experiments with getting reach on twitter

I’ve been told that in the olden days, reporters would write articles on these things called “typewriters.” And get this: These machines weren’t even connected to the Internet!

The tools have since changed. We have blogs, smartphones, digital cameras and Wi-Fi. The job of a reporter has changed, too.

Now, rather than file a story to an editor and call it a day, I need to promote my writing efforts on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other social Web sites. To report, write, edit and publish, we can add a new fundamental task: share.

As these social sites have matured, so has my understanding of how best to use them. Some of these tricks are useful for anyone who wants the links they share on social sites to have more impact.

When it comes to sharing on Twitter, I have found that timing is paramount. A story shared at 9 a.m. on the East Coast will barely reach anyone on the West Coast, where it’s 6 a.m. and all the nerds are fast asleep and dreaming of robots. If you’re sharing a link on Twitter, it’s best to share it between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. East Coast time. More mundane updates, like those about hamburgers and the movie you’re watching, get better traction after hours.

And just because you have 140 characters on Twitter doesn’t mean you should use them all. I often leave at least 20 characters, which allows people to add a short bit of commentary when they reshare. Although Twitter automatically shortens URLs, I still use Bit.ly, because it looks cleaner. (Twitter expands the Web site address in your tweet.)

On Facebook, the Timeline is now optimized for images. I’ve found that just sharing a link is not that effective. Instead, I often post a large, alluring photo from the article and then attach a link to the image. This can generate four or five times as many clicks on an article.

On Google Plus, although photos work well, videos get a lot of interaction, especially YouTube clips that are playable within the feed.

Weather plays an important role, too. On a weekend, I will actually go to weather sites before sharing an article. If it’s raining, most people are cooped up inside, so I can post away. If it’s sunny, people are enjoying the day at the beach or park — and not looking at their smartphones in the glaring sun, or at least we can hope so — and I will wait until later in the evening to share.

Getting on the home page of Reddit is like winning the links lottery. But you can’t game the system. If you’re caught adding just your own links to Reddit, you’ll be banned. And rightly so — the relatively corruption-free system is what makes Reddit so wonderful. So it’s best to check if another Redditor has added your link to the site, then vote it up, cross your fingers, and hope for the best.

Lately I’ve started adding a new ingredient to my sharing recipe: dead cats.

In the investment world there is something called a “dead cat bounce.” This strange idiom refers to a temporary upswing of a stock that has fallen rapidly. It comes from the idea that even a dead cat, when falling from a great height, will bounce. In stock market investing, a dead cat bounce is often the last fleeting bump when suckers buy, before a stock hits bottom for good.

But a dead cat bounce doesn’t always have to be negative — unless you’re the cat, of course. When sharing articles on Twitter, this concept can actually be a positive.

Let me use one of my columns to illustrate this point: one of the first pieces I wrote about the F.A.A. and its outdated ban on electronics on airplanes during takeoff and landing.

I first shared the column on Twitter on a Sunday at around 10 a.m. West Coast time. The column was subsequently shared 2,216 times on Twitter, generating tens of thousands of clicks from Twitter alone. On Facebook the article was shared 2,756 times, also generating tens of thousands of clicks.

By Monday morning, when the sharing began to slow on Twitter, I shared it again there. That acted as a trampoline for the story and sent it back into the Twittersphere. It was temporarily visible for people who had not seen it on Sunday.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with other ways to reshare stories without subjecting followers to the same tweet twice. For example, two weeks ago, I retweeted a post by Piers Morgan, the CNN host, on Monday afternoon after he shared a link to my column with his own commentary. I’ve also tried tweeting a link to the comments section of a column on a Monday or Tuesday.

Now that you’ve finished reading this, please feel free to share it on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you’d like.

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Facebook ads for small businesses

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stitcher radio app article by @joshconstine

With around of 650,000 users, installs up 400% this year, a podcast recommendation engine, and today adding Facebook auto-sharing to its Android app, Stitcher has made a lot of progress towards owning talk radio after the fall of AM/FM. Today it revealed a number of stats through a Facebook Developer Spotlight, but when I deduced that it now has 650,000 active users based on AppData and the fact that 30% of new signups are from Facebook, Stitcher’s CEO Noah Shanok confirmed “that’s a rough ballpark”.

