilliant collected in one book they could own and read and re-read etc.
  • Call it ACTION. Because THAT is what you need.
  • It comes down to YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN FREEDOM OF SPEECH YET, DO YOU? You fear speaking so you just don't yet.
  • …yet. What a genius way to suggest. You don't like me yet, ROKY had it right of course.
  • To have COMFORT is to be in CONTROL. So if you make her uncomfortable that is no problem at all because she has to handle it and only ACTION will handle it for her. She just hasn't taken any ACTION yet.
sri 9 years ago

6 Quirks Of Ownership

Ownership increases perceived value to us: As soon as we acquire something we start to develop an attachment to it. Just the sheer fact of ownership increases how much we value it – we seem to develop a relationship with objects.

We tend to focus on losses: When selling we tend to overlook the money we’ll be gaining and focus on the object we’ll be losing. Our natural aversion to feeling bad then motivates us to place a higher asking-price on the long-cherished house, car or record collection than the market will bear.

We assume others share our perspective: Surely potential buyers understand how strongly we feel about our dusty old vinyl records? No, they don’t care – in fact they’re far more likely to notice how badly we’ve stored them or what poor taste in music we have.

Effort increases perceived value: A table I have bought and struggled to build myself has more value to me than the same table I bought, for the same price, ready assembled. Expending our own effort means we’ve invested ourselves in an object, so it has more perceived value to us. Other people don’t recognise this (and there’s no reason why they should).

Virtual ownership: We can even start feeling we own something before we actually do. Dan Ariely argues that the prices people are prepared to pay on auction sites like EBay are often inflated by people’s imagined ownership. Once we place our first bid we start to fantasise about ownership. Consequently when other bids come in we ignore our previously stated maximum because we’re now starting to value the item more, since we’ve been thinking about owning it.

Partial ownership: Marketing executives know the power of ownership so they use all kinds of tricks to encourage partial ownership because it often leads on to full ownership. We don’t usually return our furniture within the 30-day money-back guarantee period because we’ve grown attached to it – it’s ours.

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to OWN not to buy

We want to OWN things. METANOTES lets you OWN what exactly? Your ideas? Your time? An infinite wall of post it notes?

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How can I learn SELLING?

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To SELL is to ASK

I asked so few questions in my life that I am shocked when I time travel back in time and ask those questions of the right people.

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Reading technology

Don't you wish you could actually use what you learn in SELLING in order to sell the world on using this too?

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The user is after BENEFITS

I feel like I have somewhere to write my ideas again. It's better than a journal or on scraps of paper. This lets me THINK and that feels GOOD.

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i never asked

It's like they stole my life away by not telling me that asking questions is an always-good thing!!!!

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Twitter by asking "what are you doing?" asked that question over and over again. It stopped. Now they're in trouble. FACEBOOK STILL ASKS "What's on your mind?"

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I'm not really more organized because of this. it's more like I am more confident I have brainstormed on a topic because I've given myself a place to explore all angles of the ideas.

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why do we care?

Why do we care if She's flirting with you ? How will you Play with her titties unless you Get her number Tomorrow ? I'd like to propose that We all want to pair bond so Ask for her number and you can Text her for sex , ok?

Why do we care if Each reader tells ten others ? How will you Earn a million dollars unless you Get the girl horny Tonight ? I'd like to propose that The right book goes viral so Write your book and you can Knock out a chapter , ok?

Why do we care if Folks buy what they bond with ? How will you Satisfy your reader unless you Get them taking notes Right now ? I'd like to propose that Readers want to BOND so Pay attention and you can Explain symbiosis , ok?

Why do we care if You can ask her anything at all ? How will you Persuade girls to fuck you unless you Get hard for her Next time ? I'd like to propose that Free speech is in effect so Ask a personal question and you can Act like her man , ok?

Why do we care if Girls make me feel safe ? How will you Make her your submissive unless you Get in bed with her ASAP ? I'd like to propose that She knows a blowjob first so Remember to flirt and you can Drive to her place , ok?

Why do we care if She's getting horny ? How will you Ask a personal question unless you Go for her pussy first Fast ? I'd like to propose that A smile makes her friendly so Touch her somehow and you can Keep smiling , ok?

Why do we care if Readers love how you write ? How will you Finish this book unless you Get one chapter done In an hour ? I'd like to propose that We buy what we NEED so Give up wanking and you can Focus for 24 hours , ok?

Why do we care if She has her own place ? How will you Give her many orgasms unless you Go for it Friday night ? I'd like to propose that Dad wants you happy so Focus on her intensely and you can Hook up with a hottie , ok?

Why do we care if Your chapter structure is great ? How will you Complete this chapter unless you Get started writing After eating ? I'd like to propose that You bonded in the intro so Use your stopwatch and you can Begin this chapter , ok?

Why do we care if Your intuition is always correct ? How will you Teach them something unless you Give them a goal Until they buy ? I'd like to propose that Goals rock as chapter titles so List your goals for readers and you can Hypnotize readers , ok?

Why do we care if You can shape your dream reader ? How will you Go viral unless you Give them a mission Next week ? I'd like to propose that We read what FEELS good so Suggest her moves and you can List your goals for readers , ok?

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january 28 backchannel ideas

Wednesday January 28, 2015 9pm

All I’ve got to do is stop taking my notes in METANOTES or anywhere else and begin taking them into a single Word document called MAGIC. I believe that if I begin doing that I will naturally form some kind of a coherent structure over time. I wonder if it’ll be as easy as it feels right now for the next sixty hours or so while I create this book. It’ll be $7.77 and it’ll sell to anyone literate enough to think in complete sentences.


It’s working, it’s writing itself. No sweat. The key is this wonderful IKEA chair that Shittake used to sit on. My life used to be so different. Another key: this backchannel. I think that’s the idea of YCTHere panel / time log… a way to take notes without making notes. I can dig it.

You see a note, or a clear list item, that inspires you? You have no excuse but to pick up this WORD document and write into that. You’ll have to make a structure too. I wonder if there is a Word app that will sync to this document somehow, maybe through iCloud?


Going to take a short break and marvel that I’ve gotten this started at last. Also, didn’t need to buy Ommwriter because I do need a separate window for this backchannel.

Thursday, January 28 2015 at 8:38am

Maybe it’s MAGIC WORDS. Why? Because I actually sold MAGIC WORDS in the past. That’s the core of my ethos, why folks know about me. POETRY in MOTION. So I have all of these notes about MAGIC, translate them to MAGIC WORDS and that’s an actual PROJECT for my BRAIN to enjoy. I’m writing a book and it’s called MAGIC WORDS and it’s going to help folks FORMULATE AFFIRMATIONS and PSYCHIC SUGGESTIONS.





There has never been a book called WORDS?!?!? That’s MINE then, haha. This might be the gift I’ve been waiting for. Thank you God!!!


It’s about turning the amorphous internal squishy emotions into deliberate communication. This is a book about articulation.

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questions about WISH

What do you truly wish?
How will you know when your wish has been granted? What'll that be like? With whom and where? What will having your WISH come true do for you?
What will you do next after your WISH has come true? You have already made SOME progress about your WISH, what have you seen that has made you want this WISH in the first place?
What resources do you already have that will get you closer to your WISH coming true?
Who in the world has ever had this kind of wish come true for them?
What are the procedures and routines that have to be followed to get you to your WISH in general?
Can you take a first tep or make a move today or right now? How about soon?
What are the abilities that you are thinking about right now? What could make that work for you?

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fuck work manifesto?


The goal of this book is to turn WORK into FUN. I only need to use “that word” once. Now that we’re alone we can speak frankly about your need to transcend WORK.

This is a book about talent – your talent. You have talent that you are hardly using and I’d like to think you can change that situation. I think you’ve been waiting for a book to give you that can-do mood that leads to the great achievements in life. This may be your last chance to get started writing down your GOALS… and getting to it!

It all depends on your talent. When you power talent with courage you can achieve far more in life… and the WORK melts away. When we play, we connect… and who is to say that we shouldn’t play productively from now on? We need to stay iconoclastic if we are going to have any self-respect… however we need communion as well, and sometimes the best way to have communion is to go ahead and forge it. If you’re not creating your own job maybe you need to realize that you can. You, too, can create a new mood of power inside those around you through your talents. Now is the time to activate your talents so you can deliver value.

Only what folks really and truly need can create the kind of value that sells itself. When you learn to provide what others need you may realize that you must need it first. You can be sure that connecting what you do with FUN will help you grow as a human being. Providing for a human need simply feels good to me because you can see the effects of the help you’ve provided. What is needed is always valuable.

I know for a fact that there are other ways than these to get out of having to WORK and if you’re among those of us who have made it across to that promised land of so-called leisure you’ll know that as a person who has gained independence you often wind up working harder than ever… chasing your own inspiration, of course. You see, running a company for a long time made me realize the importance of collaboration. I am such a fervent believer in pure collaboration that I believe anyone reading these words can make a fresh start with some friends and break the chains of WORK that are keeping them down.

I need to feel some connection with people like you because you are obviously among the bravest of readers to make the decision to read this burning manifest.

I want to give you a few suggestions on what to do with your time that might get you further in life. Wherever you are now if you believe you can get more FUN out of life you’ll find a friend to you here. Will you ever forge your own path towards success? Rather than overstating the obvious I want to assert that FUN is the polar opposite of WORK, even when it manifests at a job. If you’re getting a paycheck and having real FUN at it, I’m here to support that. Indeed, why quit a job that you can fix up, right? After all it’s important to get paid. I’m talking about living a cardboard life inside the walls of WORK. I’m talking about being USED by WORK.

Many people with jobs working for square companies are actually SOCIALISTS. There are two forms of socialists: the Inner Party and the Outer Party. They all get paid in regular chunks in exchange for their time. They don't want to get fired and such. They avoid making suggestions and rocking the boat because that boat is steady sailing. It’s the deferral of gratification on a massive scale and it works, to a degree. GOOD FOR THEM. I’m serious. Just because I personally wouldn’t want to spend my time that way, doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing folks who will achieve a lot in life. However, I do know that I read a lot more books than they do.

This is what results in my iconoclasm and my desire to connect with you now. I can’t help but see the greater part of the capitalist economy as an illusion. It’s the risk of failing that makes for the development of value. Paychecks just might extinguish your ability to create goals. When you work for yourself, you deliver the maximum because that’s what it takes to keep yourself alive. This is how you get to the unlimited upside of life… as well as enliven your soul with original goals.

Given that WORK is just a clever form of welfare for most, I decided to figure out how quickly I could get paid for my own intrinsic abilities as an independent human being within a free-market economy that had just discovered the Internet. In 1994 I launched my first website and it was a massive, early hit… so early that the word “viral” hit me like “oh, that explains it” a few years later when people started talking that term up. Anyway I have always wondered what created so much demand for my artwork, demand that continues to this day. The attitude is what the true artist can sell… a new MOOD, a new MINDSET. That’s the first secret to my success. As you sit and enjoy this book you may realize other secrets you can use.

Talent springs from iconoclasm. You do something others simply don’t do because you see a different set of potentials in the world around you. There are various ways to sense more than others around you. When you can see what others can’t see that makes you the leader, obviously. This book may help you take those reins.

You have to create the future if you’re going to predict the future. Obviously we are all creating our own futures today. If you are going to see your life five years out on the same trajectory would you be satisfied? Maybe it’s time to raise your aim. When you can visualize a future where you’re producing what folks need, you’ll find yourself providing more and more over time in that vision. When you can cure folks instantly, word spreads fast. Human beings are hungry to meet our needs, whether real or perceived, and when you can serve a real need you don’t need advertising.

Obviously, humans are learning machines. Through adequate on-the-job training, WORK can GIVE a human being a clever new set of ABILITIES that make them more effective cogs in the pre-existing machine. However, we humans have INTRINSIC ability. Supposedly we go to school to develop these to their fullest extent. These INTRINSIC abilities are what you BRING to the job, stuff that you just know you can do. Usually these intrinsic abilities are much more ORIGINAL meaning that if you can create a DEMAND for that specific intrinsic ability of yours, you hold a MONOPOLY. That monopoly exists only because you knew what was NEEDED. Not because you were TOLD what was needed… because you needed it yourself.

Which means you should use your free time to fill in the gaps in that ability until you can deliver what everyone needs you to deliver.

MONEY motivates EXTRINSICALLY. I like it too. It’s just not enough for me. To chase dollars effectively we need to figure out what the world needs and do something about it. Tying your discovery of need to making money comes naturally when you’ll go under without it.

