Lyon is a stylish and cultural city flooded with formal as well as informal activities. Lyon has endless activities offer its visitors both during day and night. Spectacular sights and beautiful churches, palaces are worth more exploring. You can also have a car rental for travelling and visiting all the attractions with no strings attached. Rental cars can also be booked online with https://www.car4hires.com/ . Lyon has one or the other thing for everyone and for night owls, city has a vibrant party scene waiting at a large number of night clubs all around the city. Lyon has a long list of activities to suit every time of the day.The beauty of Lyon at night is beyond the comparison and its party scene is full of music, dance and drinks continuing till wee hours in the working. Some of the best bars and nightclubs are listed below.

LES FLEURS DU MALT Nestles half underground on the banks of Saone and outskirts of Old town, Les Fleurs du Malt is a welcoming and cosy bar. It is a perfect place to visit for drinks, whether you want to have quick drink or want to sit sip beer and enjoy the surroundings and accompany you will enjoy jovial atmosphere here. Buzzing back room to loud rock music and a long beer menu are an important highlights of this place.

THE ROCK’n’ EAT The Rock’n Eat is about unlimited beer, loud metal music, pizzas, burgers and several long drinks. It is more of a community than a bar. This place features great relaxing atmosphere. Ideal for enjoying beer with friends and having delicious food. Very friendly staff and cosy environment adds up to the feels of bar.

BROOKLYN BAR This place is known for its rich collection of cocktails and wine along with superb music. Located in Rue de la Monnaie, Brooklyn Bar is a great place if you are found of trying new drinks. Customisation of drinks is also acceptable here. Their collection of wines ranges from classic to innovative and customised according to individual preferences. Their delicious Tapas goes best with their excellent wine or creative mixer.

LE SIRUS It is a permanent moored boat bar serving huge range of drinks everyday. Le Sirus features a warm and welcoming atmosphere, credit goes to the super friendly staff. It is a perfect venue to combine great music, amazing food and spectacular view all at once. Live music, Jazz, local bands and Djs are welcomed here and perform throughout the week.

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