In an interview he told me how his app will rule the digital airwaves by getting to commuters through new automobile integrations, and filling a giant hole in what Spotify and Pandora offer.

“If you look at terrestrial radio, 30% of listening is to talk”, says Shanok. Yet there’s no access to NPR, politics, hobbies, or sports talk programming on Spotify and Pandora like there is on Stitcher. That begged the question of why Stitcher still has well under a million users?

Shanok explained that “the talk is a last frontier [of online listening] because it’s primarily on the go. A big enabler for us is the mobile device.” Now that 3G and stronger connections are prevalent, users can consistently stream talk radio to their phones to listen to while commuting — something Shanok says the average American spends an hour per work day doing.

People listen to music at work, but talk on their ride there. That’s why Pandora, now at 54.9 million users, was able to get such a head start before the mobile web came to fruition. It’s also why Stitcher is aggressively courting automobile-makers to get integrations so its app can play and be controlled through in-car stereos. Ford, GM, BMW, Mini and Mercedes now make their cars Stitcher-ready.


Today, Stitcher Radio for Android lets you, frictionlessly share listening habits to Facebook, and get recommendations based on what friends listen to. The new auto-sharing could be big, considering that functionality in Stitcher’s iOS app caused 80X more stories to get shared to Facebook since February.

Stitcher will rely on its $18.7 million in funding from New Atlantic, Benchmark, and Ron Conway to take on heavyweight competition, specifically from TuneIn and Clear Channel-owned iHeartRadio which both stream talk as well as music to over 40 million usrers. The Internet at large also offers more ways to consume the niche content you’d find on talk radio. Blogs! And there are other ways to get podcasts, albeit it less social.

But considering how popular talk radio is, it seems a mobile app completely devoted to it like Stitcher could connect big mouths to lots of little ears.

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already my favorite place to paste things

Google WAS better at search. Now they're just a cosmetic preference to Bing in most cases. They are better in various verticals but then, so is Bing. Google wasted a lot of time and effort integrating social media into results which nobody wants is of little to no value except in very edge cases and has been a flop. They've also wasted a lot of effort on Google+ with no clear plan of what exactly they're doing aside from "Beat FaceBook". Their search engine is becoming an advanced "artificial AI"? I'll let the whole "artificial" thing go but Google's search engine is not advanced AI. Not even by 1970's standards. The only real improvement I've seen in Google's search results are the speed in which they're kept current, the size of their index and to a lesser extent, the reduction in spam results. I still find myself digging well past the first page of results as frequently as I did 5-7 years ago.

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realtime on techcrunch

the Internet is based on a 30-year old protocol – it’s still request/response – so it’s static. It’s not delivering on the promise that the Internet will give us a true interactive experience,” he said. “So, let’s create the live web,” he thought.

That’s the goal with Realtime, which offers a freemium-based developer framework for building live web applications. However, to be clear, the funding isn’t just for the company itself – it’s also to fund the industry, including everything that would need to spring up around this “live web” ambition in order to make it a success. The company claims to have already signed up over 1,000 developers for its beta and plans further outreach through conferences, hackathons and other competitions.

Nope, no small dreams here. Just “a whole new era of the Internet,” as Parreira calls it. How It’s Built

The platform can be used without changing the underlying technologies of the web. Instead, it runs on top, creating persistent, bi-directional connections with every user. It’s powered by ORTC (Open Realtime Connectivity) and xRTML (extensive Realtime multiplatform language).

ORTC is a cloud-hosted messaging system for web apps or native apps running on Android, iOS or Windows Phone. It enables applications to push updates from the server to the browser or client without requiring a manual page refresh. It relies on WebSockets, a protocol supported by the current versions of all major browsers except Internet Explorer 9, which requires a plugin. For browsers that don’t support that standard, ORTC will fall back to the next best thing: AJAX, which has long been good enough for applications like Gmail. SSL is available for secure connections.