You'll do stuff you'd never think to do on your own if MONEY is involved in your doing it, right? That is because MONEY can be exchanged for things we value. What I value more than anything else is that which assists my ABILITY. And money can't help me become a better writer, you know? Only TALENT and PRACTICE and INSIGHT can help me succeed as a writer. × × You are not just here to MOTIVATE them to dislike WORK. You are here to help them INVENTORY THEIR ABILITIES so that they can see how WORK is only one use of that set of abilities and not that good a use at that. THEY ARE LETTING THEIR ABILITIES ROT BY SERVING A BOSS OTHER THAN THEMSELVES, OK? It's a SIN. SIN as a failure of POTENTIAL. I see the potential in my reader and I want to speak to that potential directly. Boxed up nicely into units that potential cannot be happy right now. Fire up the reader's potential by pointing out that when the reader uses their potential to the goal of earning money from ability they are going to earn a lot more money and have a lot more fun exercising their abilities. The real problem is always a failure of ABILITY. GIVE THEM ABILITY. × With this book you now have the ABILITY to re-engineer your productive life. You're looking at the jobs that are out there rather than what YOU want to do, what you are ABLE to do. You now have the ABILITY TO SEE WORK AS A WASTE OF YOUR LIFE. With that ability you now BUILD in them the ABILITY to CREATE something else instead that accomplishes the SAME GOALS as WORK once did. × INTRINSIC MOTIVATION  When you feel INTRINSIC MOTIVATION towards a task, you aren't working anymore. All real productivity happens due to INTRINSIC motivation and if you have very little intrinsic motivation for × your work you're going to become a sheep. Sheep FOCUS on the REAL PROBLEM. go to their uninspiring work and get very The fact that you have to spend your life away from your home in order to work, and you motivated about football instead. never have enough money anyway, and you have no savings to speak of despite your toil, and that you're accomplishing zero of lasting value at your job, AND then you go ahead and accomplish zero of lasting value at home TOO... That is why WORK is the LINCHPIN of most folks' REAL PROBLEM. The only solution is for them to begin to roll up their sleeves and consider what WOULD be of lasting value and then find a way to adjust their LABOR BUDGET so that some of THAT gets done too. Rapidly that will take over their lives if they attach it to a business model. × CAN you see a way to earn from what you LIKE to do? I like to write. I really like to write about things I care about. I really like to write in such a way that my reader gets a lot out of it. I like to create human ability within my writers. I want to create the ability to SEE within my readers. To SEE means to SEE into the SPIRIT WORLD of WHAT OUGHT TO BE. × That's how you get them to read through the whole book. You are full of CRISIS, not ideas. THEY must come up with their OWN ideas. I'm here to outline a CRISIS that they don't feel yet. They are LATENT about their work as a locus for attitude. I fire them up to ACT and they must come up with what acting they must do or else it isn't original enough to succeed. Causing a crisis in a reader. UNINSPIRING WORK leads to UNINSPIRING LIFE You take your boredom home with you from work. You create these fake marriages and fake errands instead of working on stuff that will really move the needle for you and for humanity. × a RIGHTER, not just a writer. × I'm here to RIGHT things. Folks are spending their time and effort doing things that are worthless. This is endemic throughout society and this is the crux of my argument. Don't you feel that your job is totally FAKE? Look at those AMEC guys... There are a lot of fakes at any given company and that is who the productive folks at that company are supporting, really. It's just like WELFARE. × I WRITE TO GET YOU UNSTUCK. And THAT is the REAL MISSION of my writing, since the beginning. Assuming that the reader is STUCK and then using words and design and platform to make them FEEL like they can FLOW again. They see WORK as monolithic. × Until I created a CRISIS around the concept of "having to work to earn money", they would never have thought twice about it and they would have stayed stuck there.  Problems vs real problems. × People create huge problems around tiny things because the true basis of their stress cannot be handled so they create and solve small crises to feel better. × × × By giving the stickers away you caused CRISIS. Folks who SAW the sticker were essentially FORCED into a re- evaluation of WORK and their relations to it. Indeed folks don't even know of WORK as an INSTITUTION that CAN be challenged. It's just seen as a "fact of life". GOALS To finish a Kindle book that earns me millions of dollars this year. To launch the book without having to do all kinds of promotional work because THIS BOOK SELLS ITSELF. To have confidence that this book is a GOOD BOOK that I want folks to read. To pave the way for future books. To write a classic that everybody with five dollars feels the deep need to read. If the book were just $1... ...you could get it done in a few hours for sure. Also you would storm the charts and be certain that you'd become a household name for this. If popularity is job #1 that's a good way to get there because... WHEN A KINDLE BOOK IS JUST ONE DOLLAR YOU GO WHAT THE HELL, LET'S TRY IT OUT, RIGHT? You GAVE these stickers away. × There was a REASON that the MAGIC stickers were given away for FREE... They were a LOSS LEADER that was meant to get folks to fall in love with your sticker line and buy other stuff. The point? You GAIN money on your LOSS LEADER and you're really doing well, you know? And you need to make all that money back somehow. If the book were $5, you must deliver. × Maybe I should be up to the challenge of writing a book called MAGIC that's actually worth $5? Hm. See, what if I charge $5 for the FUN book instead of the MAGIC book. Because MAGIC is my loss leader. It's there to create my ethos. Therefore make it as cheap as possible so that it's fun and trivial and such. Everyone and their brother will read it if it's only $1 and it has insights and attitude. Five dollars and you're expecting something more, I think. × POPULARITY IS JOB #1.

And what does popularity look like? It looks like you're #1 on the charts, ok? It looks like you are going to sell this book for $1 and not worry that you're only getting 33 cents of that money because × ItThisMbUooSkTwGillOre-VesIRtaAblLis.h your ethos and let you write sequel after sequel. This book MUST SELL ITSELF. It must be like, oh my god you have to read that. It must also have content in it that can only properly be unpacked in the context of a book that you really read. × Fuck yes it's a fair royalty because look at what Amazon is giving you: A ramp to infinite sales Zero operations other than promo * Distribution EVERYWHERE. Give folks a way to spend $1 and they will do so. When you say $5 it makes you think. But when you say $1 you make them go "yeah what the hell." × is 33cents a fair royalty? I can deliver a $1 kindle I can only deliver a $5 kindle book with book easily. deep structuring and interesting ideas that may not go totally viral. If folks only read 10% of most books anyway, then this is basically a PAMPHLET which is what I can deliver time and again. × You can always charge more for later Kindle books that have more weight to them. Today, just publish a $1 pamphlet size book called MAGIC and get popular again. Have that book storm the Kindle charts and you'll be making news. Have that book fail to storm the Kindle charts because you charged too much and you'll be subject to a lot of problems. × You can change their life with a one dollar book. The big problem is that Jeff gets more of the money is that it? × Take popularity over money, ok? a $1 book = NOT GUILTY If you sell your book for a dollar and it sucks, you haven't taken money out of their beer budget or anything. Off a $1 sticker...

You would have to spend a lot of money to make a $1 sticker sale happen. You have to support a warehouse and staff. You × on price elasticity for Kindle books have to build and host a website and wufoo form. Here are three important considerations that go into e-book prices: You have to promote, still. Intuitively, you aren't really What list price to set What the per-book royalty will be What the net making $1 from a seven royalty will be These three figures are related by price elasticity. cent sticker. You're really The general trend is that a lower list price will attract more readers. But only making 33% profit more readers doesn’t necessarily translate into a greater net royalty. It margin and you're lucky to depends. have that. Suppose you price an e-book for $5.99 and would sell 500 copies at Amazon. Assuming a negligible delivery cost, the royalty would be $4.19 per book, and the net royalty would be $2095. Pricing the e-book instead at $3.99 may reach more readers. The per- book royalty would be $2.79. If you sell 1000 copies at $3.99, the net royalty would be $2793. In this case, the lower price is worth it. But if you sell 600 copies at $3.99, the net royalty would be $1674. In this case, the higher price earns more. Sometimes, the lower price may still be advantageous, even if the higher price earns more. That is, the larger reader base may pay off in other ways, e.g. more add-on sales of other books, building a following faster to help sell future books, etc. A lower price doesn’t always attract more readers. Occasionally, an author raises the price from $2.99 to $3.99 and sales actually improve. At the lower end of the price spectrum, the perception that you get what you pay for can have a significant impact on price. Of course, the book has to appear to be higher quality (and have ample content) to command the higher price, but if it does, the $3.99 to $5.99 price range may actually be more profitable for some books than $2.99 or less. $2.99 is often more profitable than 99 cents for books that would earn 70% at $2.99, since any book price $2.98 and under earns a 35% royalty. You would have to sell 6 times as many books at 99 cents to earn the same royalty as you would at $2.99. Very short books don’t have much choice; they might not sell at all for a higher price. Series authors sometimes use the 99-cent price point to attract new readers into a series. For authors with numerous books, 99 cents can create some impulse buys of several titles at once. × why charge more, really? I don't care about money that much. I'll be honest and say that it's ridiculous that I have burned $120,000 in a bale in the backyard. Money means nothing to me, let's just face it. More money from each single book will not fix the longterm problem of my lost popularity. TASKS × What software will you use to write this book? Is there a structure you want to use to create this book? Like a table of contents you write first, then fill in? After you get the book in the store how will you launch it and promote it ongoing? When this is a HIT... ×

It will prove my ability to use my writing as medicine. This means I can write more CURES for other illnesses. I create the AWARENESS of the illness with writing, not the illness itself... and that AWARENESS is what causes the CRISIS OF REALIZATION. The medicine makes you feel better immediately and then you will feel better long term as a result of my righting. Also these nice people in my family will not have to pay my way any longer. FINALLY I GET REVENGE ON FUCKING MIMI. × The FAKE WORK that most folks do gives them money to spend on products that are created by folks who are doing REAL work - keeping the electrical grid powered etc. These are the useless eaters. Capitalist society relies on FAKE WORK. How short can it be? × I mean seriously if you're only charging $1 for a quick pick me up you can make the book quite short indeed. That said it's easy to write this book now that you've got all these notes because each note could turn into a whole chapter if you'd like. What you need is to set GOALS for each tidbit you write. GOALS for MY READER × × × I WANT YOU TO WIN INSTEAD OF WORK. Work is what LOSERS do to make up for the fact that they aren't WINNING. The ONLY way to really WIN is to make everything you do NOT-WORK... it's FUN for serena williams to play Tennis. Regain your LOST ABILITY first. You once were ABLE to WRITE something and sell thousands of copies of it because you could write things that AGITATED people. Basically, YOUR STICKERS CAUSED CRISIS and that is what led folks to create new ideas for themselves, ok? CRISIS is the JOB of the Righter because there can be no Righting unless the Wrongs are first acknowledged, understood, known, felt. My reader has LOST ABILITIES. I want to teach the reader about her LATENT ABILITIES also, which are abilities she doesn't know that she even has. But the LOST abilities are poignant and immediately gripping. As we get older we feel like we can do LESS even though the truth is we can do MORE. What folks at work wind up doing is get older and forget their old abilities completely. This is why you get the job in fast food... to regain the ability to FUCK. So me going back to writing is the same as him going to work at the burger place - this is what I used to do and it got me paid last time so I'm going to do it again. This time older and wiser. LATENT TALENT. ×

Interesting how close those two words are. But that's how Avery is enslaved. She has TALENTS of which she is not aware. These talents are therefore LATENT. By getting her to use her talent and labeling it, that talent is ACTIVE. And it is INHERENTLY PLEASURABLE to USE YOUR TALENT for some reason. By labeling things as TALENT you get them to LIKE doing it. × × This book is a black box. Into the system goes a reader with latent talents and no plan. The book is pure and solid talent of mine to bring latent talents in readers forth. It's a PURE plan: a CATHARSIS. Emerging from the book is a synthesis: a reader with TALENTS that are NO LONGER LATENT. You have a REAL TALENT for applying what you read. The reader can be told they have a TALENT for reading and thinking and following up and seeing the possibilities. They did not "know" that until I told them that. They must now UNDERSTAND that they have these talents which means OBEYING that they have these talents. They must OBEY that they SEE BETTER POSSIBILITIES than work. That means they don't just SEE them, but PLAN for them. They have a LATENT TALENT at planning. Some Z communication will have Y effect on X reader. My writing eliminates LATENCY. × They have the TALENT already, it's in them. I'm here to help them express that talent. All they have to read is the fact that someone out there in the world believes they have TALENT that nobody else can see, and tell them what that TALENT ought to be accomplishing for them. Then that will instantly pull the wool from over their eyes. They will see that their TALENTS are being misused and find a way to bring their TALENTS to bear on the problem of earning money. This will SPEED THEM UP. Their TALENTS are now CONSCIOUS. UNCONSCIOUS = LATENT × She is unconscious of her beauty because she isn't in front of a mirror all the time. Also it's in the eye of the beholder. Someone ELSE must tell her that she is beautiful before she really can believe it. The ugly dork who makes her suddenly aware that she is beautiful is needed by her. The more the dork says that and the less the suavester says that, the more the dork becomes her boyfriend. MAKING her LATENT TALENT into ABILITY through some kind of POWER. The power of my righting is that she will emerge with ABILITY from this book. TALENT = INTRINSIC MOTIVATION × When you have a real talent for something, you enjoy using it. Even if that talent is for shoveling shit, when someone tells you that you're talented at shoveling shit, you volunteer for shit shoveling duty. The result is that you are intrinsically motivated to shovel the shit and you do a great job. That means the hypothesis that someone else laid upon you is validated. Others who wanted the shit shoveled will applaud you and reaffirm that you have talent at it, clapping you on the back, possibly genuinely amazed. Which all adds to the intrinsic motivation. Soon enough you become a shit-shoveller first class and that's a win win for everybody. Talent Vs Courage, × That's the idea brother - COURAGE is Remember? the capitalization upon TALENT. So I am making a book of RAW COURAGE for the working class with this, ok?

