Pocket friendly Hotels of Penang

The most affordable hotels in Penang also have some of the best accommodations in Malaysia. Although low on price, these hotels do not compromise on the quality of the service that they offer. Just right for the people who are looking forward to make the most of their holiday budget without spending much. The guest rooms have been designed to compete with some of the most luxurious hotels out there. These hotels cater to everyone’s budget. They have been strategically placed in the centre of the town so that traveling back and forth is an easy affair. So when you are saving on your accommodation budget then why not on traveling too? Buses are the most preferred medium of traveling here and ply almost every 15 minutes in this part of the city. There is a bus stop right at the entrance of this hotel so traveling is going to be far more convenient. This website https://www.redbus.my/buses/penang-bus-tickets, which lets you book your tickets online is quite hassle free and convenient and saves you from standing in long queues to book bus tickets.

Tune Hotel George Town Penang It is a 3 star hotel located in the prime area of Penang. It is just minutes away from the 1st Avenue Mall and the Penang Times Square. If you talk about food, the hotel does not have any onsite restaurants so you will have to go an extra mile looking for food. However, there is nothing to worry, as the street is full of hawkers selling some of the most delicious food. I personally recommend you to eat at the Hawker centre, which is around 800 metres away from the hotel itself. You can get onto the hop on hop off bus in Penang that will drop you off near Tune Hotel. The hotel is just at a 5-minute walking distance from here. The hotel is located in close proximity of the City Centre and various shops. Hence, quite convenient if you want to spend most of your time shopping and moving out.

Ink hotel Ink is known to offer some of the best-known budget accommodations in Malaysia. The hotel is at a location from where some of the best eating joints are only a few kilometres away. The hotel has its own butterfly farm so you are just going to love it if you are a nature lover. The hotel has rooms that will put some luxury hotels to shame. The rooms are quite spacious and comfortable. Equipped with some of the most modern amenities the hotel is a true delight to stay. You can board a hop on hop off bus from Sentai that will drop you off to a lane near the hotel. The hotel is at a 2-minute distance from where the bus drops you. The hotel staff is quite friendly and helpful. The only thing that I wish to mention is that there is no mirror in the hotel room except for a small mirror in the washroom. Hence dressing up is mandatory in the washroom, which is quite uncomfortable.

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