ORTC has API support for several languages and frameworks, including Node.js, ASP.net, Java and PHP and supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Parreira says he began work on the Realtime platform three years ago, and wanted to make sure it was something that would work cross-browser, cross-device, and cross-language, so anyone could use it. “The idea is to create an abstraction layer so you can use the real-time messaging system in a cloud-based environment,” he explains, “then you can develop whatever you want without worrying about what could happen in terms of protocols in the future.” Use Cases: Publishing, E-Commerce, Ads

Currently, there are three main use cases for such a system. One would be for web publishers, who want to offer more interactivity between users on their website. In this scenario, users could see what others were doing on the site, including which sections of the site were popular, what comments were being added, etc. The experience would be familiar to any Chartbeat users – it’s that same feeling of live connectivity that would be present here, but it could do more than just highlight clicks and shares. (You can see a publisher who has implemented Realtime here, for example).

Another vertical would be e-commerce, which would allow retailers to watch as customers shop the site, then offer them things like coupons, discounts, or customer support in order to increase conversions. And then there are real-time ads, which is currently the third most popular use case, but one which could finally steer advertisers away from click-based metrics. ”Because you’re connected in real-time with a persistent connection, and it’s bi-directional, you can also see where your audience is in the moment, what they’re doing, and what they’re looking at,” says Parreira. “So, if you have an ad in front of you, our system can note that you’re looking at the ad, and can track the time to the millisecond.”

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so good to be able to scroll upwards!!!

I don't know why, but that ROCKS !!! i am so glad, for some reason I want to post notes ABOVE the last round... Not sure why this is... but I think that's correct.

The space should probably open to center at the last note created.

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super users

FYI, certain users like @beppu are super users and have read and write privileges everywhere.

If you would like to give super user privileges to a user, let me know.....

PS: I took the liberty of editing the image note test.

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image note test


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reply threading for notes

If I create a note for you in direct response to a note you created, that should be significant.

  • that little arrow (the third icon) - is that "reply to?" :D it might be something else, or open up a submenu of sharing options... not sure.
  • you'd get a notification that I'd created a response to your note that'd zoop you here
  • maybe some kind of karma accrues that lets METATRON know we're friends
  • maybe a link line is generated between the two notes?
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ideas for john

  • autodatetimestamp the notes
  • i miss being able to hold and drag the background to move around.
  • can we add a minimum viable time log panel soon? :D
  • the Notes menu should first have an "Add New..." submenu into which all the +image, +sticker options could be... Then, underneath, a list of the titles of the notes in a space. display the titles for the last ten notes created in a space, then have a More... option that opens up to see them all.
  • a Paste... box, just like the Search box (move Search over). When I paste something there, it spawns a new note with that stuff I pasted in there - and it understands if it's text, an image, a youtube link automatically. That way I get used to pasting in one specific place. The new spawned note should be spawned on open space, not over an existing note, and the screen should zoop to it.
  • tagging is so important, because then you could search all your notes by tag... I advocate a tag icon on the bottom right of notes
  • i miss being able to collapse a note to its title bar by double-clicking it, that was sweet
  • when you Cancel a new note, that means disappear the note (i didn't want it, it was an accident)
  • CLICK AWAY TO SAVE. when I'm in edit mode in a note, and i click away from the note, save the note and go away from edit mode. Only one note should ever be in edit mode for a given user at any time, for clarity/safety.
  • when a space opens, have the last note created be at the center
  • images don't seem to work yet
  • click anywhere in the note to edit, not just the title
  • more margin on the right side of the note
  • rich pasting - so when a user selects text and graphics, it all shows up (like in basecamp)
  • should be able to see the title of this space where it now reads MetaNotes, and click on it to change it.
  • make the note title font smaller
  • avoid scrollbars when pasting long text - make the note larger to accommodate it (if possible)
  • notifications: if I type @beppu anywhere in a metanote, you should get a red numbered notification flag to the right of your username instantly. click the flag and see a list of notes in which you've been tagged. click a note in the list and you are zooped to that note.
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realtime, from brazil

Sérgio Costa · Realtime Developer Evangelist at IBT - Internet Business Technologies Hi everyone. I actually work for Realtime as the technology evangelist. I'd like to step in and hopefully answer some of the questions you folks may have.