Did you ever notice... × how all things in life that are worth a damn occur OUTSIDE the context of your stupid job? That is, if your job IS stupid. Look this book isn't for folks who are in the pocket at their jobs, who help people or give people advantages or make things or run things etc. If you love your job could you do us all a favor and read something more entertaining instead? Thank you. × i'm already in flow with this it's so easy to type into METANOTES. i now. guess voice recognition is going to have to take a back seat to this mode of blissful typing talent. × Talent without courage is meaningless. So basically this isa really good advice book is that it? What is the goal that I am going to set for this book? It's cheap, right, I get that. But what is the GOAL of reading such a book? Just to transfer a bad feeling to folks, is that it? I'm really not sure. pulling the UNMANIFEST into the MANIFEST Do you have COURAGE, though? × sensing the reader's potential and bringing it out magically. MAYBE this is MAGIC? I don't know. Hm. That would be pretty cool, maybe. I mean that is the kind of book that would sell to that older, women market. Heck, ANNA would buy it right? Kindle sales means you sell to OLDER WOMEN, you know? So let's take on MAGIC, it's a more interesting topic. Let's pivot before we get too committed, what do you say? PIVOT!!! MAGIC !!! × to sell this book and feel good about myself I ought to write a book called MAGIC instead. Because harry potter, this will be a bigger seller. I'm not that into dissing working because I am a lazy sod myself. I need to call it MAGIC and then do it right because that would be a real use of what I've learned, an extension of NLP. So I ought to take the good notes from here and what, paste them into Microsoft Word? I think that's a good idea. × I'm talented at MAGIC?

Well... Let's explain... I'm not talented at tricks... I'm not trying to say I can manifest where nothing existed before. It's just that this word gets thrown about and it means something. It means turning nothing into something by means of some strategy that is mysterious, some strategy shrouded from onlookers and others but known to you. Basically, it isn't just coincidence but some kind of PROCESS. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" because nobody other than the technicians understands how it accomplishes what it does.

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the TAO of SALES?

The TAO Of $ales





If I were a salesman, what would I want to read?


eight tao visualization principles that make sense for your sales.


You're gonna feel like a million bucks.

Here comes success.

Sowing the seeds of discontent.


How about you build your OWN questions after each chapter?


What you do after the TAO is your business

In fact top secrecy is paramount

Contrast openness and secrecy



selling is good.

a new philosophy of commercial society.

sales is NOT robotics, but EMPATHY.

ethics are your rock.

a sale is a CUSTOMER not a transaction

a relationship of ethos with ethos

your ethos must be pure.

contrast with the other marketing attitude of spammers

even when they sell, they don't have a CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP.



a GRAPHIC, not just words.

quick sketch on whiteboard

fill in the blanks approach to insight.

Yin means it's useful to OTHERS.


something stuck begins to flow.

You must, eventually, demolish the way your target market is currently thinking.


Tao makes you pay attention to different things.

Transcendental truths not just facts and sense information.

Apply to a whole NICHE in abstract.

Skin to win for a given client.

You must ASK QUESTIONS to find these.

These questions are your monopoly.

You ALWAYS begin your thinking by starting with Yang, the OBVIOUS.

Temporary Autonomous Outlook


Everything will be all right.


see both sides of the puzzle to solve it.





half the opportunity is invisible to all and happens within.

her tao is different from yours so draw it.




No settling.

Only the BEST ever gets bought.


roles and relationships.







UNIVERSAL TRUTH, not my truth

Works for everyone

Timeless principles


did the expert skimp on this book because it was expensive?

Sales secrets SHOULD be expensive!

You either buy this book or you don't.

You pay attention to things you don't wind up using and you have wasted your own time.

Get a monopoly and milk it. That's the way, obviously!

situations of use

complete the whole product capability basis for a client

various verticals

levels of cream

free trial

sell upgrade path

Create reader evangelists who will do the forums for you.


We love playing roles.







no actions or feelings suggested at all

they will get bored of seeing your face.

Find folks who already need it

See a needy person

Determine to help them because you like them

Make them a slideshare

Email them

No expectations

Tweet it too

WIll be there forever

SEO over time. Done.

Convert interest to need

Make pitch content that needy folks will find first and fast

Profess your own need to get mirroring

Your visualization is the ROI crux.

You have a hunch that it's easier than you are being told it is.

You are in sales already and that makes you the person who can give you the best to-do list, not your boss.

Have 2 to-do lists, one for your boss and one for you.

To go forward, you push AROUND.

What will YOU need to COMMIT to this activity set I suggest here?

EMOTIONS motivate.

Emotions cause us to make decisions.

Emotion precedes every motion in sales.

What could veto it? Only voices in her mind that YOU get her to bring up because you projected insecurity at some point and she never forgets anything.


your first decision should be to STOP AND THINK. right?

When you SENSE a SALE

don't just use what you already know

stop, think, and come up with something.

what BEHAVIORS must you convey to them for RESONANCE FIRST?


You define the game you want to win.

Nobody else is playing against you unlike in sports.

Nothing stops a monopoly and your strategy is invisible.

"how did we do it before??"

You must step out of your comfort zone if you want to take advantage of a breakthrough.

Be ashamed of your comfort zone.

Your fortune is in FUTURE events.

Comfort zone walls = non-working old patterns.

EXPECT that you'll be bold in the next encounter you face; it's just who you ARE.

A new subgenus archetype for salesman.

Pure self esteem



Until you drop the pride and sink and re-emerge and get a new attitude, you will savor the regret and be confused.

Overwrite the failures of the past by reinterpreting them as expensive monopoly experience gold.

If you identify yourself as a WINNER you create the fresh ROLE of a WINNER.

Your communications indicate your high quality.

Identity repair is the solution, so here you are.

NOW, you can pitch all day.


as far as your next prospect is concerned, you never had a flaw as long as you leave the past behind.


Failure is nothing.

Disaster is forever.

that everybody else was teaching it wrong

every sales book is platitudes

They make you slow on the jump.

They make you feel like you don't need the market, it's all you.

They fool you into seeing lust as love.

They "free" you by giving you busywork so you feel OK about your activity.


A sale is a TANGO that takes TWO.

Part of your brain and feelings is IN your client.

Part of her brain and feelings is IN YOU.

Articulate these.

Mirror neurons, synergy, symmetry, dance.

Let's figure this out together then.

You are the other half of this group brain we are now in together.

There is no distinction between me and you to the rest of the market; only you know which ideas came from me and which you built off them.

What unlocks what?


Most obstacles are in YOU not her!

Know your first few moves!

If it's emotional backed with rational, why haven't you learned anything about emotions and neuroscience that backs them?

How have you failed to tell the client what to do and close in the past? have you even thought about this yet? or are you just failing the same time with original stories to tell?

Other books aren't making you feel UNCOMFORTABLE.


every marketing book is general





every branding book

go through ten core concepts

What you read is what you make.

affirm their ideas and move forward together


Don't say "whatever", say YEAH!!!

You must WORK before you FUCK.


WORK makes you SEXY and then you get SALES with less WORK.

You are stuck because you don't know what to DO.

If i tell you what to do you will abreact.

So I will tell you how I think and YOU will tell yourself what to do.

I must build rapport first.


Yang = Reading

yin = breakthrough

curve = NOTEBOOK

if you keep a NOTEBOOK, you will get the PROMISE of this book.

Every sale is a DEAL.


Here is how to hit the SWEET SPOT.

The AXIS around which the TAO revolves.

First get yourself to the AXIS and look around.

You have always been at the AXIS.

Your every action has spun your TAO.

Then, SPIN YOURSELF. Be balanced and point the right way.

An EXPERIENCE, punctuated by PITCHES.

a series of steps is all the funnel gives you.

this teaches you to turn on the tap.

My job is to excite you about uncertainty because the sweet spot is really THAT awesome.

You'll know it when you hit it. Trust me.

You will never be bored again.

The antidote to loneliness is pitching.

Your customers love each other too.

Neither owns the other.

The answer is not in the OBVIOUS.

The first is always first.

"Foundations" concept.


What if your latest idea is your best idea?

The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Use every idea somehow or you won't be able to sleep soundly.


Act fast when inspired or else.

Your probable obstacle is OLD BAD DECISIONS.

Admirable persistence but flawed strategy.

These infest your future plans.

Based on suggestions.

Got you to adopt an archetype.

Rigid behavior models.

Easy to combat a robot for your rivals.

The answer is in FUN.

We must make it a lot more FUN TO PITCH.

Fun makes you relax, flow and forget time in favor of logical sequence.

A sale is a series of actions, delays, and reactions until a TD is scored.

Core actions.

done in bulk


Targeted actions for a segment.

Specific actions for a client.

Your salesforce hasn't told you what those actions WERE.

Imagination is why sales are fun.

Imagination was fun when you were a kid.

Imagination is how you find your girl.

Your brand is a KNIFE.

A set of steak knives, to be precise.

You let others cook for you

You use the knife like a bludgeon

You don't know what to cook

This book will show you ten ways to cut with it.

The funnel is fine but where is the water going to come from in the first place and how to get it to move?

alec baldwin ftw

"flip the funnel" is not quite it

You don't KNOW what is wrong. THIS IS YIN.

When something is going wrong you tend to over focus on the activity and result instead of the strategy in the first place.

You need to leverage resources you don't right now even know you have.

Articulation brings resources alive.


Your customer also doesn't know what exactly is wrong.


Most problems are INVISIBLE.


Without it, YOU ARE ILL.




you are sick of the screens trapping you like the matrix.

Do you have a product to sell? Then you have a market to sell it to, or it wouldn't exist. It's HUGE and INVISIBLE.

You know a new product is going to be huge as you are building it because you know exactly who and why will buy it.

I can hear the grumbles of a million salespeople now.

You are RICH when you stumble on a NEED.

Niches Make Riches

Objects hold transcendent meaning you can distill to explain how someone can use them.

kendra's garnet.


Make FORTUNE, not just rely on luck.

Zero startup time for "start a new page".


Meditate, solitude, stillness, silence, no wifi.


distinguish what is just YOU and you babbling to yourself, and what will actually translate because it's simple and universal.

the TAO is a diagram you can understand.

How do you spell relief? $ALES!!!

You MUST have SALES.


Yang = Product

yin = market

curve = FIT

When your product pitch fits the market perfectly, sales is the result.

Which came first, product or market?

So you NEED this book to WORK.


Focusing on your sales for at least five hours to think.

Incorporate as much of this book as possible, forgetting what you had before first.

Abandon things that make you feel bad like salesforce if you can.

a big checklist set isn't sales, it's marketing.

Get your TEAM on the same page too.

This can help you RIGHT NOW.

the missing sales training

a paradigm shift is like putting on glasses.

Without glasses you stumble blind.

Without glasses you do the wrong thing.

Without glasses you miss the fun.


You have a $ales problem.

You are not yet ADDICTED to $ales.

What exactly are you expert in anyway?

Expertise will save you time.

Your sales ops will harness your expertise.

Expertise means capabilities which are situationally precious to prospects and customers.

Saves time

Saves money



not just a "professional".

The reward of CASH is not enough to do it for you obviously.

Sales is like oxygen = YIN.

Do what you haven't yet done to close.




$ales is driving you crazy.

You want to drive your MARKET crazy, instead.

Without $ales, your house is on fire.


You know what your life would be like without sales.

Luck you get, FORTUNE you MAKE.

You KEEP a fortune.

Having a fortune makes you fortunate.

You are lucky your market exists.

You must not lose your market, it is precious.

You are losing your market because you are too busy to think about it.

You must first get UNBUSY and THINK.

Fill a hole in the offer universe.

