Best Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

For some, travelling to foreign locations comes with a very unique problem that is missing their favorite cuisine back home. Globalization and the mingling of several cultures in different countries has meant that you are never too far away from the food you love. In addition, this is more so when in Malaysia that pays a rich tribute to Indian cuisine. Therefore, if you were missing some good ol’ butter chicken and naan, you will be stunned at the number of options available for you when you land in Malaysia.

All these restaurants are located in Kuala Lumpur that is a main transport hub when you wish to visit the other places in Malaysia. Just book your bus ticket online from https://www.redbus.my/ and hop on for a ride of a lifetime.

The Ganga Café: Satiate your Gujarati food cravings by dropping by at this homely café that serves a weekly Gujarati buffet that has become the talk of the town in Kuala Lumpur. The khandvi and dhokla, especially, are to die for. The wooden chairs and tables are organised quite neatly on a concrete floor. The minimalism makes this place look spacious. The best part of this restaurant is that it is completely MSG free and is known to use fresh vegetables that are harvested from their own farm without using fertilizers and insecticides. The restaurant completely avoids using processed food, ingredients, and only uses top quality ghee. This was the only restaurant where even after having a heavy breakfast I felt quite light in the stomach.

Delhi Royale: A Moghul restaurant that will have you coming for more of that delectable North Indian cuisine. The food here is so good, you will even begin to love broccoli (one of my least favorite vegetables as a child) with their special tandoori broccoli preparation that is sumptuously prepared in a spicy cashew paste. The interiors of the restaurant is quite chic and modern and the complete place is lit with golden lights. The menu just has everything crammed into it and you will find almost every food item present out there being served in this restaurant. Make sure to try out the Tandoori Broccoli.

Tiger Jit’s Capati: A must-visit place for Punjabi cuisine, it will convert another of your least favorite veggies, bitter gourd, into your favorite food ever with their signature stuffed bitter gourd dish.

Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju: Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju is a humble Indian eatery in Bangsar that is popular for its reasonably priced banana leaf rice. Standing out from the more upmarket restaurants along the Jalan Telawi stretch, this restaurant has an air-conditioned interior that is furnished with comfortable chairs and tables, hanging artificial flowers and warm, yellow lighting. Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju’s banana leaf rice consists of piping hot white rice served with an assortment of three vegetables, pickles, curry dishes such as meen kari (fish curry), koli kari (chicken curry), dal (boiled lentils), as well as papadum.

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