Realtime and the Realtime framework were created to help companies and developers to build new generation web applications and websites in a very easy way, using cutting edge technology. Realtime uses websockets IF and WHEN available and it automatically falls back to whatever the user’s browser supports. We will also support future protocols (such as WebRTC) when they become available. Since the communication protocol is based on the one used by websockets, it actually reduces bandwidth usage. Also, since communication goes through our servers, and it’s not AJAX (meaning there are no requests made to your web servers) it may also help companies reduce costs by decreasing the number of web services required.

We offer a cloud solution (no need to install anything on your server or your development computer), several APIs for several programming languages and platforms (yes, for mobile too) backed up by a wonderful team of passionate folks that love what they are doing and want to provide developers with great tools that you may use even when new technologies, new browsers or new protocols come out.

Yes we do have investors behind us but we are, above all, a company of technology lovers trying to help you folks break barriers and be in the cutting edge of web development.

Thanks for reading and sorry about the wall of text. I can’t seem to shut up when I start talking about Realtime :P

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no more youtube app in ios

Google has never had much control over the YouTube app for iOS, because Apple built the app using technology that YouTube makes available to software developers. That meant that YouTube could not update the app without Apple’s help — or, perhaps more critically, run advertisements on videos that played through the app.

As a result, the app was neglected as YouTube spent its time and money adding features to its mobile Web site and Android app.

The iOS app also no longer plays the important role it did in 2007, when YouTube videos were not easily accessible to iPhone users because they were in the Flash video format, which did not work on Apple’s smartphone. Since then, YouTube has begun using video formats that do not require a special app for iPhone users.

It is not entirely surprising that Apple would allow its deal with Google over the YouTube app to lapse. The two companies — once so close that Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, served on Apple’s board — have suffered one of the more prominent falling-outs in Silicon Valley.

Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s former chief, was infuriated by Google’s push into the mobile market with its Android operating system. Apple is tangling with Samsung, Google’s biggest Android phone partner, over patents in a court case that many see as a proxy war against Google. Apple has also stopped using Google Maps to power the mapping service in the new iOS software.

Apple’s move will not threaten YouTube’s status as the premier video site on the Internet. The iPhone app probably has contributed many of the half a billion mobile playbacks of YouTube videos that users watch each day. But as Apple noted, there will be other ways to watch YouTube videos.

thebigwhy 8 years ago

what that means

There are things you can do with the iOS youtube app, particularly sharing and looking at "my videos".

It'd be boss to zoop "my videos" into a metanotes space.

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a place for me to paste things at last

You are mischaracterizing what Jobs said. He was clearly talking about PC apps. iPad is Apple's low-end PC, not their high-end iPod. You are talking about media players — iPods — not PC's. Running a movie or song or even book is a low-end, low-res feature. iPad can be used to make movies, songs, and books, with native C/C++ apps on a high-res PC class screen.

content is the new killer app.

Content is the killer app from 2003 and iTunes+iPod. When you hear Andy Rubin say "we just figured out that these ARM devices require a matching content ecosystem" that means "we just figured out we are in the iPod market."

A portable DVD player with 7 inch screen from 2001 does not compete with a portable PC with 10 inch screen from 2001. Both had clamshells with LCD screens in the top, and both could play movies and music. Nexus 7 is the mobile DVD player in the same way that iPod touch is the mobile CD player and iPad is the mobile PC. The fact that they all have touch does not make them the same device or even competitive.

The thing is, if content is the killer app, then Google and Amazon have no future, because the publishers and movie studios and record companies do not trust either of them and do not want to work with them. That is why Google doesn't even have all the record companies on board, in spite of the fact that Google has enough cash to buy all of them at once if the law allowed. Apple is in the opposite position, where not only do they have the premier media player and media store and phone and tablet PC and even set-top box for some people, they also have the world's content creation platform, the Mac.