Find a hole first (YIN).

Don't let the negative feelings hold you.

Spin the wheel of Fortune: the TAO of $ales.

When your product stalls, look within.

Turn lemons into lemonade.


Failing to fix it when you feel it is.

Nobody ever taught you HOW TO EAT LUNCH.

EVERYBODY is ignorant, at the beginning.


You have to like yourself first before you can pitch a prospect on liking you.

Why don't you like yourself?

You don't dare pitch when you don't like yourself enough.

YOU are the product.

You make the sale experience happen.

Nobody wants you to be insecure and watch you uncomfortably pitch.

FEAR is just a FEELING.

A feeling is a reaction to a situation.

Feelings can't be shaken or denied forever.

You can harness a feeling of fear by channelling it into action.

Create your own uncertainty.

Then you avoid danger because you see and plan for all outcomes.

There are very few real consequences for failure if you don't invest until you hit a sweet spot.

You are clearly looking for $ales. Not ideas, but $ales.

Only you can find them for yourself.

I can only show you how to LOOK.


If this book keeps its PROMISE, you're SET, right? :D

You will have a brand new pitch by the end of this week.

You will see the error of your ways and repent.

It's so easy to push $ales out of your mind under stress and with no new ideas.


You read books for gold coins of wisdom.

Wisdom abstracts to all cases, not just one, so it's broadly applicable - IF you apply it to your own situation YOURSELF.

Your pitches are a framework for your brainstorming.

Put them up on Slideshare fast!!!

Don't you forget about sales.

Even if you're an artist, SELL YOUR ART, jeez!


You need to HELP PEOPLE who are SUFFERING with WORSE PRODUCTS or ZERO ABILITIES to do what they need to do to get where they need to go.


But $ales is the circulatory system of ideas in society.

This set of ideas is flowing to you to zap you to a new level.

You are the blood.

$ales is society so get healthy.

Ideas only survive through products of some sort.

Products are vehicles for ideas.

Ideas generate feelings, not products.

You gotta be my reader.

You wanna make sales, baby?


You wanna do this my way for a change don't you?

The reader does as she is told, eventually.

I believe we are in a relationship together already.

Love is all we need.

CONTRAST: reader/author

If you don't try what I say here by reading the book and having a notebook, what will you do?


YOU must not fail the BOOK.




This has been DECIDED before now.

You are an ACTION ROBOT doing what your DECISION HUMAN decided to do earlier when it was in a reflective mood and so your decision is superior to most phony quick actions unless they're coming from your gut instinct.

You need me to level you up, baby.

I wanna OWN you.

I wanna POSSESS you completely.


You must decide now.

You can't unsee the TOS.

Talk of HER decisions prior to this.

She decided to be a salesperson.

She decided to do a project that needs to sell.

I'm going to blow your mind now baby.

Because I love you baby.

You gotta let me take care of you baby.

Calm you

Understand you

THink about it with you

Suggest to you

Reinforce what I suggest so you do it

Celebrate with you

I'm crazy about you and I think about you constantly.

PLEASE baby.


Your small business requires you to have a $ales hat.

Labor of love turns into a grind.

Businesses grow or die.

Markets get saturated.

Your own vigor withers.

Worshipping your own past = PRIDE.

Your product sells itself?

You can help it.

Why let your product meet only a fraction of its potential?

You are already marketing, why not sell instead?

Your existing market would buy more from you if you just thought about what they wanted that you could make yourself.




Who needs to sell?


Small retail





VP Sales

girls tabling for greenpeace

red hat inside sales

adac outside sales

andrea channel sales

srini website sales

slaves of salesforce

all MBAs with no sales training

broke folks who want to become sales folks

daniel pink = to sell is human?

to sell is DIVINE.



you are selling the wrong thing so there is no real joy in it


you have no idea what works and are sick of experimenting

you don't believe in millions from tinyvox anymore unless it's acquired

you don't know what will trigger the selling phase of your life but finishing this book is definitely part of it.

possibly fucking.

This book empties your mind.

You want to stop reading and start selling.

All prior sales books are now obsolete.

With a full mind you'll act wrong.

You will do your programming and fail again.

Emptiness is the first step.

Even if you have money you are BROKE if you have no TAO awareness.

Eventually, SOMEONE was going to come up with a USEFUL SALES BOOK.

I'm anonymous to evade haters.

Also to be Taoist.

All this technology is taking us away from the basics.

All this fucking salesforce and twitter and facebook

You need five hours to concentrate on your strategy before you make a single move.

You are moving and moving and moving so you can't stop and see you're moving in the wrong way or limping where you could be sprinting.

You have GOT this. FOCUS!

You are ASHAMED your rivals are beating you and you therefore have no $ales.

Admit it - you have precious little idea how to sell.

You need a FORMULA.

Use the OLD system, and you are TOAST.

But the NEW system must WORK!

Don't be a lemming for salesforce!

Sales is uncertainty no matter how you slice it.



She doesn't burn with lust yet.

Other guys have a shot.

Are you even in her consideration set?

Are you competitive?

Are you targeting her specifically and is it working?

Maybe paying attention to her is turning her off because she ultimately needs to come to YOU.

PASSION before the KISS.

I know you and I'm gonna take good care of you baby.

I know you better than you know yourself.

I am interested in everything about you.


THAT is what you need, right?


What if it's about HEALING, rather than BUILDING?

What if you've got a SALES DISORDER?

Common Sales Disorders

Pretty big ifs.

You can conquer any market segment you see that no rivals own.

You can get ONE PERSON to buy and love it so much they HAVE to talk about it.

You can entertain one person.

That one person takes what you write and makes a sale.

That one person feels like telling other people they know how they made the sale - your book.

Whatever you do will depend on her anyway, so never love your plan more than the territory.

You can CREATE breakthroughs with the TAO.

You should take up the challenge.

No sales pro can miss this.

Sales is spiritual.

Your ego can only improve with success, and success comes from serving the market and satisfying them so they bring more clients to you.

You opened the right book.

Your competition is hilarious.

They give you somehing to ENVY, then you convert it to backstage ACTION and get their RESULTS.

ENVY lets you be a cannibal on your rivals

Your rivals have strengths that were invisible before but now you can see them because you know to look.

Your problem is obvious so let's find it and everything will flow from there because that has been holding you back for so long that you are fucking PISSED.


When she's busy, she's not thinking sexy.

She wants to think sexy when she is busy but represses it.

Party. Vibe. Social. Content. Rock&roll.

Denying strokes to her will motivate her to say yes when you open up a rare chance for her.

We hate situations that are incomplete so set up a situation and she will go nuts.

Give her something to take care of for you

Sales is about OPENING: emptiness.

OPEN before you CLOSE.

How do I open YOU?

a PROMISE you want to hear.


You cannot be timid to coach.

She accepts your role then you command her.

That submissive way she approaches you is a YES.


You engulf her with success feelings that you emanate.

There will be difficulties so handle them backstage and take your time because it has to be PERFECT.

Every time you have paid extra for quality, you have gotten something rivals were slower to get.

You are reading this because other books are not working for you enough.

You may now stop reading and start selling.

each sale is a breakthrough: orgasm!


sex (the sale) is just a climax

climaxes every day many times



client will lock on to you



absorbed with your every move

go out on a date.

you delight your client or she isn't paying any attention to you at all.

she is going to hide that she pays attention to you by playing coy.

you have mad weed with you.

you clean the house up front.

you fix the tools you need to seduce her.

you finish building what you need to build before starting with her.

you are ALREADY FLOWING with money.

SHE just has to JUMP IN YOUR FLOW.


Yang = invitation

yin = acceptance

curve = VALUE

dominate your market.

Know the reaction path so well you are a GUIDE, not a master.

segment by segment.

each prezo goes viral.


get on the radar screen and move fast at her

I FEEL GOOD declarations

"You will feel good. Trust me." is a vibe not an explicit thing you can say

Sometimes words get in the way

Never over pitch - forcing - too many messages she doesn't miss you enough!

don't COMPETE because she must come to YOU because you have ALREADY WON over everyone if you RULE, right?

She will NOT settle for second best.

dedicate your book to her.

your advertising must make them FEEL, not think or see or whatever. FEEL.

Don't throw around money unless you know she thinks you're sexy for doing that.

Be GENERAL so she can fill in the blanks herself.

Why we text instead of call.


Not just one idea, but a framework for linking your own ideas and persuading others.

Link the note as you create it.

Create subnote.

You emanate confidence when you are already a success at at least organizing yourself and your time.

you MUST win.

You MUST get the sale.


Zero time for frustration. Everything must WORK.

Functioning? obvious.

All that is not functioning is deadly.

A disciplined approach.


You can do more with way less.

You do twenty things where your rivals do one.

Event model of sequences is more key than time.

Delay is always part of every sequence shift.

you want to see her come, again and again, and squeeze your cock while she does.

You need YIN BAIT

You rule

Words lead to feelings fiaster

MVP = Minimum Viable Pitch.

Why are you a STAR?

What ideas are you trying to install in her?


Close at KAIROS only.

Your aims and objectives

tell them up front

surprise them with more

They came to you so you are #1, don't blow it.

Supply logical reasons with a sexy emotional spin.

Elicit her aims and objectives.


get one hit and scale it with media

get in her consideration set




fulfill your desires

She wants strokes from me.

forget your desires

don't wish over and over again, god heard you the first time.

it's all on her anyway, her loss if she fails

you are her REWARD.


you need a karma plan to take care of operations

aim at GTD!

get it at drkarma.com?

Eternal principles are greater than your own personal knowledge even if you feel proud of your existing sales situation.

Knowledge is SENSORY.

Principles are EXTRASENSORY.


Yang = Status Quo

yin = breakthrough


Make your mind free.

A strategy

A plan

A family

Start from scratch.

You don't HAVE a family yet.

You don't HAVE a plan or strategy yet.


You will be in charge of your own actions

The prospect does what she does and can show up whenever because there are many prospects.

You risk being out of step unless you focus on the INVISIBLE and leave the OBVIOUS behind.

The future follows the path of what is now invisible because it's far more interesting.

There are no real risks to the sales job. Just rejection, maybe a bit of brand damage if you're awful. Tomorrow is a new day.


What if your marketing department SUCKS?

Do you know who David Ogilvy is?




You MAKE your fortune; you just GET lucky.

A plan makes you sense good luck where others see nothing.

Folks say there is no luck, but they want it too.

Being on the Path is a way of knowing the future, and knowing the future lets you generate lucky moments because you're at the right place.


We read biographies to learn LUCK TRICKS AND TACTICS.

When YOU are the uncertainty, you control the future more than the next person.

Be bold.

You're a HITMAKER.

You're in the pocket - throw a TD!

You're feeling good to write your plan as you read this.

It feels GOOD.

You are in charge of your future.

You are in charge of the future of your culture.


Avoid the RED OCEAN.



The disintermediating stimulus

A brainstorm in them

You want to get your strategy right up front so you can be a SALES MACHINE and focus on turning the market ON.

Take off your clothes.

Don't be lonely.

You are afraid of fear.

The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.

"What you don't know can't hurt you" so you stay blind to reduce your fear.

Emotions are invisible yet bind us.

If selling is emotion, then emotions are the ROI point.

You can sell the wrong product for years out of pride.

The future that is probably coming right now to you is not as good as the one you could build for yourself deliberately. It isn't good enough yet.

Abandon the illusion of "working hard".

Abandoning the default makes you different, and different gets sales.

Folks buy when they SENSE a difference that is VALUABLE.

Get you dreaming of REWARDS.


Yang = Reality

yin = reward

curve = DREAM

Make a wish.

MY wish is a 5 star review because you got insight.


See a movie of you being loved when you pitch!






What could go RIGHT? :D

HONESTY = talking in flow = REVEAL


Yang = Envy

yin = focus

curve = WISH

Dreaming something means you're half-done.

Your dreams are original by definition.

Also, they are invisible to others.

When PMF -> hockeystick.

You can make the fit happen.

The money will roll right in.


You want your dream prospect to take action this month.

Are you free tonight?

You'll never have this moment again, so use it to sharpen your sixth sense of $ales.

Make better wishes to get more exciting results.

What you say you want is not matching what you actually want.

Most people are averse to saying that they want things because it makes them sound like they're incomplete.

Get known for being dissatisfied!

Folks will relate to your dissatisfaction when they feel it themselves.

Want new, surprising things!

The first step is always to GET UNSTUCK and INTO FLOW.



Get over here and shake it.

Set your customer a goal with a deadline.

you'll make new sales by this weekend from this book.

You wanna make a plan to make some sales?


Bright eyes!

The intensity of your LOVE is the measure of the FORCE of your pitch.


the mood: EROTIC?



calm like an iceberg: INEVITABLE


You and me baby.

