Linz is a one of the most popular cities of Austria for planning your holidays. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linz_Airport is main gateway to enter this cultural city. This beautiful city lies on the banks of river Danube. Along with its colourful cultural offerings Linz also have a unique and vibrant nightlife on offer for its visitors. From legendary to modern and formal to Spanish vinotecas, a huge number and variety of bars and clubs are available in Linz calling for enjoying a lively night. Some of the best places to spend a memorable night drinking and dancing Linz are listed below.

HERBERSTEIN Located in the heart of Old Town, Herberstein is a must visit place for cocktail and sushi lovers. Their impressive Japanese menu and nearly 100 different cocktails personally created by barkeepers on offer are worth more a try.

SKY GARDEN It is a rooftop bar offering amazing views of Linz is a great place to hang out and enjoy drinks. Sky garden is very stylish venue with modern gastronomy and great drinks menu on offer is a trendy spot to hangout and enjoy drinks with your friends and near-dear ones. With your perfect https://www.car4hires.com/Austria/Airport/Linz-Airport.aspx you can drive and visit all the popular nightlife venues of Linz.

CUBUS On the top of Ars Electronica Center at this glass walled cafe you can enjoy your cocktail with live music and spectacular views of Linz. A uniqueness added to traditional Austrian meals and drinks is a must try here.

SOLARIS CAFE BAR Located in Linz Open Culture House Solaris Cafe Bar have a very contemporary atmosphere, and good music. Its great place to dance on electro and hip-hop beats played by Austrian DJ’s on weekends. An outstanding range of cocktails, wines and beers adds to the night fun.

IGNIS It is a modern wine bar with traditional wine cellar of their own. A wide variety of high quality traditional wines as well as international wines are on offer here. Very friendly and welcoming staff also helps in providing expert advises regarding different wines. Linz is flooded with attractions and activities which are loved by its visitors. With advance bookings of your hotels, car rentals, restaurants holiday to Linz become hassle free and more enjoyable. You can check all the information about best hotels in Linz, https://www.car4hires.com/ ,popular festivals of Linz and everything online.

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