The thing to understand is that running an iPod business is like running a nightclub. Google has no experience at it except for a long string of failures. The idea that Nexus 7 is a threat to iPad or even iPod is exactly like saying Apple Spotlight is coming for Google Search. Uh — no.

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pasted notes

PROBLEM - kindof - Instead of using markdown, pasted notes are interpreted as raw HTML. This can be abused. I'm not sure how to allow pasted content in a safe way. More research needs to be done, I guess.

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村上友梨 「ゆりコレ ~Super Extra~」 桜あんり 「あんり満開」 矢野清香 「しっとりさやか」 桐山瑠衣 「Iのはじまり」
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typical asana project manager day

this was from Quora:

Customer Research Meeting with customers, running user studies, reading support emails, responding to tweets, reading responses to our NPS survey, analyzing experiment data, looking at usage data Ideal: 18%, Actual: 28%

Work with Design & Eng Teams Brainstorming, discussing ideas & plans, reviewing and giving feedback on designs & prototypes Ideal: 18%, Actual: 16%

PM Work with Deliverables Writing specs, Creating best practices videos & articles, Creating content for the Chrome webstore, Writing blog posts, Proposing OKRs, Prioritizing Bugs, etc. Ideal: 15%, Actual: 20%

High Level Product Thinking Planning the roadmap, exploring strategic ideas, documenting problems and goals Ideal: 15%, Actual: 4% (since doing this exercise I've increased this)

Sprint Project Management Checking if teams are on track, making sure teams are prepared for upcoming sprints, preparing for upcoming launches, scheduling future sprints Ideal: 5%, Actual: 1%

Personal & Company Development + Recruiting Interviewing candidates, contacting potential candidates, reading industry articles, talking to mentors, analyzing how I spend my time ;-) Ideal: 5%, Actual: 1%

Whatever Needs to Be Done Answering questions, finding repros for bugs, writing code, onboarding new employees, presenting to the board, and generally being responsive to anything other teammates need Ideal: 25%, Actual: 30%

Some other fun facts:

Typically I schedule anything with other people to bump up against a meal, to minimize interruptions.
I usually get into work around 10AM, eat lunch and dinner at work, and leave around 8PM.
I switch between Chrome Dev and Firefox Nightly as my browsers (So I can find & report browser bugs early)
I use Asana all day long - to keep track of my own goals & ideas, communicate on tasks, check up on team's progress
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evernote newsletter

Evernote August Newsletter

We have some exciting things to share with you this month. We've chosen our amazing developer competition finalists, added new speakers to our August 24th conference agenda, and updated our apps with new features and designs. All that, plus great tips and a user story.

Join us for the Evernote Trunk Conference on August 24th The Evernote Trunk Conference is a few short weeks away! We're excited to announce new speakers, sessions, and a host of fun weekend events. Get your tickets today → Uppercase

Devcup Finalists: See Who Made the Cut With your help, we selected 6 finalists from among hundreds of submissions to our developer competition. These useful, fun and unexpected apps will make your Evernote experience even more awesome. Learn more about the finalists → ETC 2012 agenda

Evernote for Mac Gets Activity Stream and Retina Display Support Evernote for Mac now shows you exactly what's happening in your shared notebooks with the handy new Activity Stream. We also gave the whole app a Retina display makeover. See what's new in Mac → Web Clipper update

The Evernote for Android Tablet Redesign A new home screen, swipe navigation, improved slideshow view, and a redesigned note list are just some of the new aspects of Evernote for Android Tablets. Check out the update → Activity Stream

Tips on Using Evernote for Photography Evernote user Daniel Hedrick runs his photography business in Evernote. He created a presentation to help you start implementing Evernote in your daily life. Read Daniel's story and download his presentation. Take a look → Skitch for learning

Quick Tip: Web Clipping If you're not using the Evernote Web Clippers to save pages and content that you want to remember from the Web, then you're missing out. Learn how to enhance your web browsing experience with our Web Clippers →

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