Let me take a bite out of the peach tonight.

a product is an EXPERIENCE!!!

you sell the invisible EXPERIENCE

you deliver the "visible" PRODUCT

does your "marketing" reflect this?



Your DREAMS are the source of ORIGINALITY

Since we LIKE surprises, we accept your dream easily.





It feels GODO to be brave. EVERY TIME.

Pain of REGRET is much longer term!

Places to be brave




just start it!

on stage

in public

in communication

in love

It makes me smile to see you be brave.

Bravery just makes SENSE.


Trust yourself!

You do no harm when you suggest.

Suggesting is not bothering!

BRAVERY means YOU ARE SURE IT IS AWESOME TO DO IT so you GO AHEAD and DO NOT HESITATE and NOT FEAR FAILING because that's just another stimulus to do it better next time!

Do other sales books make you feel BRAVE?

How about Salesforce?

How about your manager?

This is the one place you can always go for a shot in the arm.

You as a sales pro are the BRAVE ONE.

You go HUNT.

Are you hunting much right now?

You know how hunting works, right? DAILY!


Custserv staff doesn't smart like you do.

Marketing folks are wusses.



One chunk of knowledge or insight over the other person, and you are HONOR BOUND to communicate.

Regret is the worst danger, not failure.

There is no danger without consequences, right?

If you can't find the danger there is nothing but forward.

Fears are lies we tell ourselves about danger that isn't there.

Feelings are contagious!

Confusion or sex?

Uncertain outcomes should be seen as FUN!

Your attitude towards uncertainty changes when you CAUSE more of it.

Goal definition reduces your uncertainty.

Fear and Fun cannot Co-Exist


Yang = Fear

yin = fun

curve = ATTITUDE

You can't wait to see what she thinks.

MOTIVATING your market is the GOAL.

be BRAVE and motivate your market to be brave too!


My job is to motivate millions of sales pros and wannabes to plunk down $40 for my ideas. That's my JOB.

Visualize your prospect enjoying your product over and over and what she would feel because of it.


How you got here won't get you to where you dream of being or you would be there already!

My story is completely different from this book.

I'm going for SALES now, I was CONFUSED for a long time even though I was selling.

Fear of selling out

Fear of being mainstream



Do you believe in LIBERATION?



Surprise and delight: HOW?

You know I have a cool surprise or two in store for you :D




All your actions are perfect if you think about them upfront and they are in flow with the TAO.

There is nothing inherently evil in being bold, but you have been taught this by your suggestion world.


Sell the right thing.


You get what you give.

When you do it right, she comes to YOU.

Therefore you are doing it WRONG.

Install Wisdom In Them

Why see a doctor?


Good advice is IMMORTAL.

to get a DIAGNOSIS


DISCOVER the problem

something missing?

something in the way?

Maybe you've been wrong about sales all this time?

a DELIBERATE diagnosis not a ACCIDENTAL discovery of a problem so you heal it up front!

I'm in charge here.

You're in good hands, baby.

You're selling, but it hurts, or it isn't enough.


Who can dispute how you FEEL? NONE!

To adjust your KARMA is your RIGHT.

the diagnosis points to a CURE

YOU have to take the recommendations to get the benefits


the YIN of nothingness but ideas

You can pop this open for a BURST OF INSPIRATION ANYTIME.

Every single time you read an idea you like, it happens because it taps a chord of recognition in you.

Harmonic resonance.

My idea, your insight: harmony.

It is my DUTY to give you WISDOM.



See the problem and want to fix it for you.

Everyone sees everyone else's problems, never their own.

You are EAGER.

Fantasy will set you free.

You want to make some sales with me later?

Get busy on yourself now.

The TAO within.


Doesn't it feel good to close a client baby?

Doesn't it feel good to spend a commission check on a cool vacation or a car?

Get out of debt at last?


The #1 thing is work on who YOU are.

She will be attracted to IMPROVEMENT.


Build just one follower and you will start a cult if you want one.

I wanna show you how easy it is to do better tomorrow than today.

Turn your superiority into an emanation of content to love them over time.


give them a handle

grab a domain name for your pitch campaign

Start your own ad agency to harness the conversation and channel your ideas into the minds of millions - AFTER THEY ARE AWESOME ONLY


Set a date

Plan a sales event for once!

I will kill your inertia about sales.

You can open this anytime.

Your customers are out there waiting and all you do is salesforce?

I'm the first guy to take about sales properly.

You need FREEDOM to combat inertia, not recommendations.

You admire my iconoclasm and independence.

Your complexes are past bad decisions and will unravel as you eliminate your old role models and model on Jesus (me).

Doctors help you feel better.

Remind you of the core need for HEALTH.

This book does that for WEALTH.

All wealth begins with a SALE.

Your problems are often OBVIOUS.

No pill - just BEHAVIOR CHANGE.

what you hate and fear is probably the solution.

You do default things because we are prone to suggestions.

You read to get different suggestions.

You turn off the tv to read a book because a book you paid for will give you real advice and not just entertainment.



Defer gratification.


THEY should do the talking.


SHE MUST MOVE IN, not just kiss you!

TIME is your cost, not MONEY.

If it costs you time, make it obvious to her it consts you time.

Your pitches are expensive in your time.

Time is far more key than money to making money.

If you can buy it, your rivals have it too, unless you came up with it yourself.


reprogram yourself to sell more.

sales is opportunistic because surprise gets interest.

uncertainty, not fear.

You will find a clear step by step approach.

The work of a salesman is specifically from INTEREST to DESIRE which nothing else can do.


Use the Web to connect, not just advertise.

Bring them to YOU, not just content.

The real salesman gets involved with marketing, ops, brand, and custserv too.

If they've come to your website already they are your hottest prospects.

Sell your twitter followers on using it more.

Move them from abstract to concrete with QUESTIONS.


Pitching fights the bad luck of SLOTH.


Shopping happens in the IMAGINATION.

like the kung fu room in the matrix

Sales is SEXY.


Focus on PITCHING and not the money you make from it.




Act on the URGE to pitch a market you discover.


No evil comfort rituals


a girl walking by past you on the sidewalk - how to pitch?


Work with the delay, don't push!

When they come to you, they are here forever.


You need sales to make things better.

You can feel the truth when you open this book.


Go with the flow baby.


Who has cash?

Sell to them.

You need CURRENT.

WEALTH is a new way of thinking.

You have two I's also.


yang = PRO

My experience too.




yin = EXPERT

curve = TACTICS

An expert can apply cool original tactics to any strategy as it comes up.

You want LEVERAGE from ideas you read.

Your next sales brainstorm.

Use it NOW / SOON


Bring ideas to your manager.

Brainstorm quality is the leverage

All you can do is PITCH.

Your fantasies are irrelevant now.



Your rivals are distracted.

The market is distracted.

Your focus will amaze them into paying attention to you.

We seek new feelings to change us because we feel awful being so distracted by the matrix.


You want REAL SALES, not just A LOT OF PITCHING.

WHAT you pitch, is your RIGHT.



Improving your PITCH is the HIGHEST ROI.


Folks don't hear information.


Change your pitch, change the market reaction.

There are NO LAWS with what you can PITCH.


Your pitch differs from the guy in the cubicle next to you.

Taoism is ANARCHISM.

The future is yours to create.

See the future of the market.

Build this future in to your product pitch.

Sell the future.


Yang = Steak

yin = sizzle

curve = GUSTO

use the SHIT out of your product

then you'll know how to talk about it

CHANGING makes you the MASTER of the FUTURE.

You see a prospect where rivals see chaos.

You know about a prospect because you know what pattern she fits; your rival has no clue.


The carrot dangling from your head or the carrots all over the world growing free?


VOLUME is pleasant if you like the source!

TWITTER is equally yours as anyone else's.

Fight fire with WATER.

FEELINGS are what folks endure when they meet a NEED.

EMPATHY: you must work in symmetry.

You can't force a sale, EVER.

You make an impression on her, wait, and ask, and then ask again.

you add value

you make more sales arguments

you sync with her situation

you reposition and try again fresh after she forgets your clumsy last pitch

this is because she really needs you, not because you really need her.

She comes to you when she is ready after you have made your offer clear.

Forcing is HARD WORK.

Work is a disguise.

It's all PLAY when you're in sales.

You GO ALL IN when you PLAY.

Let go of the past to grab the future.

Forgive yourself.

Stop being proud of your past and you will stop holding fast.

Holding fast to the past costs you opportunity.


The good stuff will percolate back in.

They want your CAPABILITIES for their FUTURE, not stories about your glorious past.


Yesterday's gone.


You want to bring out their inner addict.

You have LOVE so channel it into your prospects and customers.

As soon as you read this the transfixguration has begun.

Owning a bunch of stuff doesn't make it a business.

Revise, revise, revise.

A little change can have a huge long term result.

Forgive yourself for doing it wrong all these years.

The first time you did it you struggled it out. Now polish it and skin it for different market segments.

Watch what you are doing carefully if it's difficult.

See the bigger picture.

The CATEGORY, not just your brand.

You exercise your freedom of choice by what you pay attention to.

You are what you feed your mind.

A screen is really a mirror of your mind. What do you see?

Your marketing budget is TIME, not money, mostly.

Learn to budget time.


Yang = TIME

yin = money

curve = WORK


Sense an obstacle? Brainstorm around it.

Fear just wastes time and makes you fail to act.

Time is all we have.

The entire USE CASE for distilling KAIROS.

Windows of opportunity.

FAME, then the money comes.

A sale begins in your mind. DRAW IT!

The Way Of $ales

All $ales are final.

You have an infinite responsibility to grow your customers.

Therefore, choose the right customers!!

Picking the wrong product will handicap you for decades.

The wrong sales books teach you platitudes.

Your prospects have been "doing without" for many years.

Why exactly does that suck for them?

What can they not do that they wish they could that the product helps folks do?


$ales is right and good, as many as often as you can and want until you are satisfied and then they'll keep coming in anyway.

If you are #1, nobody will settle for #2.

Handle them all. You're #1.

All $ales are ONE.

All $ales help YOUR $ales.

Whatever you try will ilkely work out because nobody is standing against you.

All of a customer's purchases come from a single wallet.

You need a share of that wallet.

Sales is SPIRITUAL as superstar sales folks know.

Prospects love it when you smile.

Ooops! New dance!

$ales stream through the universe.

See the sales of rivals as YOURS.

Wish your rivals well, then COMPETE.



Sales is SPORTS. Go PLAY. Get GOOD.

Get to SCALE.






Longterm sustainable competitive advantage.

Every sale is a MIRACLE.

Builds on the iceberg, the backstage, the YIN.

You didn't invent the phone, the fax, the letter, the email, the website.

Each market success you see is just the public tip of the iceberg of preceding miracles.



a reflection of COGS?

a reflection of QUALITY?

a reflection of YOU!


stop it before it happens!

$ales is this nation's saving grace.

Anarchist prone americans.


Defend your territory.

Conquer territory.

Reign in peace.

Make deals.

Work with other warriors.



A student needs to "sell" the argument in their thesis to the professor.

To sell is human.

$ales is CHANGE.


Takes Forever



ask to HELP, don't ask for MONEY.

can your client see their own problems?

are their operations messed and you can see the obvious and quick solution for them?


"I want a diet!"


See a nutritionist!


Yang = Discovery (overwhelming)

yin = recovery (get back in flow)


followed up with RESOLVE.

push harder!

never disappointed.

a fake feeling.




Hide behind software

Lack of knowledge

Lack of rapport



All that has come before now ebbs away.

Only the good stuff comes back.

What bad decisions?

Based on what bad suggestions?

Make a NEW MOVIE of you winning the sale!

Turn a bad thought into a good decision!

"They're all single"

You wanna know all kinds of prospects.

Let's talk about prospects.


Yang = Observation

yin = Feeling

curve = MEANING

$ales is INVISIBLE.

The air is full of sounds you can't hear without a radio.

When they focus on you they forget your rivals.

Only can hear one station at a time.


EXPERIENCE has made you rich.

READING has made you rich.

GOOGLE is a SALESMAN - an empty space.


Now you're ready.


You know, I have a HUNCH about you.

You gotta let me tell you something. I've got something to tell you.

OPTIONS are invisible

Your biggest market is NON USERS, not your rivals client base.

They have the option of not listening to you so be aware of that and engage constantly.

A $ale is a BONUS you get for working harder than the next man.

Thrill her.

Speak to her soul because you learned how the hard way.

You will get her here eventually expecting to perform for me.

You have more entertainment options and you do it right the first time and every time because you are focused on her pleasure.

You worked out so you are sexy and attractive.

Your ideas are hypnotic and you put girls under your spell because that is where they want to be.

