Bus travel from Esplanade to Mount Faber


Spread across 60,000 square meters of land area the Esplanade theatre is situated on the Marina Bay close to the mouth of the Singapore River. The theatre has picked up its name from the Esplanade Park which is close by. The Park houses a futuristic concert hall which can accommodate around 1700 people. It also features a modern theatre which has an accommodating capacity for 3000 people. It is a four storeyed building and is considered to be one of the best centre for performing arts.

The theatre contains some of the best places for performing and caters to its clients with industry support and various amenities. Apart from all the above the theatre also plays host to various commercial events and is also a venue for business meetings. The concert hall features an antique pipe organ which has about 4740 pipes and 61 stops. The theatre also has a recital studio on its top floor. Mainly designed for small scale events the studio can accommodate around 300 people. It is quite suitable for various business meetings and presentations.

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The third floor of the Esplanade theatre houses a theatre studio which can accommodate around 220 people and suitable for small dance events. The interiors are quite lavish. The only art library in the whole of Singapore is located on the third floor of this building. The highest point of the building which is on the fourth floor serves as a viewing point for the tourists. The view from here is just spectacular and unforgettable. On an average Esplanade theatre plays host to around 14 festivals throughout the year.

Public Bus nos. 36, 56, 75, 77, 196 and 531 are the buses that can take you to Esplanade.

Mount Faber

About 105 metres tall Mount Faver is the most picturesque hill in the whole of Asia. It is located right in the middle of the famous town Bukit Merah of Singapore making it quite easy to reach. The hill can be reached by Mount Faber Road as well. Apart from this you can also use the foot paths or trails that have been specially designed to lead you to the hill. It is a destination that is visited by lakhs of tourists all-round the year. Once you are on top of the hill you get a panoramic view of the business area of Singapore. While getting down the hill you can make use of the Cable Car system. The ticket prices are nominal.

Earlier known as Telok Blangah Hill it was renamed after Edward Faber. As Mount Faber is located on the outskirts of Singapore it is completely away from the noise and chaos of the Central Business District. The moment you reach the peak of this hill you will be greeted with fresh air.

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