You are cool capable fun and mysterious.

You succeeded every time you tried. 100%.

You collect ideas in your notebooks so you have a vast arsenal of ideas in your toolsit.

FEELINGS are invisible

FUN is invisible


yang = Work

yin = play

curve = FUN

SATISFACTION is invisible.

HUNGER is invisible.

What will it take to feel the way you want to feel about sales?

What will it take for a prospect to feel the way you want them to feel in order to need what you are selling?


Yang = Suffering

yin = resolve

curve = HOPE

RELATIONSHIPS are invisible

Folks rely on other folks.

How can your product help?


A SCENE is invisible

You want to create a SCENE around your product.



prophets of doom!

ABREACT to their skepticism

more determined because they don't believe

certain knowledge you are alone on this path

the reward is YOURS because nobody else believes.

build RESOLVE to do what is IMPOSSIBLE.

There is always an AWKWARD stage.

Do it once and you'll get in flow once you get the reward.

it's over as fast as you feel good.

it's over FOREVER once you get through the struggle.

Get through the difficult stuff to get to the easy stage.

learning to bicycle.

millions will give up, not you.


if it's DIFFICULT, it's RARE.

Think of how amazing it would be to burst your sales wide open.

You're out to help more people.

Your product helps people.

Failure is ARBITRARY.

Determination to apply yourself

Forget or get fueled by frustration

"I could be better."





Persuade it's possible

Persuade it's delicious

Persuade it's easy

Persuade it'll be fun

Persuade it'll be PERFECT.


You were BORN to sell, so what you decide to do is the right thing for that time.

You will figure it out eventually.

Why not now?

Failure is no big deal!

Failure to TRY is a horrible big deal = resigned to fate



energy loss


"Never tell me the odds!"

Nobody knows the "odds" with social situations.

You are the authority on what comes next.

You need LUCK, not a "chance".

chart: future/past vs interesting/boring

CONSEQUENCES are invisible.

EDUCATE them of the IMPACT of bad decisions.

different potential outcomes.

the difficulties you might face.

the problems of the past.

what once troubled her.

make her want to get over them.

It is POSSIBLE to make a good decision when you feel the craving.

Does she know enough not to act on her craving?

What exactly are her strong desires? write them out.

Bad decisions come from bad thoughts.

Your product makes better thoughts.

Thoughts always create feelings.

RESIGNATION = she's given up.

Break bad habits.

They are suffering. How?

What is the first step for her to get over it?

No fudge factor.

Earlier disappointments with quitting are irrelevant.

Bad thoughts can prompt good decisions.

It's time to start making good decisions.

Present an opportunity for a new way to react to an internal feeling.

Obligations we must fulfill.

What exactly is the decision?

What triggers the need for a decision?

Soething outside

mirror feelings

Something inside

What feelings should lead to your product?

What are they leading to now?

What's the problem with how they're doing it now?

Get her to slow down and think about the consequences.

Make them slow down.

Make them pay attention to what you are pointing out.


CODE is invisible.

You don't see the source, only the page.

backstage is where the work is done!

customers don't want to see you work!!!

Social scripting.


You do what they do, and they relate to you (mirroring)

You do one thing, they mimic you and try it out (leading)

$ale is the RESULT you EXPECT because you CODED it.

Emotional reactions.


Contingency plans.


When you are a CODER you have CONFIDENCE.

This is strong medicine so ethics are a must.

A coder of feelings is a magic hat you wear to make sales.

Tell me about the feelings you have about this book right now.

IDEAS are invisible


You know where your product fits in the history of this use case and that makes it the Next Big Thing!

SPIN your product with a PITCH

Your product is a MIRACLE!

WILL is invisible

Moods are what lead to WILL.

Self control and justice lead to righteousness.

Imagination and righteousness lead to moods that cause you to WILL.

It is NOT JUST that the market does not know what your product is good for and is using the wrong thing and therefore wasting time, money and clarity.

INVISIBILITY means your rivals can't see you and match you

You are going for stuff they can't even see

Competition is everywhere.

Today you sit with your screen and so does your rival.

Reading is fundamental.

Advantages over rivals are invisible.

The delicate yin of the market is invisible!


Contrasts with the past.

What is the "product" of a doctor's appointment? HEALING.

Your product expands the customer's TAO.

They begin satisfied.

They themselves sense a need they must satisfy.

You make them feel a need they then sense inside as if they came up with it themselves, which they then must satisfy.

The END satisfied - WITH your product.

Fit the Product with the Market and get CASH.

Chase the market with your Car of Tao.

You're in the booth; you make a lot of money.


Routine reward, routine results.

You're after TRAJECTORY.

ROI = trajectory.

Drive A New Karma

Steer your KARMA with the wheel of the TAO

Can of beans or fine meal?

We are ignorant of our potential because it is invisible.

Satisfy your need with the wrong market and you pass up the meal.

Sales is more than being satisfied; it's being HUNGRY.

Won't it feel SO GOOD to have this mind map done?

So keep going!

Every moment it is not done is a moment you are not yet selling!

ROI is a RATIO of YANG -> YIN.

You focus on the obvious which you can change to get the imaginary which is unknown but more predictable now.


Yin/Yang = ROI

Humans always pursue the HIGHEST AVAILABLE ROI PATH.

When you revise your reward, you will automatically revise your efforts and your dreams to match them.

Updating dreams to new dreams is a product sale opportunity.


Without Yin, YANG tries and goes nowhere.

Without Yang, Yin does not exist.

Once Yang sees Yin, the Tao spins.

If your TAO isn't spinning, find yourself a Yin reward to go for.

Demolish ambiguity.

You should see yourself losing the reward, then PANIC, or else it isn't really your reward.

Scared straight.


The SHAME of losing!

you didn't finish it!

you weren't BOLD!


You are certain she's a prospect; she doesn't think of herself that way.

Each $ale is a winner take all affair; a MARKET is the same when it comes down to it.

DRAW your reward.

Stupid cartoons with word bubbles.

PEOPLE saying them, not just bars of gold.


The closer you get, the more you work, because the more you want it.

You can SMELL it.

It makes your MOUTH WATER.

The harder it is for you to STOP.

You get MOMENTUM going.

MOMENTUM comes from a WISH.

Some are accidentally formed.








Deliberately form your reward magnets.

Channel the matrix into them to dream bigger.

Mind is used.

Persuade a team with this.

It's ETERNAL when it works right.





Your security conveys confidence.

People sense your confidence as a promise that being your customer will be no sweat.

A feeling you are finally doing it right.

A feeling your rivals are doing it wrong.


Make a wish and direct your fortune

If you launch the right thing, it'll sell itself.

Hit the zeitgeist

Get reviewed

Get PR

Amazon pays fast

SEO explosion!








SEQUENCE OF EVENTS, not dates/deadlines

it's a MOVIE!




Still zoning on your reward without taking action towards it?

Is obscurity going to make the sale?

How about coming across as broke?

Get into a competitive mindset!

"do you puff"?



Arrows give graphical interest

Build over time



delta = change

delta leads to sigma which excites the alpha to push the beta

You are change.

You can decide to do something new.

Fix on the demolition of what is stuck.

You spin the tao as you always have so find a new balance and don't spin the wrong way or drift.

the chariot not the hanged man.

pay heed to wisdom about sins.

alpha = your product

The alpha changes the situation.

The alpha modifies the situation based on the beta's reaction.

chronic overpitching

beta = without your product

The beta responds to the changed situation.

The beta considers and then takes the alpha's suggestions.

chronic indecision


sigma = uncertainty











You want to bring folks to your NIRVANA.


Nothing else will do

It just feels right

You can't fake it



Nobody else can do it

Nobody could get it even if they throw a million dollars at it

When you get $ales, your rivals pay attention.

You can't duplicate a TEAM.



One in a million

Hard to find

Invisible? Rivals can't see it

Will work to keep it



Would really help

Eye of the beholder

You have zero idea what they think so GUESS and ADJUST

You're trying to CONNECT so don't worry if you don't; just try again.

There is a way to connect with any prospect that came to you in the first place.

Dream come true

Sometimes words get in the way.

AHA! Moments

Lets you create a strategy


Solve client issues

Reduce own weaknesses



Gains attention

study! find out what they'd find would be awesome!




Organic from the product


Nobody else even WANTS your reward.

Good luck to all

We are all on different paths in essence

Non-alignment pact

Easy to create

Fits in their lives

Somewhat obvious

Look and feel




You OWN these feelings your product can create.






Opportunity cost




How do you make announcements?

To your customers

To specific prospects?

Subscribe to their notifications!!!


A core pitch

"Case Study" pitches for each usage

$ales is INVISIBLE.



See your situation with new eyes.

The empty suitcase.

The blank powerpoint.

Touch your job - you can't!




We are what we buy.

Food becomes a PART of you.

The wheel is an extension of the foot.

We signal status.

We gain capabilities.

"What is the impact of your product on my identity?"




This is VALUE.


You are going for a goal your rivals can't see.

Surprise means you know something your client doesn't know.

Resolve means you're looking for opportunities that others are going to miss.

Improve your scanning of the market to sense faster and more accurately a sales opportunity as it pops up.

Prepared for your KAIROS!!!


Your rivals are CHEATING their customers if your product is better.

Don't get mad at them.

Simply position and spread the truth.


Yang = Tough Times

yin = good times

curve = RESOLVE

"You better not…"


Your rivals can't see your projects and your systems.

Leave No Trace.


Your product on my ETHOS

Your product on my PATHOS

Your product on my LOGOS

Your product on my KAIROS


Football chalkboard move diagrams

Illustrate ROI through changing trajectories.

A breakthrough

River dammed up

Dam breaks

Sales flood in

Breakthrough after breakthrough





Curve (membrane)


What's outside the TAO?

The second you see an opportunity your TAO expands!

Yang edge = trying too hard

Yin edge = market is escaping you

Yin dot in yang

Yang dot in yin

Axis = you

Tempo - rate of spin

Recommendation - yang curve arrow

Warning - backwards dashed yang curve arrow

Reaction = yin curve arrow

Abreaction = slow down!


to reward

don't drift


chart: future/past vs interesting/boring



christian spellbook!


TAO of index

YANG = Book text

yin = excel index


From Obvious To Breakthrough: INSIGHT

Your prospect will eventually buy SOMETHING.

YOU be what she buys.

YANG makes YIN feel something.

YIN does the final decision, always.

YANG must suggest it.

Only income makes you feel real.

You risk fading gratefully into obscurity if you don't love your product enough.

You feel like you're bothering people.

You had no REWARD so you didn't REALLY try.

Without a reward Yang just wastes time and stagnates.

A Yin to please and chase



You ACTUALLY have something to say.

NEVER just "buy my product".

Everybody else misses the invisible too.

Once you sense it, it's ALL YOURS.

What feeling would move the market to you, inevitably, like a magnet?

You have learned to tolerate fewer sales than you could get if you stopped to think about it.

You have blinders on.

Your quota focuses you on rewards and not people.

Taking NOTES lets you CAPTURE the present for the future.

Is salesforce working for you?


Flesh out one session's ideas in your next session

If you emotionally feel STUCK or COMPELLED you should read the notes to get you out of the negative.

Brainstorm and feel better immediately.

Know what you want and know what you can get in this particular persuasion opportunity.

The Realm Of Emotion



Your team is not brainstorming together so they aren't thinking together.

Teams can push buttons more vigorously if done right.

Do you know those who mail your stickers out? Your stores? Know them more and sell more to them, duh!

The R




avoids problems.

suppression of emotion causes pain she creates herself like juices that she can't release.


She accepts a role, it's FOR LIFE.

Her role will impact her decisions.

horniness is so vague

you can tell her what she feels because she can't articulate it herself. so write an essay about it from her perspective.


WRite her internal messages for her.

I love him.

I want him inside me.

He wants to do me, and he can do me no problem.

He is so alpha.


How do you get one?

Validate what she has already learned.

Inspire her.

Give her secrets and suggest there are more.

Get her to recruit other girls.


Yang = prospect

yin = relationship

curve = LOVE

You feel the LOVE first, THEN you act.

Your decisions, based on LOVE, are always in her best interest.

Vague goals mean vague results.

She is motivated to buy naturally, because she is a customer and seeks a new experience.

Yin seeks Yang.

They're looking for you just as hard as you are looking for them.

A suggestion is just a command.

"You should"

You should let me show you....

She loves being passive, finds it sexy to be led.

She craves your attention so give her some but not all, make her work for it.

I am offering and suggesting not asking per se.

Do it slowly - EROTIC.


You should come over tonight when you're free :D

Think of command, embed in suggestion.

Command no more than 5 words.

Link two commands with and (make them easy)

Start small and expand later

The more she obeys the more she will obey later

You have all the time in the world.

Smile and be gentle.

Text her and her pussy gets wet with anticipation




do a ritual before you go to her house

she said yes when she invited you and you said tonight.

DOn't tell her you're going to surprise her. She already knows you plan to surprise her (with what exactly?)

There are no unacceptable outcomes if you truly see her as a bonus and not a core of your life.

What will you do together?

What exactly does she find fun? SEX but what else?




Let her lust control your actions.

She NEEDS the way I speak to her.

She is dominating ME first. Then I take charge and don't let go.

You have been psychically prepared to rock this tonight for your whole life.

You have some unique visions for sure.


The pleasure of stoner sex

Nympho sophomore with a car and a brain

Every single day she loves me

I can't fail


My Futurism Restored

Experience her growing to infinity to be more like you and give her a boost and watch her bloom.

Get out of jail free.

You are overwriting earlier suggestions made by culture maybe.

Show me how to love you baby?

You yourself have just overwritten earlier suggestions so show her that sex demolishes all of that.

You want LUST but sell ROMANCE.

You need me, baby.


You are so stressed out


Submission is relief

Case closed.

Let me take care of you baby.


You should be my girl, because I love you.

Decide to suggest a role for her.

What else do you have to give but an EMPTY SPACE FOR HER?

She must eventually do what I tell her to do, or wait.

Roles make us feel valid and like we belong.

SEXY in relation to a man.


COnsideration set

NExt in the sequence

I expect her to be excellent.

She must rise to the challenge of being perfect for my product.

Analyze your reluctance.

Are you not yet connecting?

Are you feeling bad?

You should understand YOU are the issue here.

Bad behaviors

Ethos issues

No pathos resonance

You won't offend her, she can take it.

You get off on offending the WRONG people with your boldness.

The right people get attracted when the wrong people go away.

Beats regret.

If you don't offer she can't accept.

Rejection is temporary if it's real

Rejection is relief - you can do something else for a bit

Rejection is timing, not you!

Persistence is EASY!

You only will persist if your lust is true.

Let's share the modern world.

She will obey your direct commands after you build rapport.

Make her like you.

Be in demand.

Exactly why you rock her world.

Know what your product can do for her.

That's the product, take it or leave it.

She buys the most FEELING-RICH OPTION before she can move on.

She buys when SHE wants to buy, not you.

Society wants her to buy something soon.

Her feelings inside are unresolved.

She doesn't know what she will enjoy.

Your pitch should be what she will enjoy… then you wait for her to want to enjoy it.

YOU be resolved, in contrast.

You love me baby don't you.

Surprise is key upfront.

She needs your total confidence to inspire her own.

Spontaneity with a plan seems confident which she needs more than she needs the product.

She wants YOUR sex, not sex in general.

You are the dealer; you give her everything she needs.

Delight is key for longterm.

Don't DELIGHT to make the sale… that's LATER.

What you give seems mundane to you but precious to the receiver.

Your suggestions are valuable because they make her imagine.

Find new evenues to please her, then expand those to the entire market.

No one-itis.

Get her to consider your suggestion.

Scratch her back and she'll scratch yours.

If she were your customer you would bring the world to her feet.

Because you're out to PLEASE, it'll be FUN to ask her and she will HEAR your offer.

You have worked your whole life for one single second.



old was an evil virus model

new is helpful and persuasive but aimed at commanding eventually

Wording your commands carefully is key

Inspiring HER feelings is how you get it


demonstrate that you will always do this

let her change you to the core

give her your all

let's build us a home

ready to grab the ball and run with it.

don't make me beg baby

i'm asking you baby

I'm your ideal guy

I'm the only person who ever reached you like that

sacred love

we are a team baby


build your case for her

you are her future right now

you fuck her right and she knows you do by the way you talk right to her clit

you can't escape baby

Rivals? Sit back and laugh as they do it the wrong way

As long as you're around she can't settle for second best no matter how hard they sell

They are accidentally selling how rad YOU are

She wants them gone and you to show up to take over

Move them down the pipeline with SPELLZ that you SKRYBE in advance.

Get them to relate a trigger experience with use of your product.

From state 1 to state 2 to state 3.


Hunt for uncertainty out there in the market.

Break taboos.

Clients of rivals are not monogamous.

She is in lust too because uncertainty makes her horny and outgoing for once and she is excited


You put out feelers.


You are ON FIRE.

Your product is SO FINE.

Your target girl is SO PERFECT FOR YOUR NEEDS.




A good investment.

You prepare your feelers upfront so they're smooth and rehearsed.

Match her pattern of "confident man".

Fear of what danger exactly? None.

She sends you signals.

You want a signal set that says READY TO BUY

You match her pattern.

You shine her identity.

You can heat any girl up to ready to buy if she's available and open looking

You can network to any girl through her more outgoing friend

Be so sensitive to her signals.

Get on her side to get her on your side.

Define her role.


Partner in crime




Your extended tool

Your PR

Your intern

How will you OPEN her?

Guide her buying signals.






you FEEL like (kinesthetic)

What is the CLOSE you want, and where, and when?

look for opportunities to INJECT URGENCY into your interactions.

Give her a task to go with her role

Smile and approve: good girl.

smile smile smile FUCK OWN.

Her options

She can always flee.

she feels want



she wants reward

she senses opportunity

this is the time not later baby

she feels confusion

you be clear

you let her relax with delay love

you minimize all risk with guarantees and smiles and trust

she physically moves

she looks at the plans of her friends and compares

Her curiosity will eventually let you sell her.

Her first move.

Give her a choice: fuck or flee?

discover her ATTITUDE



get a smile

other men


finds me sexy?

digs my stuff?

already curious?

likes being flattered?

likes being asked questions?

likes being told to shut up?

her response lets you match her pattern against your prior experiences.

What kind of uncertainty (excitement) can you generate with your sales approach?

Curiosity not force.

She wants to submit to someone, why not you?

You show up where she is.

You put out feelers to project your soul to her (not at her).

You control her uncertainty option set.

FLIRT. You find the right girl and focus.

Sense and draw the reward for doing it perfectly.

She is attracted to you or she wouldn't be talking to you.

Place her in your reward hierarchy.



What rewards can you give her with communication alone?


What buying signals are you seeking from her?

Assess the uncertainty yourself.


real obstacles

invisible obstacles

in her

in society

in you

Build yourself a unique strategy for her.

Something NEW.

Something OLD.

Something BORROWED.

Something BLUE.

a FRAMEWORK of "join my fuck club"

What are the trial close questions?

Get her isolated.


Experiment with a close.

Get her reaction.


Press luck and get a sale

Need info

Don't give it to her, let her find it herself

Creates the dynamic of her coming to you

Needs denied are motivating.



message will be absorbed

message rings around her head and body


Let her get tired of her current scene without your product.

Set up other sales in your pipeline.


What reason?

Make her your pal eventually.

Her loss.

Let go and move on fast.

New strategy incorporating HER needs.

Lower uncertainty this time!

She forgets the first one and forgives and is intrigued by what you will do to her next.

So RELAX. This one will WORK.

no pressure, it's her vision

she has worked for this

She has worked hard for this.



Arrange more sex!

Set up other sales!

She is your PIPELINE to more sales.

Your clients sell for you.






Call & Response

Verse / Chorus / Verse

Your pitches are CONTAGIOUS










yin: results

YANG: Opportunity

curve: AIM


passionate about $ales

passionate about product

flexibility built in

MOVE PHYSICALLY while at work

play GAMES







Drive weakness out of your projects

Contingency plans must be solid not vague


no "if" or "will I do it?"


You are meant to SELL, not plan forever.


The product sells itself once you find the right market and pitch.

Precision goal definition to avoid momentum fail point.

Definition reduces uncertainty.

Your actions are under control, she can do what she likes.

Hunger means a NEED to get something so you go out of your comfort zone.

Give them something to get excited about


Projects with awesome goals make her curious.

Start a project.

New pitch needed.

New market approached.

Sales campaigns.



add statistics to your prezo

define the next level for a person who sees it and bring them there

Finish a project.

It's easy to get exhausted near the end of a long task.

You have to FINISH, and THEN you get a break.

You should have many things you have to do for several projects. That keeps it fun.

outcome is a SYSTEM

Once you create a system, the second time you use it makes you look like you did something very difficult with very little effort.


The key to projecting a feeling of "good luck sales guy" is APPEARANCES.

Easy is the target appearance.






A task is a PROMISE so keep it and it'll get easier.

SKRYBE to make OPS

outcome is a PREZO

Slideshare Kontrol System

Program yourself to SELL.

most Yang actions dissipate. Make yours accumulate.

Your Yang actions must cause yin response.

Many pointless yang actions.

Repeating a failure is catastrophic.

Sense a failure more accurately.

Any difficulties are because of a failure you made in the past that you didn't properly define as a failure so you didn't fix it and try again.

Is your Yang pointing at Yin at all?

Yin is paying close attention so you would know.

Yang doing less means yin can get a fix on you.

Put in time upfront to figure out what yin needs right now.

Your Yang action must be a relief to Yin.

Yin has to give up her current situation and change.

Only Yin can pull the trigger.

Success leads to rewards which makes you want more success.

Program this virtuous cycle into your sales ops.

You can't predict sales, only your actions.

The Y-axis (sales) is DEPENDENT on the X-axis (actions) that you determine INDEPENDENTLY.

Your sales will come from god knows where.

Act and you will receive.

Every action is a request from someone in the market with a delayed response (esp if she hasn't seen it yet).

When you help YOURSELF to success, you are the MAN at last.



sigma not fear!

OPEN BETTER and close less!


Open to MORE PROSPECTS so your sales go up through effort alone.

Improve your delivery so they buy it unconsciously




Not an ad, but an INVITE.

Be RELIABLE about your projects.

You have an identity as RELIABLE.

This identity gives you and your team and your projects SECURITY.

SECURITY leads to FAITH in the outcome.

FAITH gives you an ATTITUDE that leads you to ORGANIC EFFORT towards a CLEAR REWARD.

Organic efforts lead to surprising and original tactical decisions that ensure success.

Success generates more security.

Plans are nothing without confidence.

In the plan.

It's great.

In the mission.


In yourself.

You really want and need it.

You will act.

From Satisfied To Need


who are you going to "bother"?


You want to TASTE the sale before it even HAPPENS.

THEY are going to satisfy YOU.

"YES, baby."


Who exactly will want to feel that way and why? When?


So many ideas!

What makes a hit?

You must see the target to hit it.

You have to "damage" them a bit with your dream

You are out of your comfort zone so get her out of her comfort zone

You use emotions.

You sense her feelings and move them.

She will look to you for how to feel if you command her how to feel about each bit of your presentation.

You feel like

You may feel

You should feel

I feel like

You damage them for their own good like a surgeon because comfort kills.

She is in jail. Let her out.

why does anyone need your product?

If one needs your product, millions more probably do.

People don't know what they need.

That's why people are stuck.

You are like a DOCTOR to help them get unstuck.

People have problems of which they are unaware.

This is why pharma ads work.

How do you find folks who need your product but are not aware they need your product?

You look to the SATISFIED.

The DISSATISFIED are already on the hunt.


They will NOT STAY SATISFIED for long.

Imagine a SATISFIED market segment suddenly decided they must be SATISFIED in a brand new way now that they have learned about what your product can do for them.

You push their buttons: JOB #1

Rock and roll

Your missing audience

Rock writes itself because it's a symptom of a cool life lived.

Pitches can be EPIC.

A sale can be amplified into the most important part of a person's identity.

You create an EXPERIENCE and their life craves it.







Make youtube videos

What show flyer brings them to the show?

your job description is all wrong

Your audience is your target segments so get them the flyer and make them feel they have to be there on time.









The Perfect Pitch

YANG = satisfied

YIN = need

CURVE = contrast


Your best clients are using the wrong thing to get satisfied.

This is costing them time.

This is limiting their capabilities.

You must look at your competition to know where your own product stands.

Envy gives your rival strength IF EXPRESSED.

Silence is golden: YIN

They are doing it WRONG, or you and your product would NOT EXIST.

You are MEANT to position your features against your rivals clearly without dissing them outright.

Damn with faint praise.

If they were to use your product, they would be a whole lot better off.

When prospects envy customers they are going to come to you.

Humans contrast ourselves with others constantly.

Anything he can do, I must be able to do.

When YOU take action, you create CONTRAST.

YOU be the uncertain element in their mix.

YOU move fast and they then FOLLOW.

You are selling; they are kings and queens able to turn you off but they will eventually turn you on because nobody can stay away from curiosity forever.



We sense shifts and patterns and our conscious mind likes to make contrasts and comparisons, it feels good.


Become a pickup artist of sales.

Go for one big sale and repeat daily.

Help stragglers beat their pack with a leapfrog product.

Sense FAKE and sell REAL.

I swear you cats is hilarious.

Contrast your target segment with "everyone"

Your target needs a SKILL that the other folks don't have.


You PAY to POSITION yourself in front of PROSPECTS.


What makes them your dream prospect?

How will you meet them?


Who can you satisfy right now?


Join the LA CANVAS SEX TRIBE with art and music

…with me baby!

Point out examples to her.

She wants to be discovered as a slut!





From Need To Aware









The Perfect Pitch

YANG = need

YIN = aware

CURVE = rapport


be hilarious! :D



They must SENSE fit!

do not be a pest!

find multiple clients to work on so you don't overbug any one of them

never look like a douchebag

100% or don't act: KAIROS!

endorse what she is already doing

stage one is rapport

you aren't even bothering her

you KNOW she has a NEED

She just hasn't STATED it yet, but you can TELL

If SHE initiates, you get to keep going with HER momentum rather than imposing YOURS.

Sense her THANKING you for your delivery of the product when she needs it with zero hassle.

Mirror Neurons make Storytelling Easier

Tell your story of stumbling blind and having a realization so they'll want that too.

How you feel in'?

Would you like to sit down?

You smoke weed?

You drink?

You want to sit on my lap?

How come you're out by yourself baby?

Because your product creates a SCENE around it, YOU don't have to build the rapport - your existing users do!

You are interested in everything about her.

STUDY her visually.

You will not be denied.

It's how old you FEEL.

If they COME to you already aware, they already have a TAO of available vendors.

or DIY

or do without

Convey her buying motives and she will say "YEAH".

Be patient because that is sexy.

She is busy so her motives are muddled.

You can only repel her with communications because she wants autonomy and patience and has already decided on you.

Casual is a gateway to marriage, which you know and she only sort of vaguely knows.

I am low cost, high value, beat all competitors because I have framed her decision criteria around my category.

I know my plus factors and know she wants them and nobody else has them.

Don't fear wasting time.

THere's always other stuff to do.

Any other rival won't convey PATIENCE.

pitch HOPE against MISERY.

You highlight your assets with photos.

make her VISUALIZE.

Specific boyfriend functions she has never thought to articulate will plug right into her submissive mind.

Why do we want to BELONG to someone?

Conveying is implicit or explicit.

What are your BULLETPOINTS?

What BULLETPOINTS does she want you to know explicitly about her?


From Aware To Interested









The Perfect Pitch

YANG = aware + rapport

YIN = interested

CURVE = curiosity


Propose a DIRECTION for their feelings to go.

Your product needs an awesome apartment to live in so the prospect can come over and hang out.

Suggest SPEED with a DEADLINE.

YANG out the old, YIN in the new.



Real world retail allows sampling

Figure out LATER after it's SELLING - they should come to you, basically, if they know about you.

From Interest To Desire









The Perfect Pitch

YANG = interested + insight

YIN = desire

CURVE = passion


Passion precedes the kiss.

Passion as the ground state means a long life of passion with this customer.

Your existing customers are hopefully passionate about what you have sold them.


People get ENVIOUS of happy protagonists in stories and want to match them

"You look great."

From Desire To Action









The Perfect Pitch

YANG = desire + vision

YIN = action

CURVE = identity


What is the step that she needs to complete before she pulls the trigger?

What obstacles?


She must admit it and give it up.

She will eventually get more horny but not when you are in her face… on her own.

She needs to feel PART of something new… SHE needs to CHANGE.

Inevitably, she WILL change, and she will take your suggestions when she does so.

Silence means she's thinking about it.

No means give her a different pitch.

She'll forget the bad ones.

She'll reinforce the good ones.

She will change after you change for her and she feels that because no girl can fail to love your attention in that awesome way.

Make her feel like she is #1.


a solid reason right now is the time

use suggestion to issue commands

build the command first

couch it in rapport shelling

start with a minor thing, and make it seem very casual

just a little kiss

try before you buy

stop selling and wait!


Let me let you in on a secret baby.

You need my crack because you are a submissive.

offer a GIFT inducement

know what they REALLY WANT

get her to obey you fast with something and then use momentum

"wish me luck!"

write something down for me

your number and email etc

if you can handle a lover twice your age baby

Take me home and fuck me Micki.

ask for the order.

You are already submitting to me nicely baby.

Assume the sale.

When I get to your place you feel like getting naked right away?

Follow me.

Her ambitions.

Compliment her: You are so sexy and smart baby. Feed her ego and forget yours.

From Action To Satisfaction









They aren't satisfied until they are recommending your product to everyone they know, or using it frantically on their own and paying you for that.

The Perfect Pitch

YANG = action + promise

YIN = satisfaction

CURVE = timing


The essence of customer service is TIMING.

Thanking at the right times.

Trade shows - meet your EXISTING clients mostly.

Create a SCENE around your product and there will be stuff going on all the time.


So make content that maps on their customer lifecycle!


YANG: Busy


yin: love


curve: FUN

FUN is the key to TIMING.

DELIGHT motivates you to LOVE!

FUN feels LUCKY.

Anything good can happen


YOU get inspired by THEM.

You then recommend a behavior or action or archetype to them and get them determined to try it.

Affirmation leads to action.

SURPRISE is the result of good timing.

SURPRISE motivates you to SHARE!











delay heightens the tension and therefore makes the experience more memorable.

inside the delay

stimullus event

external sensing of event

reflex ark?

emotional response

decision to ignore or suppress

eventually she says yes

physical response

feelings resonate around her body

she is undeniably wet

she fantasizes about me

she gives me unconscious signals she can't control

respect and cherising of delay means you get to try again.

her pasta is still boiling al dente.

add some salt and olive oil.

have the sauce ready.


cause -> effect


responses conditioned

senses conditioned

your wise words "unpack" in their minds into action stimuli they can't resist.

You fascinate them with surprise.

You control her orgasms.

mirror symmetry

resonance created and bonded

action synchronicity


how often do you let her come/come over?


Fluid dynamics of attraction.

impact on their decisions






habit formation




"fuck yeah."


"I'll teach you a lot of stuff."

"No one remembers how to play."

She can tell you are the only one who knows how to communicate with her imagination.

My joy is real; no BS.

It'll get more real if she lets you sell her.

It isn't a BENEFIT unless it's explicitly articulated and she agrees on it.

Your customers should feel COCKY.

You can't really launch without them because the culture is FULL.

Your product will go right to their wallet.

Two versions of future you, one with the product one without; two different people.


You are at a tradeshow.

You are creating a new product.

You don't know why your product isn't selling that well.

You have no idea who to sell to next.

You have a customer base but they don't want more.




It isn't YOUR FAULT you missed the invisible - EVERYBODY does, that's what invisibility does!

Clearly hunger is invisible.

They lied to you when they said you only have five senses.


Some folks are hypochondriacs.


No health plan without sales right?

It's not a burden. It's a MIRACLE - it's your PRODUCT.

Target the people who are already saying yes to you.

Get more folks to say yes to you in a new way.

The more YES, the more CASH and the more CHANGE.

PLATFORM: change folks once, then sell them more change later.


We love to project the false identity that "we have it all".

Momentum includes inertia; Yang gets Yin moving when Yin says she is free (and doesn't push).

YANG moves Yin.

Yin says YES to Yang.

The TAO is in balance.

Your product belongs in HER house.

Your service brings her to YOU.

she will only get more ready to buy if you pitch and then back off.

We all need more sales in our lives.

How would a boost in sales look like in your life?

How can this book boost your sales now?






problem solved

Sell more, faster, when you rule.

More rewards than sales = BALANCE.

Burn hot with the message for an edge.

Share with a partner to build a team slowly on success not just on false activity.

Build on success or lose it.

The market must be attracted to you.

You have moves which you embed with words and images to make a pitch.



reduce bad

improve existing



decrease static

convey ideas and identity

You must KNOW to WIN.

Common results for my readers

Their product sells automatically because they built this framework in.

Their clients form a club around their products.

Less confusion = more sales.

Your only personal security is to see FUNCERTAINTY.

hungry to risk more tomorrow than today!

find new ways to risk

push and get slapped

you aren't failing fast enough

failure is a test of a new tactic

stop, think, and pitch again

you get MERIT

you build a habit of persistence over time which is the most sexy thing at all, attention over time.

she may submit

to FAIL is to SUCCEED.

But - timing is what you are testing MOST.

if your timing is right you can ask anything.

if you ignore your sense of uncertainty about a sale


sense of losing someone else


you're busy


you're embarrassed of being rich


Let's fuck all of them!

RISK builds you a fortune if you PLAN.

SENSE opportunity faster.

CHANNEL the energy of uncertainty into a set of choices they will have to take.

All delta change is energy so clean your house if you are stuck.

Choose an alternative path to the default for contrast.

Change your thinking and everything outside changes like putting on glasses.


no failure can touch the years of confusion you just left.

your life sentence has been commuted.

Aren't you happy you finished?



sri 9 years ago

some LUCK

I'd like to think the LUCKY version of you would never quit, instead thinking aout the obstacles as challenges that could be fun to overcome.
Maybe we let our LUCK get stopped by something inside us, rather
Every time you get around an obstacle you gain knowledge, which is a type of magic because any sufficient technology is indistinguishable from magic. See, alien technology is simply knowledge that you do not have that enters your life somehow.
When technology is needed, you feel it in terms of your wish if you are LUCKY.
When I was a kid I had a "lazy eye" and my eye doctor, Dr. Modi, spent a lot of sessions training my eyes to refocus with precision. This is what I propose to do with your "third eye" as I look deep within your mind with these words.
It's remarkable that words can look into your mind and see what's there, and that's because every word that you read is UNIVERSAL. That is, the word doesn't know you but it has a job anyway: to persuade you to understand what it's telling you, and maybe even turn it into a duty for your LUCK to take on. The point I'm making is that every word that's here in this book is meant to apply to Any Human Being Ever, which is remarkable.
Ingotmsyion id dimulysnroud.

sri 9 years ago

more LUCK

  • You can only get extraordinary results from extraordinary dreams.
  • You WISH when what you want to happen is "impossible" because it's the only thing you can do.
  • It turns out to be the BEST FIRST THING TO DO.
  • When things seem out of control you probably should stop, think, make a wish, then get receptive.
  • The WISH is a technology for GETTING WHAT YOU WANT.
  • You WISH when there is a gap between where you are and where you want to go.
  • Your WISH makes you open up to the POSSIBILITY that you might somehow get it.
  • Opening up to a POSSIBILITY of something happening is obviously the first step to that something actually happening.
  • People who are OPEN to possibilities adopt a flexible approach that winds up finding a way to the GOAL.
  • Most obstacles are static but the WISH is alive and intelligent and able to find another way to the GOAL.
  • The same human brain is responsible for your greatest achievements and your stupidest behaviors.
  • The human brain is capable of contemplating its LUCK.
  • Each neuron connects with every other neuron in a neural net.
  • Each of us is like a neuron in a gigantic brain called the human race.
  • We are all connected by something meta-physical… that is, "more than physical".
  • Your LUCK and my LUCK are intertwined as long as you read this book.
  • A skeptic would say that this connecting force is non-existent.
  • However, it's a fact that you ARE actually reading words that were written by ME.
  • We have connected on an economic level.
  • We may connect on a SPIRITUAL level if this book works as I have designed it to work.
  • This fact is self-evident, yet the ties that bind "you" and "me" are invisible.
  • Just because something is invisble doesn't mean it isn't there.
  • Germs are invisible, as are black holes and the teams of writers behind hit comedy shows.
  • Other philosophers name this force as they like, and I name it LUCK.
  • Some call it "self", others call it "soul" or "spirit".
  • The Hindus call it "karma" and have an extensive philosophy emanating from it.
  • LUCK is what I enjoy calling it because the word has the right FEEL for me.
  • I write about LUCK because I want more and better LUCK.
  • The brain works because of the transfer of signals from each neuron to every other.
  • I call this cosmic exchange of LUCK by a special name: the FLUX.
  • When you connect with another human being, it's as if you've known them for years, because the connection existed before you ever even met.
  • These connections are LATENT connections and they also consist of all the people you could have gotten to know but never did.
  • I wish to avoid regret by making the most of every opportunity to connect and get to know others from now on.
  • Just as we only use a portion of our brain cells (or so I am told), we only have used a small portion of our social potential.
  • LUCK has to do with transforming what is LATENT to what is REAL.
  • Every WISH is about something LATENT - something that someone believes should happen.
  • LUCK helps you make MOVES rather than staying attached to inaction when opportunity is sensed by your LUCK RADAR.
sri 9 years ago